some more surprises

I had some more lovely surprises both by snail mail and by email. 

By snail mail . . . from second son and N.


A gorgeous cross-stitched card made by N.  She has been bitten by the cross stitch bug, and is discovering the pleasure of making unique surprises.  I love this card!  N tried a “scrappy” way of cutting the edges of the aida, and I think it really looks brilliant – and the red buttons & cat collar add just that little bit of extra colour. 

And second son has also been fiddling with crafting . . . he made me a dreamcatcher keyring.  I don’t think I’ll use it as a keyring because the feathers would be too fragile for that.  I’ll find somewhere to hang it though, out of cats reach!

By email, the surprise was from Hélène.  I am a regular follow of Hélène’s blog, and last year I stitched a lot of her free mystery SALs.  Now, Hélène had a lovely idea and sent me an ecard for my birthday, with an invitation to choose any one of her charts (from her on-line shop) and she sent it to me for my birthday!

I chose


This design will be perfect to stitch up into a bookmark. 

And while on the subject of cats . . . You’ve all heard the expression “Like a cat on a hot tin roof” . . . well, here it’s more “Like a kitten on a wet glass roof”.


Kittens love being outside, even in the rain, and Abby’s favourite place is on the glass roof of our veranda! 

seeing purple & pink

I’m feeling in a very purple mood this week which is, I assure you, a lovely mood to be in!  Here’s why . . .

seeing purple 02

One of our orchids is in bloom, with such vibrant colours.  And we now have a few more flowers on the first one.

seeing purple 03

Postlady brought a surprise package for me containing

seeing purple 04

Some gorgeous fabrics, little embellishments and the most beautiful handmade card from Avis, to celebrate my birthday earlier this week.

I also received a lovely crochet flower from Monique

from Monique

This is a scissor fob, and also to keep my thimble in!

And, last but not least . . . something that had been on order since before Christmas, was finally ready to be collected – my “Purple Wonder” ^^

seeing purple 01

“snow friends”–happy dance

On 1st January I began a couple of new stitching projects for the new year . . . and I have completed one of them already.  Okay, so it was only a small project, but it’s still a happy dance. 

snow friends

This is “Snow Friends” a kit by Dimensions, and one of their plastic canvas range.  I bought six different designs in the series


The plan being, to stitch all of these this coming year, and be ready well in time for Christmas.  I haven’t done the finishing off yet, with felt backing and cord/ribbon.  I think I’ll just go ahead and stitch all six, then have a grand finishing off session when I’m done.

sleeping mask

I’m not quite sure if “sleeping mask” is the right word, but that’s what I was making the other day.  Second son’s girlfriend, N, has recently changed jobs and is now working unsociable hours: from 4am – 8am.  This means she has had to adjust to an odd sleeping pattern and sleeps during the day when the rest of the world is up.

N mentioned to me that once asleep, she’s fine, but that it’s not always easy falling asleep, even with curtains drawn, because of the daylight showing through. I therefore came up with the idea of making a simple mask, rather like the ones airline companies hand out, to help block out the light.


I wanted it to be as light-weight as possible, and also as soft against the skin as possible.  So . . . I used a piece of fun print fabric and a piece of very soft, fine fleece for the backing.  I sewed those two fabrics together with some dense straight line quilting, and then added biais binding to finish off the raw edges.


Not sure how tight to make the elastic, I have added a longer length than necessary, just knotted at the ends, so N can adjust to fit comfortably, reknot and cut to her head size.

And, of course, I just had to model it before sending, to make sure it does the job.


It does Rire.  I suppose if N doesn’t like it for sleeping, she can always use it to play a game of Blind Man’s Buff ^^

SAL update–“Kokeshi Friends” #5

KD 05

A rather stitch intensive kokeshi doll for this stage, as Avis and I have both progressed to the far right of our fabrics.  Great fun stitching this lovely, colourful design: “Kokeshi Friends” by Joan Elliott.

Don’t forget to do some blog-hopping and see what fellow SALers are up to.

Avis, Kate, Jule, Gun, Carole, Wendy, Lucyann, Jess, Jacqui and Cathy

Next update on 28th February ^^

a bit of free advertising

I don’t usually do this sort of thing, but today I come to do a bit of free advertising. Not that I want you to buy anything, but, if you have 30 seconds, I would like you to consider voting.

My daughter, Lindashee, has submitted one of her drawings on a Tshirt site.  The idea is: artists submit artwork, which is then open to voting for 2 weeks.  The most popular designs are then printed and sold as “Tee of the Day” and artists receive a 10% commission for each Tshirt sold.

Now, it’s unlikely that Lindashee’s design will make it to the top because it probably won’t appeal to a wide enough public.  The most popular designs seem to be those dangerously flaunting copyright with characters from famous films/books/games/TV.  However, if you do have a few minutes to spare . . . I invite you check out Lindashee’s design here on Qwertee. 


A vote doesn’t mean you promise to buy. It just says that you like the design. You do have to sign-up to the site to vote though. A pseudo and a password.   I think it’s also possible to “like” or share on social platforms (FB, Twitter etc) but I don’t have any accounts on those sites ^^


Seven down, five to go in the set of twelve zodiac signs by Vervaco. 

zodiac tauruszodiac x7

I’m still thoroughly enjoying myself stitching these designs.   There are only 7 colours in each so charts are very easy to follow.  Time to make a working copy of the next sign . . . which one will I choose?  You’ll find out very soon.