SAL “poppy trio” #5

Life has been a bit too busy in recent weeks to do much crafting.

Here’s where I was 3 weeks ago on my “poppy trio” project.

And here is where I am now.

I had hoped to have finished the white poppy for this time, but didn’t.

Anyway, here’s the full list of links to other SAL members.



and we’ll be back again on 5th June.

on a roll

I’d been eyeing up some ideas for storing knitting needles, namely double-pointed needles.  Saw a couple of nice rolls on-line, and used photos as inspiration to design my own.  The nice thing about taking up knitting after having learned how to sew is that something like a needle roll is a very quick & simple project.

It was a stash-busting project.   Using a couple of small pieces of cotton print from the drawer.  Finished size when rolled is 10″ x 3″ and approx 1″ thick, so it’s not too bulky.  It’s for my 20cm DPNs.

The husband came up with an idea, when I was unrolling to show him my finished project (and needles almost fell out onto the floor – you’ll see why later) so I added a couple of poppers to the finished pouch.

When unrolled, it looks like this

And the poppers, on either end of the flap stop needles from sliding out if I hold the thing upside down.

I made 8 little pockets, for 7 sets of DPNs and a wider pocket for my needle gauge.  I don’t actually have a set of 2mm needles in 20cm yet, but thought it was sensible to provide a pocket in the eventuality I need to buy some. My sewing machine has embroidery options, but no decimal point.  However, the numbers embroidered are good enough for me to know which needles should go in which pocket.

In case you’re wondering whether I’ve been doing any knitting of late . . . yes I have!


SAL “poppy trio” #4

Time to link up with SAL members around the world



and share updates of our stitching.  My current SAL project is “poppy trio”.

That was the photo 3 weeks ago.

And photo for this time.

We’ll be back again on 15th May.

SAL “poppy trio” #3

It’s time for the 3-weekly SAL update.  Before I show photos:  a thought for Carmela’s family.

This is my photos last time, and my progress.

Some greens, and I’ve started work on the white poppy.  Could probably have done more but I got carried away with knitting in March, as you may have seen.

Let’s see how other SAL members fared.


and we’ll be back again on 24th April.


inconclusive socks knitting

Hmmmm . . . needles have been smoking, but I can’t say I’m a fully fledged sock-knitter yet!

The other day I boasted about my first ever pair of socks in toddler size, and had immediately cast on to make a pair for myself, using the same pattern in adult size.

This was my beginning, following a pattern by Shaina Scott and using a cotton blend sock yarn bought in Lidl.  I had measured my foot, calf etc, and cast on to make the largest size.

I had got thus far, trying the sock on for size every now and again. Now, I know I have very “hobbit-like” feet.  Not something I’m proud of, but not something I can do much about either . . . but this sock was obviously knitting up much wider than I needed it to be.  My tension was good, so I decided it must be the yarn, that honestly doesn’t have much elasticity to it (only 10% of the stretchy stuff in the mix) and the cotton majority just seemed to make the sock go big & floppy.  So, rather than continue, I frogged.  Found another pattern, measured my foot again (in the hope it had grown slimmer in the meantime – yeah, right!) and decided to apply the “-10% negative ease” rule.

The second pattern attempted is this one: Vanilla Latte Socks.  Pattern has a bit of texture to it, which I hoped would give fabric more stretch, and I cast on for the 72 stitch size.  It finished up looking so fat !!!  Although it could probably have done with a few more rows in length before the toe.

Now, the sock fits and I do love the pinks & greys in the yarn.  My only problem . . . while I thought I’d measured foot length correctly, before shaping the toe, the sock fabric stretched out even more as I put it on, making the sock itself looser, and therefore making the “toe” part a bit snug.  The knitted fabric feels very fine too . . . my big toe is going to make a hole in no time at all !

I also found that, when standing, the sock wrinkles around my ankle.  If the fabric feels so loose now, when the sock is brand new, I wonder how it will feel after it’s been worn and washed?  I’m even thinking I could have knitted the next size down, because of the way this cotton yarn seems to behave.  Which is why I’m going to take a few days off sock-knitting while I decide what to do next.

I have two options. 1-  I can start a second sock, with the Vanilla Latte pattern, making the next size down, with a 64 stitch cast on.  If it works, I can then frog the first sock and knit again.  Or . . . 2-  I forget about my Lidl cotton yarn for the time being, and make a third attempt with a wool mix yarn (containing 25% of the stretchy stuff).  I have a ball of Lang Yarn, Super Soxx, in the most gorgeous colour.   I’ve proved to myself that I can follow a pattern properly and knit a sock. Maybe it’s time to stop using my cheap Lidl yarn and use some of the good stuff?



never say never

Back in January 2021 I couldn’t resist nabbing some sock yarn when I saw it in Lidl.  5.99€ for a pack of 2 x 100g balls of a cotton mix.

At the time, I said I had no intention of trying sock-knitting and bought this yarn, with a view to knitting some doll clothes.  However . . . my motto is: never say never, and this month I took the plunge, diving down the sock rabbit hole.  After some searching on the internet (on Ravelry) I printed out several free sock patterns . . . and decided to cast on to make a toddler-sized pair, to give myself practice not only with DPNs but also in understanding the anatomy of a sock.

The pattern is by Shaina Scott: “Basic cuff-down kids socks” and I cast on to make Toddler size.  I used 2.5mm needles which gave me the correct gauge, and off I went.

I’ve heard so many knitters talking about “turning the heel” without knowing what on earth they meant. Now I know!

“Gusset” was another alien term of sock anatomy . . . but thanks to the well-written pattern, I managed that successfully.

I was knitting in Toddler size to make a pair of socks for my 92cm toddler doll . . . so at this point, I slid sock onto her vinyl foot to make sure all was good.  And to check how long I needed to make the foot.

And after many hours of knitting, plus as many hours of learning, I had my first ever sock!  In no time at all, I cast on to make the second one.

Which makes a matching pair.  And, oh what joy, to see how well they fit (sorry about the dirty floor – too busy knitting to do the housework!).


And what else can I say?  except that I think I’ve now caught the sock-knitting bug!!!!  Because I immediately cast on, using the same pattern by Shaina, but for adult sizes . . . and I’m knitting a pair for myself in colour-changing pink.

SAL “poppy trio” #2

It’s time to link up with SAL members




and share updates of the individual projects we’re working on together.  I made a change of project last time, deciding to put my unicorns to one side and work on something brighter.

This was my photo last time.   3 weeks on, and I’ve completed the first poppy – yay!

This is a kit called “poppy trio” from the Maia Collection – Anchor.

keeping hands busy

I’ve been a bit quiet here. Like many others, no doubt, very preoccupied with what’s going on in Ukraine.

A couple of photos today, because I have been trying to keep my hands busy on something that doesn’t require much concentration.

One doll dress for a new red-headed doll.  Photo cropped here – don’t want to scare you. But you can see my little Mia doll (Nines d’Onil) in full over on my other blog: here. 

And another one dress in the making.

This is a pattern I’ve used several times before, and find it’s easy to adapt to different doll shapes/sizes, by changing yarn, needles and lengthening/shortening either the bodice or skirt part of the dress.


SAL: switching to new project #1

Hello everyone!  Since our last SAL update I did some thinking and admitted to myself that I’ve been losing the will to live with the unicorn project: “together we are magic”.  It’s been a plod for almost 12 months and, at the rate I’m going, it’s going to take a further 12 months + to finish. In my opinion, life is just too short to be stitching on a project I’ve grown fed up with.

So . . . I had a rummage in my stash and I’ve pulled out something totally different.

A kit I bought last year on ebay (only cost me 2€) and which is a complete change from the unicorn project colours.

Threads were already pre-sorted, and it’s stitched on a 16 count beige aida.  So, sorry for those who were looking forward to seeing unicorns today!  I’ve folded that away and “Poppy Trio” is going to be my new project for the SAL.  I’ve already made a good start . . . enjoying some vivid reds for a change.  And, above all, enjoying being able to stitch the way I enjoy stitching:  following a specific symbol and not having to follow grid lines to help with counting.

Let’s now hop over and see what other SAL members have been up to since last time!




And we’ll be back again on 13th March.

WIP updates and a DD happy dance

I’ve been concentrating on two projects these past few days:  my knitting and some diamond painting.

Knitting is coming along in leaps & bounds, but not quite finished.

My “Shavo” sweater in pink.  It looks finished because the sleeves are now done. They’re knitted by picking up stitches and knitting directly onto the body which gives a great, almost seamless, finish.  However I haven’t yet tackled the job of sewing up the sleeve & side seams . . . so be patient, and I’ll get that done soon!

What did get finished was my lion diamond painting.

I thoroughly enjoyed sticking all the little drills down on this one, and loved working with all the bright colours.  Have already ordered in two new kits because I find diamond dotting quite addicitve!