F2F2 blocks for myself

I got a little behind schedule with the F2F2 swap, when we hit February, and it was time to make blocks for myself.  That has now been remedied though.


You may remember, that this photo is my colour inspiration.  Without further ado, here are the blocks I made for myself.

Claire F2F2 01

Claire F2F2 03

Claire F2F2 02

Now I need to put my thinking cap on for the next stage: assembling a total of 30 blocks.  I’ll probably need to do some fabric shopping too (oh what hardship!).


14 thoughts on “F2F2 blocks for myself

    • lots of email exchanges with Avis tonight lol. She’s been helping me decide on layout and sashing colours lol. Fabric is now ordered . . . it would be lovely if it could arrive before the weekend!

  1. I’ve been admiring all blocks again and patting the lovely pile lol. Fabric is on order for the assembly, so I might have a finished quilt to show everyone by the end of May.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing how you decide to set your blocks. I loved making them for you; yours was one of my favorite palettes!

    • block layout is going to be pretty random ^^ and I’m planning on using white sashing to keep things looking crisp and let the blocks “sing”.

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