striped myboshi beanie

After the success of crocheting a red slouchy beanie . . . I set to work on the second myboshi kit I had bought.


A grey & pink striped beanie.  Kit reference CR067K.

Whereas I had worked the red slouchy in spirals, I felt I really needed to follow instructions and hook this in the round because of the colour changes and stripes.  Instructions weren’t a great help and my first attempt looked very messy at the back


I had a vague idea what I’d done wrong, so got confirmation from Avis, and tackled it again.


Still doesn’t look very good to me, but I’m not frogging again.  It looks fine from the front and sides.  


This is GI-Jane modelling the new beanie.  You may have noticed, I’ve only got 3 pink stripes, not 4.  This is because  I decided the beanie was getting too big.  This is the second myboshi pattern I’ve followed, and the second time I’ve had to alter the number of rounds.  They really work up too big length-ways not width-ways.

2 first beanies

Here they are side-by side.  One normal beanie on left and one slouchy on the right.


And modelled on plastic heads.  As mentioned in previous article on myboshi . . . the yarn is lovely to work with, but I’m not happy with their instructions and feel the kits are over-priced for what you get.   Now I know what I’m doing, I’ll rely on patterns and ideas I find on the internet.  I’ve understood how to calculate hat size using some simple maths and head circumference.  The world of beanie hooking opens up before me!


16 thoughts on “striped myboshi beanie

    • yes, husband wanted to know why on earth I needed plastic heads – they’re a good idea for modelling beanies aq I certainly wasn’t going to model them ^^

    • for the moment I’ve been buying yarn specifically for beanies lol; but yes, once I get proficient, and have lots of leftovers, beanies will be a good idea.

  1. That looks good Claire! I saw in the YouTube video I followed that you should change colours by using the new colour for the last stitch in the row you are finishing. Not sure if that would solve the problem. I don’t think you should worry about it too much, it end result is pretty good

  2. In my crystal ball I see hats for all the family this Christmas 🙂
    I am considering another blanket but I might do a small, ‘fun’ project first – something that will stretch my beginner skills just a bit.

    • the 7 year old girl opposite has put in an order for a bright pink beanie with a pompom lol so that’ll be another project to add to the xmas list.

  3. Considering how recently you took up crochet, I find your beanie production very impressive, particularly the fact that you’re clear enough on how it should go to disregard patterns!

    • thanks Kate ^^ Yes they’re wearable, and I’m pleased with the regularity of tension & stitches. As for disregarding patterns . . . I’m surprised it didn’t take me long lol.

  4. Hats are the best thing to master! They are great for using up little bits of yarn, and work up super fast so you are always prepared to whip up last minute gifts!! There are little tricks you will eventually learn for hiding the seam. These look great! 😀

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