SAL “poppy trio” #5

Life has been a bit too busy in recent weeks to do much crafting.

Here’s where I was 3 weeks ago on my “poppy trio” project.

And here is where I am now.

I had hoped to have finished the white poppy for this time, but didn’t.

Anyway, here’s the full list of links to other SAL members.



and we’ll be back again on 5th June.

SAL “poppy trio” #4

Time to link up with SAL members around the world



and share updates of our stitching.  My current SAL project is “poppy trio”.

That was the photo 3 weeks ago.

And photo for this time.

We’ll be back again on 15th May.

SAL “poppy trio” #3

It’s time for the 3-weekly SAL update.  Before I show photos:  a thought for Carmela’s family.

This is my photos last time, and my progress.

Some greens, and I’ve started work on the white poppy.  Could probably have done more but I got carried away with knitting in March, as you may have seen.

Let’s see how other SAL members fared.


and we’ll be back again on 24th April.


SAL “poppy trio” #2

It’s time to link up with SAL members




and share updates of the individual projects we’re working on together.  I made a change of project last time, deciding to put my unicorns to one side and work on something brighter.

This was my photo last time.   3 weeks on, and I’ve completed the first poppy – yay!

This is a kit called “poppy trio” from the Maia Collection – Anchor.

with this ring

Today I can reveal the top secret project I was working on last month because, our daughter (aka Lindashee) and partner tied the knot and my little fabric gift was part of the ceremony.

I made them a little ring cushion (respecting the chosen colour palette of ivory, blues & gold) – here the cushion before posting, so NOT with the official rings tied in place.  And, because the husband and I had trouble finding a wedding card we liked in the shops, I made a card.

Due to Covid, and continuing travel restrictions, we did not make the journey over to England.  You can imagine our frustration!  Not being there to hug our daughter or be beside her on the big day!  However, we were able to follow the ceremony thanks to one of the groom’s family who was in charge of filming and live-streaming . . . and our son, Mr Viking, who recorded the live-streaming for posterity.

SAL: switching to new project #1

Hello everyone!  Since our last SAL update I did some thinking and admitted to myself that I’ve been losing the will to live with the unicorn project: “together we are magic”.  It’s been a plod for almost 12 months and, at the rate I’m going, it’s going to take a further 12 months + to finish. In my opinion, life is just too short to be stitching on a project I’ve grown fed up with.

So . . . I had a rummage in my stash and I’ve pulled out something totally different.

A kit I bought last year on ebay (only cost me 2€) and which is a complete change from the unicorn project colours.

Threads were already pre-sorted, and it’s stitched on a 16 count beige aida.  So, sorry for those who were looking forward to seeing unicorns today!  I’ve folded that away and “Poppy Trio” is going to be my new project for the SAL.  I’ve already made a good start . . . enjoying some vivid reds for a change.  And, above all, enjoying being able to stitch the way I enjoy stitching:  following a specific symbol and not having to follow grid lines to help with counting.

Let’s now hop over and see what other SAL members have been up to since last time!




And we’ll be back again on 13th March.

unbirthdays (and birthdays) for January

I’ve decided to pick up my “unbirthday” idea again this year (after forgetting about it for a while) because it is so much fun to send a little surprise every now and then to someone not expecting it.  It was a birthday, in January, that made me decide to begin unbirthday celebrations this year, with Karine, of mes 101 Luby who had a b’day last month. I decided to send a little gift, which arrived late (since I only posted it on the actual day),


but it’s the thought that counts, or so they say.   8 skeins of DMC color variations and a little fabric & felt bookmark.  While prepping the little parcel to post to Karine, I decided to send an unbirthday gift to surprise Sandrine.  In such a rush to post that I forgot to take a photo. Thank you Sandrine for sending me photos on arrival.

A tablecloth with aida panels to embroider, and a little notebook, with a wintery cupcake.

Imagine my surprise, when a few days later, the postman came knocking with a parcel for me!

Sandrine had decided to spoil me lol, and sent a huge amount of pubilicity bookmarks, as well as a lovely hand-stitched bookmark and a reindeer oven glove!

SAL “together we are magic” #14

That was my photo 3 weeks ago of “together we are magic”, a kit by Letistitch that I’ve been working on since April last year.  Photo of progress this time.

Not a huge amount, especially considering the area that needs to be covered.

Oh well . . . let’s go see how other SAL members are doing on their projects.




and we’ll back on 20th February.

SAL “together we are magic” # 13

Sorry to say I was totally distracted these past 3 weeks, and hardly did any crafting.  At this rate, my current xstitch won’t be finished before 2023.

Here are my before & after photos.  This project isn’t top of my list of priorities for the next few weeks either as I have a “very important & secret project” to work on.  One that needs to be finished, posted and arrive at its destination early February.  I can say no more lol.

Let’s see how other SAL members did with progress, or whether they allowed themselves to get distracted like me.



SAL “together we are magic” # 12

I’m sorry to say I’ve let the side down this time.  I’ve been so distracted making some last minute xmas presents and also busily knitting the husband’s sweater,  that cross stitching fell by the wayside.

I did put in a few stitches, but even I can’t tell the difference since last time.  My last photo was

and photo for this time

Oh well . . . let’s hope that other SAL members found time to work on their projects!



and we’ll back again in the new year!