“Victorian Charm” progress

I have been plugging away, making the most of sunshine and warm weather to sit outside to stitch.  Good lighting is essential when stitching on 18 count dark navy!


This is what I showed you in March . . . and this is what things look like in April.

Victorian charm 02

Sorry for the bad lighting in the second photo – it was late at night.  Anway, as you can see, I’ve done another window.  A few stitches still missing, but I don’t like threading my needle with a length of thread unless I’m going to use it all.  So I’ll go back and fill those gaps in when I have more of the same symbol to stitch.

In the meantime, I’ve begun stitching a thid window . . . lots of brick work still to go, but I’m enjoying this project so far.


13 thoughts on ““Victorian Charm” progress

    • I seem to work on this in fits and starts. It does help that it’s quite easy to concentrate on a specific section (at the moment, Windows) but it make get more daunting as I move further down the chart.

  1. Such beautiful work! You are much braver than I am to work on dark fabric. I have had to stop doing that except when that is truly the only way something will look right and then I try to keep it VERY small.

    • yes I wouldn’t normally choose dark fabric to stitch on (apart from the dark green for my Cirque des Triangles) but this kit was a present, so it would have been a shame not to tackle it.

  2. What a lovely piece! And so lovely to have something you can transport easily to the outside world to stitch in! We are still awaiting spring’s return- it is now as cold as it was in winter!

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