one down

Despite the heatwave, I’ve been managing to find a couple of hours here & there to work on quilting . . . and am pleased to be able to show you the first (of two) quilts made with my Miss August 2018 blocks, from the F2F3 block swap, organised by Kate.

So, white sashing, dark turquoise corner stones, white border and dark turquoise binding with flamingos on the back (all from stash).  Machine quilted with a light turquoise thread, each block quilted differently.

Quilt finishes at approx 56″ square (142cm) and the second one will be the same size, with same backing fabric & binding.  Just need weather to cool down a little so that I feel motivated to do more quilting. I still hope to be happy dancing with two fab quilts by the end of August!

SAL “Share” – Merejka happy dance!

It’s time to link up with other SAL members to show progress and I’m having a happy dance this time.

I could probably have given linen a quick iron before taking photo lol, but here it is complete with wrinkles and hoop marks.  I need to put my thinking cap on to decide what I’m going to do with this now it’s finished.  In the meantime, since Avis and I both finished our current SAL project in time for today, we’re going to begin a new project for next time.  We’ve agreed on a design we both like, and will therefore be working on the same design, as from next time, but in different colours.  My supplies are all prepped.  I’ve gone for Christmas reds, greens and a gold on white aida. You’ll have to wait until next time to see what we’ll be stitching – oooh the suspense!.

Here is the complete list of links of all SAL members.

Next update on 23rd August.

happy bunny dance

I’m having a happy bunny dance – yay!  The little baby quilt I’ve been working on is finished.  It’s small, and finishes at only 36″ square but should be a good size for a snuggle quilt.  I followed the majority vote, after posting photos the other week, wondering about binding.  You all agreed I should dare to add more green, so I did.

And I love it.  It’s lovely and fresh looking and those two thin strips of green on the front really pick up on all the leaves and green bunnies.

And rest assured, my edges aren’t wonky lol.  Just the grass needs mowing and quilt couldn’t lie flat because of uneven grass shoots.

ScrapHappy # July

15th of each month is the date I link up with Kate, Gun and a whole group of crafters (list of links further down) to make use of those scraps.  It’s been more fabric scraps for me this month, leftovers from past clothes-making projects . . . which are ideal when you have a collection of dolls that need clothing, like I do.  No photos of actual dolls in this post (so no need to shut your eyes). If you’d like to see dolls modelling the following outfits, you can find them here.

Anyway, time for photos.

A  knee-length jumpsuit in brown cotton, with very pretty floral print, plus matching head band, made for a 48cm vinyl doll.  This letfover fabric had been in my drawers since 2011, a remnant from a dress-making project for my daughter.

Another 3/4 length jumpsuit, for a 44cm vinyl doll.  This is more a polyester cotton.  Scraps found in a box I inherited from MIL several years ago.  The pattern for jumpsuit is from the July issue of “Modes & Travaux”.  Original pattern meant for quite a dumpy 40cm doll, I adapted for my slightly taller, more slender dolls.

A little dress for a 40cm vinyl doll with scraps from a tunic I made myself not long ago.  And no, it’s not pattern matched but it does fit the doll, therefore it does the job!

Here’s the list of other ScrapHappy members.

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Sue L, Sunny, Kjerstin and Vera

Baa Baa Blue Lamb

In May, you might remember I crocheted up a really cute sleepy lamb, from a pattern by Kawaii Design and bought on etsy.

When I made this little one, I said there would be others . . . hence the title . . . this time a blue lamb.

Crocheted in blue & white from my stash on a 3mm hook.

I’d just finished sewing this little sleepy blue lamb together, when I noticed, over on etsy, the pattern designer had added a flower embellishment to her photo . . . and thought how pretty it looked.  Now, it just so happens, way way back in February 2017, a blogging friend, Yvonne, sent me some lovely crocheted embellishments she’d made. And it just so happens, that there were some little flowers in the bag. Exactly what I needed!

Awwww don’t they look cute?

And last photo for the day (close your eyes and don’t look if you’re squeamish about my dolls!

more tunics with NewLook 6871

Summer is most definitely here.  It’s been hot.  So I pulled out one of my favourite tunic patterns and set to sewing.  NewLook 6871 view D, is a pattern I’ve already made up nine times – yes that’s right, nine times!  I suppose I should have tried some of the other views, but I’m not a great fan of sleeves for the summer, nor of lace embellishments (which is what the other views are about).   Anyway, the good thing, when you’ve already followed a pattern so many times is that you know exactly what you’re doing.  You know it’s going to fit, and everything goes according to plan.

I chose 2 fabrics from my stash, and cut out pièces to make 2 tunics one afternoon, because it’s the prep work that I always find takes the longest.  Deciding, since I had plenty of both fabrics, not to go for contrasting yoke & bands. Just to have tunics all in one fabric.    It then took me 2 afternoon sewing sessions to make up each tunic.  First one, I made using a green on white print I bought a few years ago.

And second one in a very fun fabric: “Retro Chic” by The Woodrow Studio.

You won’t get to see a photo of me modelling either tunic.  They are both a lovely fit, and ever so comfortable, that’s not the problem.  Just that  I gave myself another hair cut recently, and it turned out a lot shorter than it was supposed to (think Sigourney Weaver in “Alien” or Demi Moore in “GI Jane”).   I, therefore,  won’t be posing for photos until it’s had a chance to grow a little (a lot).

a Yip Yip here, and a Yip Yip there . . .

While browsing on the internet (which seems to be a favourite pass time of mine in the evening, when there’s nothing on TV) I came across a really fun crochet project by Carissa Knits that tickled my fancy.  Carissa had designed a pattern (both for crocheters & knitters) to make a Sesame Street “Yip Yip”.  Now, I have to say, I never really watched SS, neither did my kids, so seeing these funny monsters for the first time made me chuckle and when I saw they were made using really chunky yarn, I thought that would be a great project for stash-busting.

Before I began though, I did need to buy a minimum of supplies, namely ping pong balls and pipe cleaners.  The chunky yarn, I already had although perhaps not in the bright colours I would have liked for this project.

The husband very kindly painted the ping pong balls for me, and I set to work hooking with a 9mm hook.

Because I was stash busting, I had to make an executive decision regarding colours & height of my Yip Yip.  Carissa’s monsters seem to be longer in the body than mine, but even so, I think this YY turned out rather nicely.  So nicely that . . . it wasn’t long before I was singing along to myself (to the tune of Old McDonald has a farm – as I don’t know the real Yip Yip song) . . . so that went along the lines of:  With a Yip Yip here, and a Yip Yip there.  Here a Yip . . . there a Yip

everywhere a Yip Yip.

These things just seem to multiply.


But, in multiplying, they are giving me loads of fun and are a good way of using up some of those orphan balls of very chunky yarn I’d been hoarding.

happy rainbow dancing

I previously showed you a chevron rainbow quilt I began . . . one of the last photos I posted was just after quilting, when it looked like this.

Since then I have added binding, and hence have been having a happy rainbow dance in the garden.

I realise bright green won’t be everyone’s favourite colour for the binding, but it just seemed the ideal colour to me.  With the green chevrons being dead centre, in my rainbow, the green binding just seems to balance the front and goes very nicely with the backing fabric.  Apart from the green fabric that I ended up ordering in especially to finish this project, it was otherwise a total stash buster.  So I’m very pleased about that too.



ScrapHappy # June

It’s ScrapHappy day again!  Time to link with Gun, Kate and a whole gang of other crafters (all links further down), to share what we’ve been making with scraps.

I’d had wind of a couple of births in my neighbourhood, so it seemed like a good idea to make a couple of presents to welcome new babies into the world.  Nothing elaborate. Just something soft & bright.

The teething bits are brand new but fabrics & wadding are scraps.  Lots of souvenirs of past projects in these!

Kate Gun , TittiHeléneEvaSue, Lynn, Lynda,
Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill, Claire, Jan,
Moira, SandraLindaChrisNancy, Alys, Kerry, Jean,
Joanne, Jon, HayleyDawn, Gwen, Connie, Bekki, Pauline,
Sue L, Sunny and Kjerstin

the last batch

I promise, this is the last batch.  This time, trying out the flat & pleated model that is called the “Afnor” mask here in France (meaning it’s been approved as a face covering).  2 layers of fabric and some clever pleating, so that mask open out and covers face quite nicely.

I used some fun leftover dress-making fabrics (llamas, flamingos and flowers) and some darker Japanese prints: owls & dragonflies (stash busting) for those who prefer a more conservative mask.

Lining fabric was using scraps, but no one will see that side anyway.  Anyway, that’s me all masked out!