ScrapHappy # March 2019

I missed out on the ScrapHappy fun in February because of other things going on.  February saw the husband & myself redecorating the living room (all done).  Me with big plans of making sofa covers (started well, but I ran out of motivation) . . . and then catching up on housework before visitors in March.  Lindashee & Mr Lindashee flew over from England for a few days, and Eldest son & girlfriend drove up from the south of France.

House suddenly emptied on 11th, so after a day of stripping beds, and catching up with more housework, my thoughts turned to ScrapHappy and my sewing machine.

I originally sat down, with leftover fabrics (from 2 pairs of shortie PJs made in November) to make something summery for Baby Viking using pattern NewLook 6970.  Baby Viking will be 1 year old in August, and since babies always seem to be wearing the next size up, I decided to cut fabric for the 18-24 month size.  As it turns out, this pattern seems to size up very large . . . and I ended up with a little pinafore dress that fits Daisy, who is a 2-3 year size.

Not to worry . . . anyway, I’m linking up with Kate and Gun for our monthly ScrapHappy post.


The idea was to make something with scraps/leftovers.  I achieved that.  And got more sewing practice along the way.


It’s a good fit on the shoulders for Daisy, and looks lovely with the little bolero cardie I knitted for her.  I haven’t given up on the idea of making this pattern again, for Baby Viking, but one size smaller and not necessarily with scraps.

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some sensible sewing (or “Dreamcatcher PJs)

I had something of a clear out in my wardrobe the other day . . . filling several bags with clothes to drop off at the Red Cross bin as I ruthlessly got rid of anything that no longer fits.  And when putting clothes back neatly, realised it was time to set to work and make a few clothes as there’s more going to the Red Cross than being put back in the wardrobe/drawers.

To get myself back into training (as I haven’t done any sewing since well before Christmas) I chose to make a few new pairs of PJ shorties.  The ones I made a few years ago are still going strong, but the shorts were all too tight (bum area being  where the extra weight has piled on).  Anyway, because I’m a bit of a skin-flint at times . . . I wanted to make this project  a “use what you have” one, bearing in mind that the only person who’s going to see me in my PJs is the husband.  Oh and maybe the postman, GLS delivery man and a couple of neighbours. I therefore delved first into my stash of bed sheets.  Yup, have quite a few brand new, never been used, 100% cotton bed sheets that I “inherited” from MIL.  By my way of thinking, if they’re good for sheets, they’re good for nightwear!  Only problem was . . . in a solid colour, all I have is a bright pink or a rather yucky brown.  So the choice was simple:  bright pink please!  Not that I’m a pink gal, but for PJs, I’ll make an exception.

I then had a rummage in my fabric stash, wanting something to contrast nicely with the pink, because I planned on using one of my old faithful patterns:  NewLook 6871.  It’s really for a proper day-wear summer tunic (of which I have made several) but it’s such a comfortable fit, I like it for my PJ tops too.

feather PJs 02

I decided on one of my feather print fabrics and made two tunics.  Cut my own binding in pink bed sheet for the tunic with pink yoke and used white binding for the one with feather print yoke (although facing is in pink on both).

feather PJs 03

I made 2 pairs of shorts in the pink, using Butterick B5432.  The advantage of using a double bed sheet for a sewing project is, there’s just so much fabric!!!!!  The other advantage: I know, from having used this brand of bed sheet before, that it’ll wash up nice & soft, and be really comfortable as shorts.

feather PJs 04

And I just love my bright new PJs!  Can’t wait for bed time!

Next sewing project is going to be less fun.  Our sofas have been totally destroyed by cat claws.  I bought in reams & reams of a sage green denim last year, the plan being to make new covers for both sofas.  Sofas are looking even worse than they were, this time last year, so I’ve procrastinated for too long!  The month of February has seen the husband and myself stripping wallpaper in the living room.  Husband repainted all walls white, while I was up on high, cleaning our wooden beams and painting panels inbetween white.   Now that is done, the scraggy grey sofas really do let the side down.

I also intend to move out of my comfort zone where clothes making goes, after enjoying watching the new season of GBSB.  Up until now, my clothes making projects have been made using just 4 different patterns, which are all in the “easy” category.   I feel it’s time I became braver . . . so I’m gradually psyching myself up to attempting a pair of trousers with zip and a lady’s shirt with long sleeves, cuffs and buttons.  But first, I’ll be battling away with my pattern paper, trying to draft something that will look like a fitted sofa cover.

what Claire made for Christmas #5

This is the last post with photos of the secret crafting which kept me busy for Christmas 2018.  And this time, it’s a sewing project.


For the husband.  He had asked for various tools (for metal engraving, wood chequering etc) so family clubbed together to buy the various tools, hammer, book etc . . . plenty of things to keep him happy.   Tools in this photo are the metal engraving ones.   I was rather worried, when I saw the sharp ends on these, and decided to make a) a little fabric tray to keep them all together on his work bench.  And b) a tool roll, so that the husband has somewhere to keep them all.


I chose a very manly William Morris print for the outer fabric.


and fabric from the same collection for the inside.  Pockets are made with leather and I added a felt flap, so that tools won’t slip out.



I’m not sure whether leather pockets was such a good idea . . . time will tell if it stands up to the pointy ends.  If not, I’ll make a second one, using denim which will probably be more hard-wearing.

what Claire made for Christmas #1

Like many of you crafters, I was very busy in the months before Christmas, either sewing or hooking, to make a few original gifts for family and friends.  I’ll be writing several posts, to show you what I made, otherwise there will be just too many photos for one post.  The first 2 gifts I’ll show off, were for my two French nieces. 

Some sewing for one, and some crochet for the other. 

PJs 01

For the youngest niece, who is almost 15 years old, I decided to make something practical.  Bought in a pretty floral fabric and a plain turquoise . . . set to work with one of my favourite NewLook patterns and made 2 tunics

PJs 02

and 2 pairs of shorts, using another pattern, so niece has 2 pairs of PJ shorties, which she can mix and match.

PJs 04

For her older sister, who is a student, in her first year of higher education, I decided to just have fun with my hook, and make a little mascott to sit by her computer in her little bed-sit and keep her company while studying hard.


This is my version of the Monty the Moose pattern, by Little Aqua Girl, and published in “Zoomigurumi 7”.   I made him using Stylecraft DK (colours: sherbert, mushroom, cream and sage) and a 2.5mm hook to keep things nice and tight.  I’ll let my niece find a name for him, but while crafting, in my head, I christened him “Sherbet”. 


I gave him purple eyes, which you can see better in this WIP photo . . . awww, doesn’t he look cute? 

99K gold hearts

Christmas is only one week away now!  How are you all getting on with your end of season preparations? 

I was industrious earlier this month, doing some very gentle sewing on my Singer 99K.  Regular followers will remember, I treated myself to a slice of the past this summer, when I bought a 1939 hand-cranked 99K Singer sewing machine.

singer 99K 04

And how I said I would be doing some “proper” sewing on this lovely machine at some point.  Well, in the run-up to Christmas, I did.

xmas 99K singer

I threaded Mrs 99K up with a golden coloured thread, and spent several very peaceful sewing sessions making up the 2018 batch of fabric & felt decorations.  This year, I cut into a Golden Cranes fabric, making simple hearts, with gold ribbon . . .

xmas 99K hearts

And, while gold comes in 9k, 18k and 24k . . . I’m calling these my little 99K gold heart decorations. 

Scraphappy # October (or will I ever grow up and take myself seriously?)

It’s 15th of the month . . . time to link up with Kate and Gun, for the monthly Scraphappy post!  An opportunity to use up some of those scraps, and for me, always a good excuse to have a bit of a laugh.  I do worry about myself sometimes.  It doesn’t take much to keep me amused, nor to make me laugh.  For this month’s scrappy project, I was totally inspired by an idea I found in a book purchased recently in Lidl.

book 01

Title translates as “sewing with scraps” – how appropriate!  And there are lots of quite novel ideas inside.

book 02

28 different projects, in fact.  There are several I do really want to try, but the one that literally grabbed me, when I opened the book was a project to make your own shoe laces. 


Now . . . after foot operation in April of this year, I had to wear clumpy post-op shoes for a while, then a pair of medical shoes, and swelling is now down enough for me to wear men’s trainers!  I’ve already got a date for operation on the other foot (23rd November) so I’ll be back to post-op shoes and medical shoes over the festive season.  And then more long months wearing men’s trainers.  And then I’ll need orthopedic insoles.    It’s somewhat depressing – not in the medical sense of the word – just very boring, having no pretty shoes that fit.  Anyway . . .

scraphappy oct01

When I saw the idea in the book, I thought “What fun!” A brilliant & easy idea to liven up my boring trainers . . . and make myself smile each time I look down at my feet!  I deliberately pulled out lots of different colours from my scraps . . . if I’m making shoe laces, then I want them as bright, as zany, and as cheerful as possible!  Process was simple.  I cut my strips 1.5” wide, not bothering about getting them all the same length.  Some are only a few inches long, others much longer.  Sewed all strips together and pressed, exactly as I would if making bias binding.  Sewed all the way along, laced into my trainers, snipped to the right length and made a knot at the ends.

scraphappy oct03 

It’s pure fluke if I ended up with orange in the same position . . . I could have made matching laces, but I wanted odd laces, to go with my “odd socks” – yay!

scraphappy oct 02

And in case you’re wondering if I really will go out like that . . . yup, most definitely!  Jeans hide the socks, but I’m smiling inside because I know they’re there. 

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crafting for Baby Viking

We’ve just come home after a long weekend trip to England to catch up with family.  We stayed with our daughter, aka Lindashee, and Mr Lindashee.  Met up with my sister and her partner, Mr A, for a few hours (hadn’t seen them in 7 years!).  And, of course, went to visit Viking parents, where we got to meet Baby Viking.

Needless to say, it was a lovely weekend.  Lots of catching up to do.  Lots of food.  Lots of walking.  Quite nice weather.  And Baby Viking is adorable. Only cloud . . . I wasn’t able to have a cuddle because I came down with shingles!  What unperfect timing, eh?

I can now show you some of the crafting I had been busy with over the summer . . . first up, a quilt.

Viking quilt 01

The pattern for this quilt is from the book: “Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids” by Connie Ewbank

a little bird 05

and it’s the second time I’ve followed this particular pattern.  The first time being last year, when I made a quilt for neighbours’ baby, which I called “A little bird told me”.

a little bird 01

That time, I went for lots of pinks & mauves because parents knew they were expecting a little girl.  With Baby Viking, we didn’t know gender until birth, so I started work with some bright gender neutral colours, basing my choice on the main fabric which is from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” collection.

Viking quilt 03

The finished quilt is therefore very bright, and lots of fun.  I’m calling it “Starry Starry Viking”.

Viking quilt 02

After the quilt, I decided to make something smaller, but practical . . .

Viking bibs

Three bibs, using a white “waffle cotton” with a band of printed fabric, and contrasting binding.

And that’s not all . . . literally the day before Baby Viking was born, I was pacing the floors here, because she was over 10 days late, and to keep my sanity, I began crocheting a bear.  So began on Saturday 18th August, Baby Viking was born on Sunday 19th, and this little bear was finished on Monday 20th August.

Viking lundi bear

This is a free crochet pattern by Zhaya Designs.  The pattern is called Baertram .  I have christened my version “Lundi” (Monday).

Viking lundi bear 02

Lundi measures 9” tall (23cm), was crocheted using Stylecraft Special DK in Camel, Cream & Black with a 2.5mm hook. I used a DMC mouliné cotton and a 2mm hook for the scarf.  Lundi has 3 fingers on his/her paws, a belly button and a very cute tail.  Facial features are embroidered in Stylecraft Special DK to make Lundi baby-friendly.

Viking lundi bear 03

Anyway, I had lots of fun with all of that.  Patchworking, quilting, sewing and crochet . . . lots of variety.   I’ve now got my thinking cap and will be starting a few crafting projects for Baby Viking’s first Christmas.  All I can tell you about my plans for that is: parents have given me permission to go as mad and as bright as I like.  Fun, fun, fun!