January round-up (hens & all)

I haven’t been very talkative this month – still seem to be spending my days nipping outside with Tali, and doing lots of K9 education, but it’ll be worth it once she’s fully grown. Above photo taken on 16th Jan when she was 13 weeks.  She’s now 15 weeks, tips the scales at 10.5kg and is still keeping us on our toes.

I tried to get a photo of Tali & Ziva together and ended up with this:  blurry cat and blurred dog tail lol.

We’ve put a little gate across the bottom of the stairs, more symbolic than anything else, to stop Tali going upstairs.  Ziva doesn’t mind being in close contact with Tali, but the other cats still prefer to keep out of her way.

Out in the hen coop, the hens are continuing their go-slow . . . the three of them seem to be taking it in turns to lay, and I only collected 44 eggs for January.

As for crafting . . . I seem to be on a go-slow too.  I’ve got a sweater that’s waiting for raglan seams to be sewn so I can pick up and knit the collar.  I’m currently working on a pair of crocheted slippers, following the basic pattern from one of my new books (photos soon) and I’ve also been doing some diamond painting because that doesn’t require much brain power.  My current project is looking like this

Something floral, for a change!  But I suddenly find myself with a diamond painting stash because there were lots of cheap kits in a local shop the other week, and I couldn’t resist.

These are only partial coverage, but for the price, I’m happy with that.  3.99€ for the 30cm x 30cm ones and 4.65€ or the 30cm x 40cm ones.

hen happenings # december

On this last day of December, it’s time to tot up the total of eggs laid.

Only 47, which I think must be a record low for us, but hey, it was the holiday season and weather hasn’t been very nice.

The lack of eggs might be because I’m taking them fewer treats this month, seeing as how they’re allowed to free-range in the veggie garden at the moment. Plenty of grass to scratch.  It might also be due to a little visitor

Spot Ziva who loves to go visiting

but it’s more likely due to the fact day-light hours are very short, having not long passed the Winter Solstice.


catching up

Oops already 3rd December and I realise I missed my monthly round-up of “hen happenings” . . .

not that there was much to report.  Gals are all fine but on something of a go-slow.  A total of 51 eggs for November (with 3 hens) – I think that’s an all-time low.

Non-hen related chat

concerning Ziva.  Here she is sporting a lycra body-suit because I took her in to be neutered on 1st December.  She’s not quite 7 months old and weighed in at 2.8kg but I wanted to get her spayed as early as possible.  Tis done.  She’s getting used to the body suit which is a much better option than the one the vet staff made.  And with colder weather on the way, she seems quite happy to stay indoors.

And, last but not least . . .

I’ve cast on a new knitting project.  This is a free pattern I stumbled across years ago, and for which I have had the yarn in my stash since xmas 2018.

The pattern, being a Rowan, actually calls for “worsted” weight and I asked Mr Tattoo for a lovely King Cole Comfort Aran back in 2018.  Tension obviously won’t work, and that’s why this yarn and pattern have been sitting in the drawer all these years.  However, I did some maths, and am going to make the pattern work with my aran yarn (I hope).  It’s very easy knitting, just knits & purls, and growing very fast.


hen happenings # october roundup

Hens have been on a go-slow for October – only 62 eggs (from 3 hens) . . . but autumn is here, it gets dark quite early, because we’ve just put the clocks back.  The main thing, is, with 62 eggs this month, there were plenty for us and our visitors, although none for the neighbours.

The Viking family were here for a full week, and there were many egg-based meals during their stay.  Little Miss Viking helped me make pancake batter for sweet GF pancakes.  She tried soft-boiled eggs for lunch one day (I invested in some new & fun egg cups for the occasion).  We had savoury buckwheat pancakes, complete with ham, egg & cheese, a savoury loaf with diced ham, olives & cheese,. . . and Little Miss Viking also helped me make some banana muffins.  So an egg-cellent week was had . . . even if our little Viking did scare the hens a bit, by chasing them around the veggie garden.

hens happenings # September round-up

Have to start this post by saying RIP to Ruby.  She was feeling off colour with an impacted crop earlier this month. No point in taking her the vet because vets only “do” dogs & cats where we live, and although I did my best to relieve her, it didn’t help. She was isolated from the other gals as soon as I noticed, but died 24 hour later.  Which just leaves us with these three.

These are the three we bought only 12 months ago when Ruby found herself the sole survivor of the murder in a French orchard.

Anyway, Doris, Rita and Agatha are all fine, and enjoying some free-ranging for part of the day within the walls of the veggie garden.  Egg count though is right down, and that’s only normal. But with 3 hens we’re still collecting plenty of eggs. For September:  72 was the count.

hen happenings # August roundup

Oops, a few days late with the egg tally for August!  All the gals are in fine fettle, but having to rely on us giving them fresh greens because there’s no grass in their coop and the ground is so dry, there probably aren’t any tasty grubs either.  They’ve been getting their usual food supplimented with leftovers from dinner time, and seem happy enough.

Total egg count for August: 114.  Several of the neighbours were away on holiday, so I’ve been doing some GF baking, not wanting eggs to go to waste.  Can’t say it’s done wonders for the waistline!


hen happenings # july round up

It’s been an eggceedingly hot July. Usually the heat puts our gals off their laying so I was really surprised when I did the tot up to see that . . . for the 31 days of July, they still managed to lay 115 eggs.  Well done, girls, and here’s to hoping August is a bit cooler!

hen happenings # June round-up

Despite several weeks of  heatwave, with unbearably hot days and nights, the hens are still all laying, more or less, an egg a day.  I collected 114 eggs this month. So, big round of applause to Ruby, Doris, Rita & Agatha.  Their hard work is much appreciated!

hen happenings # May round-up

It’s raining today, so you’ll have to make do with a couple of photos snapped yesterday (not featuring hens).

of the husband inspecting his hives.  We should get some honey this year – yay!

Anyway . . . hens are all well, and laying.  A total of 115 eggs this month (same as last month).  Not much else to report.

Oh yes, and Gibbs . . .  it’s been a full week since the op.   No news yet of biopsy results. And stitches don’t come out until 9th June . . . so we’re taking things one day at a time and having to put up with Gibbs crashing around the house in his XL plastic cone.


hen happenings # april round up

photo from archives today, because camera battery isn’t charged up.  Time for the April tally of eggs in this part of the world!

All gals in fine fettle, and laying literally every day.  I say “literally” – a few days were taken off here and there, but not that it would be noticed.  4 hens laid a total of 115 eggs in 30 days.  Can’t complain about that, can we!