SAL “my day off” #1

I’m linking with other SAL members



to show a photo of my newest SAL project.  Three weeks ago, I was having a happy dance with my poppies, and decided to begin this project next.

A Design Works kit: “My Day Off” based on the artwork of Ronald West.   This was gifted to me a few birthdays ago by Megan. You might remember that Avis and I stitched another of Ronald West’s designs a few years ago . . . this one.

“My Day Off” is in the same series.  Stitched on 14 count aida, it’s going to be very easy on the eyes.  This is how much I managed to do for my first update.

SAL “poppies trio” #10 – a happy dance!

I am having a happy dance here, with my trio of poppies!

This is the design: “Poppy Trio”, a kit by Maia Collection with Anchor threads.  My photo from last time

and my photo of the finished piece.

I really enjoyed working on this piece, and love the bright colours. Design is fairly square so I’m thinking I might finish it off as a cushion cover, but in the meantime I’ve just folded and put away in the drawer.  For my next project . . . I had a rummage in my stash and I’ve pulled out a kit that was gifted to me by Megan (aka Lindashee) for my birthday in February 2019

Links to other SAL members, each of us stitching on a project of our choice.

SAL “poppies trio” #9

Above is the photo of 3 weeks ago.  And below is where I am now.

I had hoped to make a little more headway, but with the heatwave and sweaty hands, I kept myself busy with other crafts.

I hope other SAL members were more productive than me. Below are the links to their blogs.



SAL “poppies trio” #7

The last 3 weeks have flown by, and today it’s time to link up with SAL members.



Last time I’d just finished the white poppy and placed a few orange/yellow stitches.

Since then, I’m pleased to say, this third poppy is coming along in leaps and bounds.

Hopefully I’ll have more to show you on our next update, the 17th of July.

SAL “poppy trio” # 6

A mini happy dance on my poppy project as things has progressed from this

to this, in the past 3 weeks.

As you can see, I’ve completed stitching on the white poppy, and begun work on the orange one.

Here’s a list of all SAL members, who are each working on different projects, but we meet up every 3 weeks to cheer each other along.



And we’ll be back again on 26th June.

SAL “poppy trio” #5

Life has been a bit too busy in recent weeks to do much crafting.

Here’s where I was 3 weeks ago on my “poppy trio” project.

And here is where I am now.

I had hoped to have finished the white poppy for this time, but didn’t.

Anyway, here’s the full list of links to other SAL members.



and we’ll be back again on 5th June.

SAL “poppy trio” #4

Time to link up with SAL members around the world



and share updates of our stitching.  My current SAL project is “poppy trio”.

That was the photo 3 weeks ago.

And photo for this time.

We’ll be back again on 15th May.

SAL “poppy trio” #3

It’s time for the 3-weekly SAL update.  Before I show photos:  a thought for Carmela’s family.

This is my photos last time, and my progress.

Some greens, and I’ve started work on the white poppy.  Could probably have done more but I got carried away with knitting in March, as you may have seen.

Let’s see how other SAL members fared.


and we’ll be back again on 24th April.


SAL “poppy trio” #2

It’s time to link up with SAL members




and share updates of the individual projects we’re working on together.  I made a change of project last time, deciding to put my unicorns to one side and work on something brighter.

This was my photo last time.   3 weeks on, and I’ve completed the first poppy – yay!

This is a kit called “poppy trio” from the Maia Collection – Anchor.