best layer of the month # March

It’s the last day of the month (again) and time to tot up eggs.  31 days in March, and weather has been mild, so only normal that egg count is up.  For this month, I collected a grand total of 82 eggs.  That’s 23 from Mauricette, 29 from Ruby, and it’s Florence, this month’s winner with 30 eggs.  Yay!

best layer of the month #February

Only 28 days this month, so it was quicker to do the egg count!

Using an older photo, because I haven’t taken any photos of hens recently. Above Florence (left) and Ruby (right).

We had a total of 63 eggs this month.  Mauricette laid 19, Florence laid 21 and it’s Ruby, our red hen, who is Miss February, with 23.

best layer of the month #January

It’s 31st January already!  So, after a quick phone call to Mr Tattoo, to wish him a happy 33rd birthday, it’s time to tot up egg total for the month.

Egg count is down from normal, partly (I think) because of the weather we’ve been having.  We had a couple of snow falls this month

About 10cm in those photos, and the hens were rather perplexed by all that white stuff covering the ground in their enclosure.  I had to rake a clear space so that they could see grass poking through before they agreed to get back to their normal activity of pecking & scratching.  A bowl of daily “treats” helped too.

Anyway, for January there were a total of 67 eggs.  From left to right in photos: Mauricette laid 18, Ruby laid 23 and Florence (our black Medici) laid 26.

best layer of the month # December / best layer of 2020

First of all, happy new year to all my readers!  Bye bye to 2020 which we’ll all be glad to put behind us, with hopes of a brighter year in 2021.

I’ve been having fun totting up figures today of eggs laid by our very productive hens (left to right in photo) Florence, Mauricette and Ruby.  But also not forgetting old Miss Moneypenny, who died this summer and contributed to egg laying in the first half of the year.

For December our best layer is Ruby, our red hen.  She laid 27 eggs while Florence laid 22 and Mauricette laid 15.

And when I tot up total egg count for the entire year . . . I collected a grand total of 956 eggs in 366 days!  Incredible,!

Miss Moneypenny laid 136 of those . . . Mauricette was in third place with 180.  Florence was in second place with 311.  And Ruby our red hen takes gold, with 329.  Well done to all of them!  And here’s to another year full of lovely fresh eggs!

best layer of the month # November

Time to tot up egg count for this chilly month of November.  All gals have been laying well, I’m pleased to say.  A total of 76 eggs for November with Mauricette (photo centre) laying 24 very large eggs . . . Florence (left in photo) laying 25, and Ruby, our red hen laying 27 eggs this month!

Not only have we had a bumper harvest with eggs, but we also harvested our kiwi the other day. I didn’t bother weighing, but this is what we harvested.



best layer of the month # October

Using an old photo today, because I’m feeling somewhat demoralised with the continuing C word, and can’t get up the energy to take a new photo.

Hens are all well and, after a very long rest from laying, Mauricette has started laying again since 19th October . . . so total egg count this month was 64.  10 eggs from Mauricette, 24 from Florence, and it’s Ruby, our red hen who is this month’s best layer with 30 eggs.

best layer of the month # September

Not quite sure what’s up with Mauricette, but she hasn’t laid a single egg this month . . . so keeping us in eggs has become the job of Florence & Ruby (above) in September.  Just as well they’ve both been laying, because the neighbours enjoy their fresh eggs too.  Anyway, this month it’s Ruby, our red hen, the best layer of the month with 29 eggs and Florence in close second with 25. Total of 54 eggs.

best layer of the month # August, & bye bye Miss Moneypenny

It’s the last day of the month and time to tot up egg count, but first, the sad news.

Miss Moneypenny died last week – awwww!  She was getting on for 6 years old, had been with us for more than 5. These past few weeks, she’d taken to doing her usual summer thing:  being a broody hen and sitting on eggs all day long.  Anyway, last week, I went to collect eggs and to put Miss Moneypenny outside so she’d eat, drink & stretch her legs,  and she was sitting in nestbox, eyes closed but still breathing.  I knew something wasn’t right so quickly prepared a “hospital quarters”, wanting to isolate her from the others, but by the time I went back to pick her up, she had passed.  Miss Moneypenny was one of our very first gals, acquired in the spring of 2015.  Thanks to my blog archives, I was able to tot up statistics and can tell you that, in the (just over) 5 years Miss Moneypenny was with us, she laid a grand total of 1085 eggs!

Here she is, in the foreground of a recent photo, strutting her stuff.  The remaining 3 hens now have quite a challenge to meet, because 1085 eggs is a lot of eggs!

Egg count this month was lower than usual, what with Miss Moneypenny being on her last legs & broody, and Mauricette is in the middle of a massive moult.  We had a total of 66 eggs.  4 of those were laid by Miss Moneypenny, 6 by Mauricette, 27 by Florence, and it’s Ruby, our red hen, who is this month’s winner with 29 eggs.


best layer of the month # July

We’re all melting in this part of France, hens included, with temperatures way too high to be comfortable.  Today it’s 39.9°C in the shade.  Hens don’t like the hot weather.  For most, it puts them off their laying and for Miss Moneypenny, it makes her broody which means she’s sitting in a stifling coop, trying to hatch eggs that are infertile, since we don’t have a cockerel.  I pick her up and make her go outside a couple of times each day, to make sure she drinks & eats, but as soon as my back is turned, she hurries back to the nesting boxes.  And even when I’ve collected eggs, she sits all fluffed up in the nest and won’t budge.

Anyway . . . the above to say that egg count is lower than usual in the coop.  I collected a total of 74 eggs for July.  Mauricette laid 14. Miss Moneypenny laid 15.  And the two younger gals battled it out for best layer of the month:  Ruby laying 22 eggs and Florence 23.



best layer of the month # June

Lots of lovely fresh eggs again from the coop, with gals laying a total of 88 for the month of June.  Florence, the black hen strutting her stuff on left of photo, was our best layer with 27.  Ruby, the red hen, just showing her fluffy bottom, came in second with 26.  Miss Moneypenny, with her pretty speckled collar (right) laid 21, and Mauricette who is enjoying the shade under the coop only laid 14.