hen happenings # August roundup

Oops, a few days late with the egg tally for August!  All the gals are in fine fettle, but having to rely on us giving them fresh greens because there’s no grass in their coop and the ground is so dry, there probably aren’t any tasty grubs either.  They’ve been getting their usual food supplimented with leftovers from dinner time, and seem happy enough.

Total egg count for August: 114.  Several of the neighbours were away on holiday, so I’ve been doing some GF baking, not wanting eggs to go to waste.  Can’t say it’s done wonders for the waistline!


hen happenings # july round up

It’s been an eggceedingly hot July. Usually the heat puts our gals off their laying so I was really surprised when I did the tot up to see that . . . for the 31 days of July, they still managed to lay 115 eggs.  Well done, girls, and here’s to hoping August is a bit cooler!

hen happenings # June round-up

Despite several weeks of  heatwave, with unbearably hot days and nights, the hens are still all laying, more or less, an egg a day.  I collected 114 eggs this month. So, big round of applause to Ruby, Doris, Rita & Agatha.  Their hard work is much appreciated!

hen happenings # May round-up

It’s raining today, so you’ll have to make do with a couple of photos snapped yesterday (not featuring hens).

of the husband inspecting his hives.  We should get some honey this year – yay!

Anyway . . . hens are all well, and laying.  A total of 115 eggs this month (same as last month).  Not much else to report.

Oh yes, and Gibbs . . .  it’s been a full week since the op.   No news yet of biopsy results. And stitches don’t come out until 9th June . . . so we’re taking things one day at a time and having to put up with Gibbs crashing around the house in his XL plastic cone.


hen happenings # april round up

photo from archives today, because camera battery isn’t charged up.  Time for the April tally of eggs in this part of the world!

All gals in fine fettle, and laying literally every day.  I say “literally” – a few days were taken off here and there, but not that it would be noticed.  4 hens laid a total of 115 eggs in 30 days.  Can’t complain about that, can we!

hen happenings # March round -up

Using a photo from the archives today, because it’s raining and I don’t want to get wet taking photos of bedraggled hens. I much prefer to use this photo from a few months ago, with their fluffy bottoms!

Hens must know that Spring is in the air because we’ve had the most productive month ever!  In the 31 days of March, four hens laid a total of 112 eggs !!!  Yes, that’s right! A whopping 112 eggs, all perfectly formed, no tiny misfires, and none with soft shells.  112 eggs that the husband and I couldn’t eat, just the two of us, so I’ve been distributing eggs, literally by the dozen, to neighbours!

hen happenings # february round up

Here’s Ruby (and Doris’ tail) today, looking lovely and golden, for the February tally of eggs.  All gals are in fine fettle, with lovely plumage and all laying well.  Total eggs for February: 95.  Needless to say, we and neighbours, have been making good use of their fresh offerings in the kitchen!

Elsewhere outside, Spring is in the air.

Bulbs are coming up everywhere and the primroses are already giving a pretty splash of colour.

For a 28th February temperatures are very mild. We’ve got blue skies and very bright sun today!

hen happenings # january roundup

Hens have been keeping us well supplied with eggs this month.  One little misfire along the way – no idea who laid that – but for January we had a total of 94 eggs which was plenty.

I’ve only recently discovered that it is possible to make rather yummy sweet GF pancakes, using 100g of Maizena for 100g of special mix of GF flours, which is an excellent way of using up some eggs.

and another year begins! (catch up)

Hello everyone!  I’ve been a bit quiet, simply because we were enjoying some family time with Mr & Mrs Tattoo, who we hadn’t seen in over 12 months.   They’ve left now though, so the house is quiet once more . . . and I’ll be getting back into my normal routine.

I’m not making any resolutions this year. I’ll just be doing what I fancy, when I fancy.  As the new year begins, I have two cross stitch projects on the go, plus one knitting project on my needles.  And some ideas bouncing around in my head for up-coming projects, which will be revealed as they happen.

I forgot to do a December egg-count . . .

so, using photo from last month, I can say that hens were in fine fettle for December and laid a total of 101 eggs !!!!

Restoration work was completed on the church Saint Georges, just before the festive season.  Following photos taken on 23rd December – just look at that blue sky!!


I finished a diamond painting.

and I can also reveal some secret crafting that happened in December.

a set of six placemats designed and made especially for my brother-in-law.  I don’t think I need to add that he is of Greek descent lol.  Suffice it to say, he was thrilled to bits with these.

Three pairs of mittens flew off my crochet hook (using the pattern by Loopy Mabel, but adding a thumb).

in Stylecraft Special DK (petrol blue, grey & black) for sister-in-law, niece and friend.

and a scrappy placemat for the same friend.

Scraphappy # december

It’s the last scrappy link up for the year, linking with

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and it’s the husband who’s the star of the show today.  Like Jon, of this group, the husband enjoys messing about with “men tools” and had his very own pallet gate adventure.   We didn’t have a proper gate around the net fencing on our hen coop. Just used to move part of the netting every day to nip in, but the husband decided we needed something more permanent (after 5 years of hen-keeping).

and this is what he made.  Had to buy two hinges, and fixed it to a sturdy wooden post (with net fencing being secured with blue twine to the post).

It does the job perfectly!

I, in the meantime, was busy with needle & thread, not to mention recycling some @m@zon cardboard packaging . . . and finished off a small batch of xmas decorations.