F2F season 3 – Miss December

We’re now into the seventh month of the F2F block swap, organised by Kate.

For December, we’re making & sending to Esther, in the Netherlands, whose colour inspiration photo was a picture of flower pots in her garden!


She asked for different shades of greens, and blues, as well as grey on a white background.

Here’s what I made and sent.

Esther 01

This one is called “Bright Morning Star”.

Esther 02

Kitty Corner”.

Esther 03

And the last one, “Old Fan”.

As with previous months, I then made up an “Old Fan” block in Esther’s colours, but to keep for myself.

Dec old fan

Only two more months of this swap to go.  For January, we’ll be working in blues and greys.


knitting, crochet & xstitch

After working away for several weeks  on secret xmas present making, I am pleased to say, I finished everything on my list – yay.  Not only that.  Those presents were wrapped, posted, and parcels have been received .  So a big sigh of relief there, that my handicrafts arrived safely.  Now to wait impatiently, until Christmas, for recipients to open gifts. I have since added a few more things to my “to do” list.  Suddenly coming up with several more ideas for family closer to home.  However, without postal delays to worry about, I can work at a more gentle pace for these last gifts.

In the meantime, following surgeon’s instructions to rest with both feet up, I’ve been crocheting, xstitching, and even managed some knitting. 

Crochet has been working on something very small.  If I taught myself to crochet a while back, it was partly because I was inspired by all the wonderful crafting by MojiMoji Designs and some of the free patterns Janine makes available on line. I therefore followed one of her free seasonal patterns, and crocheted up a couple of tiny Christmas trees.

tress x2

Here are the first two I made, in their natural state.  I’m busy crocheting up a few more, and will then do as Janine suggests, and decorate them with pretty beads. 

Cross stitch time has also been spent working on something small. 

xmas tags

This little set of robins was a free kit in a recent issue of Cross Stitch Crazy.  Each one didn’t take too long to make, and I loved the very quick finish idea, of simply sticking onto the printed tag cards which were supplied in the kit. 

And I also managed to make some progress with knitting. 

cardie progress dec

Here are all my bits so far: 2 sleeves (which insist on curling up whenever I try to lay them flat), one back and now a left front!  I’ve already cast on the right front but I’m not giving myself any deadlines for a finish. What I’m not looking forward to:  knitting the bands of ribbing, getting button holes lined up correctly and at regular intervals for buttons, and sewing all my bits together.  It will have to be done though!  I’ve already got yarn and pattern in for my next knitting project – a sweater for the husband.  And I won’t be starting that until I have a finished cardigan. 

SAL “Bag Ladies” #3

Another 3 weeks have flown by . . . and progress has been made on “Bag Ladies” which is the project I’m working on for the SAL.  Last time I showed you this photo

SAL BL 11 11 18

Today, I am proud to show you this

SAL BL 02 12 18

My first cat is finished (except for back stitch detail) and I’ve made quite a dent in the bag on the far right. 

Time to do some blog hopping and cheer other SAL members along.

AvisGun, Carole, LucyAnn, Kate, Jess, Sue, Constanze, Debbierose, Christina, Kathy, Margaret, Cindy, Helen, Steph, Linda, Heidi, Jackie, Sunny, Hayley, Tony, Megan, Catherine, Deborah, Connie, Clare

And we’ll be back on 23rd December.

quick & easy xmas cards

It’s that time of year again . . . when we start thinking about posting seasonal greetings.  I usually get well ahead with my xmas-workshop (generally beginning in September) but this year, someone seems to have put time on fast forward!  Or maybe it was simply because I was busy crafting for Baby Viking and lost track of time?  Whatever the reason, I suddenly realised that December is only just around the corner and, shops in France don’t tend to sell bumper packs of xmas cards (you mostly find individual cards with New Year’s wishes).  Not to be discouraged, I had a rummage in my card making stash, decided I didn’t have time to cross stitch cards and my scrapbooking skills are sadly lacking so . . .

xmas cards

I opted for a quick & easy option, which turned out rather effective (even if I do say so myself).  Aperture cards, some xmas themed fabric cut to size, wadding also cut to size, some festive ribbon, fabric glue and my faithful roll of double-sided sticky tape!

It didn’t take long at all to make up a pretty batch, varying things a little depending on fabrics & colour of cards.


I even used some cards with a round aperture, turning them upside down & reversing the fold to give a “bauble” effect.  And voilà, a nice little batch of home-made cards, all ready to be written and posted.   I do plan on making some of my special little tree decorations too this year, but that will all depend on my foot, as I won’t be able to machine sew while keeping my feet up.

lots of resting with feet up


Many thanks for all your “get well” wishes!  Foot op went well.  I was in and out of hospital on the Friday as planned.     Spent the first 3 days having total bed rest with the cats keeping me company, and the husband bringing me meals in bed while I lazed about, watching DVDs non-stop and keeping my hands busy with crochet or cross stitch.  Today I made it downstairs, as far as the sofa . . . where I spent most of the day with feet up, and more crochet.  I’m feeling pretty good.  Not in much pain at all, but will be taking things very gently over the next few weeks.  No trips out, and only minimal walking about indoors (with my clumpy post-op shoes).  I know, from previous experience, that the more I rest, the faster foot will heal . . . and the more time I spend with my feet up, the quicker I can finish off making xmas presents! 

cardie progress and wish me luck!

Despite secret crafting for Christmas, I’ve been trying to stay focused on my knitting project too.   Earlier this month I showed you this.

cardie 02

And am very pleased, that, things now look like this

cardie progress 02

Or like this

cardie progress

A bit difficult to take photos because parts all seem to want to curl up along the edges, and not lay flat for photos . . . but you get the general idea.  I have 2 sleeves, one back, and have already cast on for the left front. 

I’m not sure how far this will progress in the coming weeks.  I’ll be in and out of hospital tomorrow, for surgery on my left foot.  Wish me luck!  It’s going to be the same surgery as that done on my right foot in April.  I therefore know exactly what to expect, and just want to get it over and done with.  I’ve made up the bed in the spare room, which is where I will be in the early days with my bandaged foot.  Have a good supply of DVDs and all my crafting projects to hand.  My LG tablet will be with me, so I have access to the internet.   The husband has been getting into training to wait on me hand & foot, plus he’ll be in charge of all the animals & hens.   I will have to make sure I get 3 days complete bed-rest, followed by 3 weeks of lots of sitting around with both feet up.  I’m not terribly comfortable knitting in a “lounging with feet up” position especially since I usually end up with several cats sprawled out on my legs.  I reckon I’ll probably keep my hands busy with crochet & cross stitch while I’m convalescing, and this cardie might have to wait until after Christmas to see more progress.