meet Manfred (amigurumi happy dancing)

Last month I showed you the beginnings of another amigurumi

crochet mouse

‘Manfred the Mouse”, a pattern by Pii_ Chii and published in

crochet mouse 03 

Well, I’m am very pleased to be able to introduce you to my finished Manfred. 

manfred 01

He was lots of fun to hook, and I am really pleased with how the bright neon green of his dungarees contrasts with the denim blue of his other bits. 

manfred 02

He’s got a cute pink tail (husband reckons it could have done with being longer, but I followed the pattern).

manfred 03 

Manfred can even give us a little wave  because I put a short length of pipe cleaner into each arm (although that wasn’t suggested in the pattern).

manfred 04

I finished his little dungarees off, with two “sheep” buttons.   I realise they’re not really to scale, but they’ve been in my button stash for years and I think they liven up Manfred’s outfit. 


It was a very interesting pattern to follow.  Marked as “easy” in the book, which is fair enough, but in my opinion would be too tricky for an absolute beginner.  I really loved how the dungaree effect was obtained.  Basically using green for most of the body, and then crocheting small bands for the straps, as well as extra bits which made little “cuffs” to slip over the legs before attaching.  All very cleverly thought out by¨Pii_ Chii.   I also love Manfred’s nose . . . which was fiddly to manage but well worth the effort.  


I’ve already begun work on my next crochet critter . . . won’t tell you what I’m making next except that I’ve begun hooking in shocking pink lol. 


hooking & stitching – 2 new starts

I have been hooking and also finding time to work on a new cross stitch project this month.

Having the quite large “Getting Ready” for the SAL means it’s nice to have something quicker & easier to pick up occasionally.  So


I have made a start on “Row of Cats” – a kit by Bothy Threads that Avis gifted me for Christmas.  There will be a total of 9 cats, so I feel I’m off to a good start.

And while stitching cats . . . I’ve decided to start crocheting a mouse!

crochet mouse 01

This will be a Manfred the Mouse (pattern by Pii_Chii) and published in

crochet mouse 03

This one is bringing me out of my comfort zone slightly as some body parts are worked running on from each other, rather than individual body bits to assemble at the end.

crochet mouse

So for the head, you actually begin with the pink nose, stuff, decrease, change colour and start increasing to make the face!  Very clever!  I don’t have any pale grey in my yarn stash, so my mouse will be a more denim blue/grey, with a very bright pair of lime green dungarees!  Having lots of fun so far!

Oh and while showing a few of my WIPs . . . I was really delighted the other day to receive an email from a stitcher in the US, along with a photo.

Photo is from Kathy B and the design is one of my free chupin’s Xstitch charts that you can find in the tab at the top of my blog.  This design is called (very boringly) “Quaker in Blue”.

keeping reborn heads warm and . . . welcome to Alice!

Followers will know that I’ll be playing with dolls this year after buying myself a second-hand Berenguer “newborn” boy doll and receiving a pretty Ninis d’Onil girl doll from my (always tolerant) husband for Christmas.  I haven’t begun any clothes-making yet, because both dolls are waiting for new bodies but, I did get out my crochet hook to make a couple of hats.

Crocheting a basic hat, especially in doll/reborn size, is very quick & painless.  You don’t need a pattern, just need to follow some basic maths.  This link for beginner crochet patterns explains it all very well.

Anyway . . . I used some of my stash and made

noah hat 01

a blue & white hat for Noah, with a pompom on top.  Just crocheting in the round until I had the correct circumference and then carrying on, with white yarn until I had enough depth for a “cuff”.


I then followed instructions on the above link to make a “ruffle hat” for Lily in girly pink.

lilly hat 01

I could possibly have made it slightly deeper, before beginning my ruffles (on hindsight) but I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish ruffles.  And, let’s face it, she’s a doll, so I don’t really need to keep her ears warm.lily hat 02

I think it looks so pretty lol.  She’s wearing a real baby pyjamas here, in something like size 0, but hat also looks lovely with the pink outfit she came in (from which I have removed the collar because I didn’t like it).

lily hat 03

So, that’s the two hats . . . what’s this about giving a warm welcome to Alice?  Who’s she?

Well . . . I have a confession to make . . . Alice is another “baby”.  Yep!  I gave in to temptation on New Year’s Day on ebay and bought myself a genuine “reborn” doll. 

Alice 01

Here she is.  She measures approx 50cm and weighs just under 3kg.  I bought her from a French lady who appears to buy kits, reborn them, and then sell on, only selling for what it cost her to make them (so price was extremely low, considering).   Seller isn’t a professional reborner, so little Alice isn’t perfect, but I didn’t expect her to be.  She is, however, quite photogenic!

Alice 02

Alice is made from the Dianna Effner kit “Huggy Bear” (if anyone is interested).  She came with a couple of outfits, including this pretty little dress. 

Alice carie 02

The cardie, that Avis knitted, is the perfect fit! 

Alice cardie

And before you say anything . . . yes, I know she’s a little bit cross-eyed lol.  From what I’ve seen in my reborn wanderings, a lot of reborners deliberately set one eye slightly “off”.  It gives the doll more of a newborn expression since very young babies often have trouble focusing in the first weeks.

Anyway, I’m in love with Alice.    I’m in love with Lily and Noah too.

3 dolls

One last photo to show you the three dolls together.  Next time you see Noah and Lily, they will have new cloth bodies and be weighted. 


oooh she’s so cute!

zoomi pony 01

Awwwww! just look at this little sweetie!  This is Leila the pony, a pattern by Lillellis, and the fourth pattern I have followed from the book

Zoomi 01

Regular followers will know that I only started crocheting in February of this year, inspired to teach myself by all the really cute amigurumi designs I’d seen on the internet.  This book contains 15 lovely designs, by 12 designers,  ranging in ability, and Leila is the fourth project I’ve completed from this book – here are the four I’ve done

zoomi x4

Roary the tiger (by A Morning Cup of Jo); Johnny the monkey (by Pepika); Leila the pony and Wasabi the bunny (by Little Muggles).

Each one has been a learning curve, but I have to say, I think Leila is my favourite so far.  In the book she is worked in beige & brown yarn, with brown eyes and a pink mane & tail. 


The original also has fabric sewn to the inside of her ears, something I chose not to add.

zoomi pony 02

My version of Leila has been worked in baby pink with grey hooves, blue eyes with a shocking pink and purple mane & tail. 

zoomi pony 03

The reason I chose these colours . . . Leila will be gifted to our 7 year old neighbour, Cléo for Christmas and, Cléo’s favourite colour is pink.

zoomi pony 04

I am gradually building my crocheting skills, and also building up a collection of the Zoomigurumi books.  So pleased I finally took the plunge and learned to crochet because I really am having so much fun.  I don’t know yet what my next project will be . . . so many lovely designs to choose from!  But I expect it will be something very bright and from the Monster book.



monkey business

Okay it’s taken me forever, but . . . ta da!


I finally got round to assembling the little crochet monkey I began way back when!


I think I over-stuffed some body parts because stuffing is visible in some places, under the dark brown, but I’m not unstuffing!

This little chap is a pattern called Johnny the Monkey, by Pepika and from the first Zoomigurumi book.

Zoomi 01

Now I need to get back to my hook because I have a pony waiting for legs & ears. 


butterfly happy dancing


I’m having a little happy dance, with the last backstitch on a lovely blue butterfly.  This is a design by Dimensions.  Stitched exactly as the model suggests, with “Welcome” in the corner.  I’ve already pulled out some (possible) fabric for the proper finish.  Planning on making this into a small wall-hanging for my sister’s Christmas pressie.  So that will be added to my Christmas sewing pile but I will give myself a few days to think about how to do it.

The other day, I was all excited because the postman brought a parcel, containing a book I’d had on pre-order.


It’s packed full of the most colourful monsters, all more friendly than scarey but I’m going to have to be very strict with myself!  No new crochet projects until I’ve finished the current WIPs (which have been waiting for months!).  But that didn’t stop me from nipping into our local discount store for a few (more like 12) colourful balls of yarn.


Hihi, I actually bought 3 x 50g of each colour because several of the monsters in the book look quite big.  I already have white & black in the same brand, so as soon as I finish my current crochet projects, I’ll be dithering about what monster to make first, and in what colour.


a bit of this & that

I’ve been busy of late cross stitching on something I can’t show you just yet . . . and also putting up with lots of crashing & banging in the house, accompanied by loads of dirt & dust: the result of which I hope to reveal very soon.

What I can share with you today are the following photos . . .

knitting front and back

Progress on my sweater – yay!  This got stuffed in the bag way back in July because weather was too hot for knitting.  However, over the last few days I’ve finished the front, and begun work on sleeve n°1. 

A little crocheting happened too, but only this

flashy floater

Another floating toy for Gibbs in a very flashy neon pink (left over from a MyBoshi beanie) because . . .

flashy floater 2

. . . the first toys are still functional and floating BUT they’re looking rather sorry & grubby. Not to mention that they’re very difficult to see on dry land, when they fall in a pile of autumn leaves.  I didn’t have enough pink to cover the entire bottle, which explains why it’s a mish-mash of colours & yarns, but it’s bright pink enough to spot from quite a distance and Gibbs believes a dog can never have too many toys.

And last photo, with a big thank you to Ghislaine, one of my ex students

from Ghislaine

Ghislaine sent me a whole pile of bookmarks, including a couple to colour in, and


an oil pen !  This is a rather nifty device which contains sewing machine oil – how very clever!