for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Claire ^^ avatar late- fifties, married to a French chappie,  and living in France, in the Lyon vicinty.  We have three children:  two working and living in England and the eldest on living not too far away from us.

I  try to avoid housework by spending way too many hours on the computer, cross stitching, patchworking and also a bit of clothes-making.  My most recent hobby is crochet – yep something I’ve wanted to try for years and I’ve finally taken the plunge.

We are animal lovers: 1 dog, 4 cats, Amazon Parrot and three hens  . . . so looking after that lot also keeps me happy and out of trouble.

and for anyone interested in trying out their French – I run two blogs, other one here c’est toujours Claire  ^^

42 thoughts on “Claire

      • Hi,

        I agree with you Paula 😉

        I am not really patient so I am sure I could never do that !…

        I remember the first time when I visited your blog Claire and now I can see that you have made a lot of new and different things !

        See you,

  1. Hi Claire

    How are you Claire?? Dad sent me your details as I had some problems with hotmail and lost everything. How are you??? I have been thinking about you. Would love to catch up. Everything is great here.

    Bev xxx

  2. I’m so happy to come and read your blog. First and foremost, i love to crosstitch and second, your blog is so much interesting for me esp. it is written in english as i’m still study the french language as of this moment. Hope to read and see more inspiring photos and words here Claire and keep up the good work!!!

  3. Hi Claire, Love the new platform for your blog. Nice to have a change around. What a lovely photo of Black Jack – he is very photogenic, the MOTH wants to know does he give out Paw Prints as his autograph.

  4. Claire dear ~ HELP!!! Just discovered the Grand on your blog….the link no longer available, but
    when I found Isabelle’s (all in French) found it was a picture not a graph? Thank goodness I found
    you in English…Has the Graph ever been published? I would so love to do this one…Reminds me
    of a similar Perlin one I did. Many thanks.

  5. Hello Claire!

    Do you exchange bookmarks with collectors from other Countries?
    I am from Portugal and i have many portuguese bookmarks for exchange.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Paulo
      I’d be happy to exchange bookmarks but not for the moment. We’re in a transition period, between selling our house and buying a new house, and living in temporary accommodation at the moment.

  6. Love your blog and charts! My Great Niece had 3 cats (lost her pal of 17 years just a few days ago. Christmas is coming and I would love your Cat ABC cross stitch chart to make for her. Her remaining 2 cats are rescues and I feel sure she won’t remain “one short” for too long. Again, our ABCat would be just wonderful for her and hope you can send it to me.

  7. Hello!
    I like to read your blog!
    I like your polka dot matryoshkas! Its so cute!!
    If its possible can I ask you to see the chart?
    Thank you so much!
    I want to try to stitch it)

  8. Hi Claire, I’m just clearing my mums house and found an album full of bookmarks, all sorts of places, mainly UK, are you interested? I seem to remember that you collect them but I wasn’t sure if you prefer to have been to the place yourself. If not I can send them to a charity shop, no worries 🙂

  9. Hi Claire. I just saw the ABC cross stitch cat with the fish hanging from his tail! Hence I LOVE IT!!! As you were given credit for the pattern and the link brought me to your blog, could you please tell me where I can get the pattern? Thank you so much.

    • I have no idea what pattern you’re talking about. Obviously a photo from my blog if I was given credit, but not necessarily one of my patterns. If it was a monochrome I’m wondering if it wasn’t an Isabelle Vautier design, but that’s the only one that springs to mind.

  10. My daughter received that same latch hook kit but lost the instructions/pattern, so she doesn’t know colors to do where. Do you still have your instructions and could we please buy them from you?

    Katie Pung

  11. I’m not sure if you are still responding to posts here but there are several of your designs I would love to stitch! Both quakers and the black work ones are beautiful!

  12. Hello Claire, I found your blogg when I was trying to find patterns for a certain Dimensions pieces. It is 6 pieces of christmas ornaments “let it snow”, “holiday and Ivy” and so on. It appears as if it is not possible to buy it anywhere. Can you point me in the right direction where to get the patterns?

    All the best
    Gudbjort Erlendsdottir (icelandic 🙂 )

    • Hello Gudbjort, thanks for stopping by. I’m afraid I don’t know where you can buy those particular kits now. It was several years ago that I bought mine, and I passed the charts on to a friend when I finished.. Sorry!

  13. I just checked out your blog. Get emails from “The Crafty Creek” & all her amazing work…thought I’d check out others..
    Ok 1st I’m in the USA in Va. near the coast…My 1st .? Is about your chickens
    What is imposted crop, don’t have chicks just curious, sorry for her passing.
    Also love the cabinet, can picture it loaded with lots yarn & fabric!
    On your post birthday items you showed some beachey/nautical fabric, name
    & or manufacturer. I like to quilt & love that fabric!!!
    Thanks enjoy your day.
    Ellen T

    • thanks for stopping by Ellen ^^
      Sorry there’s no selvage on the nautical fabric, so I can’t tell you what collection it’s from.
      As for impacted crop (also called sour crop): hens have a sort of pouch where food goes before heading to the gizzard (where it’s ground down and digested). Impacted crop is when there’s a blockage in the crop and food can’t move down. Trick is to massage, and try to get it to shift (usually trying to help hen vomit back up). Can take several days to sort out – sadly I caught it too late.

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