kitten invasion–update

Abby and Ducky have been with us for one whole week, so I thought I’d give you an update on how they’re settling in.  We’ve had plenty of hissing and growling from both kittens and adult cats.  Le Bleu and Merlin are still not ready to make friends, and refuse to be in the same room as Abby and Ducky.  The kittens, however, are eager to meet the cats, and it’s sometimes a bit of a juggling act to make sure they keep a certain distance.

With Blackjack, we’ve almost got harmony.  Both kittens are continuing to keep an eye on him, and are still hissing (more for show) if he comes too close but that didn’t stop this happening




Yep, that’s Ducky in Blackjack’s food bowl.  I know a kitten shouldn’t really be eating dog food, but it’s impossible to keep a constant eye on him.  He did hop out so that Blackjack could eat too, but didn’t go far ^^

Kittens have been playing with their stuffed mice, and also (oh joy!) appreciate the cat tree



Playtime is usually very intensive, and always followed by a long nap . . . here is Abby in a favourite position


and Ducky, who preferred to curl up on the other couch, near my husband.


While all this is going on, Le Bleu and Merlin are out . . . enjoying the garden in peace



We don’t expect any miracles, and realise it could be several weeks before adult cats learn to cohabit with the kittens.  In the meantime, patience is a virtue ^^

SAL “Friendship Quilt”– block 18

Hello everyone, time to show you the latest three-weekly update on the cross stitch SAL that is keeping me busy along with a lovely bunch of stitchers world-wide.

I am stitching “Friendship Quilt V” a design by Whispered by the Wind.  Twenty blocks in the chart, to which I am adding five blackwork blocks, for a total of 25 blocks.  For this update I have finished block number eighteen.

block 18

block 18 view

Don’t forget to do some blog-hopping and see what the other SAL members have been up to. There’s Avis, who is stitching the same design as me, but in totally different colours . . . and then Kate, Carole, Gun, Jule, Alison, Elizabeth, Lucyann, Wendy, Jacqui, Cathy and Jess.

Next update on 23rd August.

Best Layer of the Month Award–July


No individual photos today of the three girls, but it’s still time for the Best Layer of the Month Award . . . drum rolling, and egg-counting . . .

The score for July, after a very long broody spate with Miss Moneypenny and Miss Marple . . .

Miss Moneypenny = 12 eggs . . . Miss Marple = 18 eggs . . . and it’s Miranda in first place again with 24 eggs.  That made a change from June’s meagre supply (when Miranda was the only one laying) and makes a total of 54 eggs for this month! 

Miss Marple and Miss Moneypenny actually stopped their brooding on 2nd July (after 32 days of sitting for Miss Moneypenny and 28 days of sitting for Miss Marple).  It then took them both a couple of weeks to get back to normal. Miss Marple was first to start laying the occasional egg again  and then by 19th July Miss Moneypenny joined in with an egg a day. 

Anyway, I’ll know, if we get a future bout of broodiness that it’s just a question of time and patience.  Neither hen seems the worse for wear – probably because I had been making sure they came out for food and water.

spare bedroom : before and after

My husband has been on holiday this month and, as is tradition . . . we didn’t go away but spent our time and money doing some redecorating.  The kitchen and bathroom will both need work, but they will be jobs for the professionals and probably not before next year.  However, there was one room crying out for a complete change . . . the spare bedroom.

When we moved in it looked like this


That was the room at its worst, in December of last year . . . now the same view

guest room 01

guest room 02

Gone the rather busy wallpaper, gone the rather grubby carpet ^^

This was the wall opposite


The beach scene has gone . . .

guest room 03

The old black units have been given a coat of paint as temporary furniture – we need to keep our eyes open for something a little better.  And the other wall, before


and after


It’s a very satisfying feeling ^^  We’re now looking forward to having guests Rire

more happy un-birthdays

Photos to show a few more un-birthday gifts that I sent . . . the first one was for an un-birthday in June, but I won’t say who for, as I’m not even sure it ever arrived.

non anniv June J

The second, for my good friend, Avis who runs two blogs:  one for patchworking and one for other crafts. .  Something to keep her busy patchworking this summer and one of my little fabric trays.

July un birthday Avis

“Life” happy dance


Neither washed, nor ironed, but finished ^^.

This is a design based on original artwork by Jo Moulton and a kit by Design Works: “Life’s Moments” (ref 2482).  Stitched on 14 count aida, finished size approx 30cm x 30cm. I began this on 1st January, as my “in keeping with tradition” project and finished on 29th July, so just under 7 months.  The “plan” is to finish this off as a cushion cover, since it’s a nice square size.

We have been busy redecorating the spare bedroom so, I’m thinking, a few cushions will look rather nice in there. 

Other “life moments” in our house over the past few days . . . Abby and Ducky are settling in well.  They have loads of comfortable places to curl up and sleep, but no, they like my old plastic washing bowl


They had their first vaccination on Tuesday and a weigh in. At 10 weeks, Abby weighed in at 1250g and Ducky 1050g. 

Both kittens seem completely at home, and are busy exploring the entire house.  They still won’t let Blackjack come too close, but they’re not scared of him. Just wary.  As for Le Bleu and Merlin . . . their noses are totally out of joint. They do not appreciate this kitten invasion, and there is lots of growling and spitting going on.  The adults prefer to spend all their time outside, and only come in at night, when the coast is clear (kittens sleep in the kitchen for the moment). 

It’s early days yet though ^^

Abby, Ducky & fuzzy photos

My husband and I have been busy DIYing, ripping off wallpaper in the guest room and repainting.  However, all work and no play . . . Yesterday we spent the day with Katy and her husband.  A lovely relaxing Sunday in the garden, good food, good company and lots of laughs. 

Katy had said we could collect kittens yesterday too. They are 10 weeks old, and have grown a lot since we last saw them. 


This is Abby.  Try as I might, I can’t get a decent photos of either kitten. They don’t stay still for more than 2 seconds. There is just too much exploring to do and too many games to invent.

And here is Ducky. More to show you the different markings than anything else.  We’ll have no trouble telling them apart.


Yes, they are sitting on the kitchen table because, for the moment, that is a lovely safe place to be and observe what is going on.

Blackjack has been brilliant!  I never doubted that he would be well-behaved because he loves kittens and has a very paternal streak.  However he does tend to bark to express happiness so  I was afraid he would be too hyper and scare the kittens.  As it turns out, he is not trying to get close. He just stands and wags his tail from a distance, without barking.  The kittens have grown up with Katy’s dog, but of course, Blackjack is something new.  At the moment they (especially Ducky) are hissing and growling each time they spot Blackjack, but they’re not running to safety.  I reckon it’ll only be a matter of days before they are the best of friends.

I was more worried about the reception they would get from Merlin and Le Bleu.  Again, for the moment, I needn’t have worried.  Kittens are both hissing and growling at the cats too lol and everyone is keeping a respectful distance. That’s not difficult because Merlin runs away Rire  Yep, a 5.5 kilo cat runs away when a scrap of kitten growls . . . and Le Bleu just ignores them. 

The house is big enough for the kittens to explore and for the other cats to have their personal space. However, it won’t be long before Abby and Ducky start venturing all over. They’ve been here only 12 hours and they’re already climbing the stairs, playing in the litter trays, and dusting behind furniture ^^