easter bunnies amigurumi x2

It’s that time of year . . . when the birds are starting to nest, flowers up budding up everywhere, and shops start to have window displays of lucious chocolate many in the shape of bunnies.

I decided to work on some calory-free bunnies of my own . . . following a pattern by Yum Yarn Crochet Creations available for free on Ravelry.

Easter ami 03

Hooking up, first one in baby pink, and then a boy bunny in blue.

Easter ami01

I used the same brand of yarn for both (something bought in a local bargain basement store – 100% acylic) and a 3mm hook for both . . . for some reasion, my tension was tighter (and actually better) on the first one I made: little pink bunny, and got a bit looser on little boy-blue. 

Ears were very fiddly to make but not impossible, and I actually love them.  They’re such a lovely, bunny-ear shape.  So these two little projects to get me into training to tackle something a bit bigger/more complicated.  I haven’t attempted any colour changes yet, so that will be the next thing to try.