best layer of the month #June

egg photo

Temperatures in our corner of France have been very very hot this month and, despite, having their enclosure in the orchard, in the shade of apple trees, our hens have been suffering.

Eggs count is way down as a result.  Not that I can blame them, because I wouldn’t feel like laying eggs when it’s been as hot as 35°C in the shade either!

Total egg count was 22 for June.  With Miss Marple laying 12, Miranda 9 and Miss Moneypenny only 1 egg.

I am pleased so say though, that temperatures have dropped over the last few days. We’ve had storms, buckets of rain, and today I don’t think it’s above 20°C.  Miss Moneypenny has left the nest, and is pecking & scratching with the two other gals in the cool grass.

one man and his dog

One man and his dog have been trying to keep cool in this heat

1806man and dog

This was taken of Gibbs surveying the dam building in the little stream that runs along the edge of our orchard.   By the way, we’re still waiting for Gibbs’ biopsy results.  I’ll let you all know as soon as we do.


My husband enjoys playing with water almost as much as Gibbs does.  Anyway, they were both nice and cool, in the shade . . . meanwhile in the sunshine . . .

1806bald patch

This is what the hens’ enclosure looks like, after several months of pecking, and scratching.  The only plant that has survived is

1806 flowers

I’ve no idea what it is, but it’s very pretty.  Hens meanwhile have been moved to summer camp, in the orchard.


They’ve got plenty of fresh grass to peck/scratch and they’re in the shade of two apple trees.  You can only see two gals in the photo . . . Miss Moneypenny is brooding.

Anyway, a quick tour with the camera to see how everything is growing in the heat.

1806 kiwiws

The kiwi vine is covered in tiny fruit.  That won’t be ready for harvest until December/January, but I’m keeping a close eye on them already.

1806 vine

This is one of the our grape vines (for eating grapes).  Husband cut it back last year and it has grown with new vigour this season.


In the veggie patch . . .

1806 courgettes

Courgettes are spreading and we’ve already begun harvesting & enjoying them while they’re small & tender.

1806 spuds

Same goes for potatos which husband planted under straw this year.  We’ve already enjoyed some baby new potatos (from the middle row).


We’ve got 18 tomato plants under cover and first tommies are there.

1806 tommies 02

1806 tommies 01

Other plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves, but growing nonetheless, apart from the brocoli which has completly gone to seed.

1806 veggie patch

And I have no idea what’s going on with my beans this year!


We’ve planted 3 rows so far, at fortnightly intervals, but things are either coming up patchy or not at all.  Husband suggests he turn over the soil in what was the hens’ enclosure to plant more beans there.  I think he might have to.

best layer of the month #May

egg photo 01

We have had a really hot month of May, with temperatures shooting above 30°C and breaking records for hottest temperatures (for the time of year) over the last 70 years!  My hens don’t like the really hot weather.  It either puts them off their laying or it makes them go all broody . . . and as a result, the egg-count is down this Month.  A total of only 45.

Miranda 9;  Miss Marple 16 and Miss Moneypenny, the winner yet again, with 20.

On a brighter note, the hot weather has meant lots of fruit ripening.  We’ve been stuffing our faces with home-grown strawberries, and also with cherries, from our orchard.


Last year weather was really wet and we didn’t see a proper cherry harvest, so this year, we’re making the most of it.  I’ve already got some stashed away in the freezer, so I can make some delicious fruit crumbles this winter . . . we’’re going to eat the rest fresh as they come.

best layer of the month #April


“Thirty days hath September, April, June and November . . . “ another month has flown by, and yesterday being the 30th April, I did the egg count for the month.

Mind you, before I give you the score, I have to show you this little egg.



I got rather a surprise when I found that.  I know young hens can be prone to laying tiny eggs, when they begin laying, but my gals are all getting on for 3 years old, so I’m used to finding standard eggs, weighing between 55g – 80g (depending on the hen).  This little one was a pathetic excuse for an egg.  When I cracked it open it contained an egg white, with only a teeny tiny splodge of yolk.  Seeing the colour of shell, it was a Miss Moneypenny egg. I am happy to say, she hasn’t laid any more like it.  And in fact, Miss Moneypenny is the best layer of April! 

She laid a total of 25 eggs this month (if I count the above), while the other two gals lagged behind.  Miss Marple laid 19 and Miranda laid only 14 eggs.  Still, that’s a total of 58 eggs for April.  Plenty for us, but the neighbours aren’t getting any free eggs at the moment.

best layer of the month #March

apricot blossom

Our little apricot tree is in blossom . . . Spring is in the air . . . and hens have been having a leisurely time of it this month.  55 eggs for March, which is a far cry from what we were collecting this time last year.  But hens are one year older, so we can’t expect them to be such prolific layers now.  Miranda laid 14 eggs – she’s really having a rest this month.  Miss Marple laid 18 . . . and Miss Moneypenny put everyone to shame with 23 eggs.

best layer of the month # February

hens feb

We’ve moved the gals’ enclosure to a fresh plot . . . so lots of moss to dig up and sorry winter grass to rummage in.  They seem happy.  Total egg count this month was 62 which isn’t bad going when you consider February only has 28 days and our hens are two and a half years old.

It was neck and neck between Miss Marple and Miss Moneypenny this month

hens x2feb

But Miss Marple (black & tan) won, with 23 eggs.  Miss Moneypenny 22, and Miranda only 17. 

best layer of the month #January

hen collection

Time to tot up the total of eggs for January . . . 64 in total this month. A lower tally than average but I think it’s because of the really cold temperatures we had a few weeks ago.  Miranda laid the most, with 23 eggs, Miss Marple a close second with 22 and Miss Moneypenny laid 19.