Gibbs 6 months

gibbs feb

Hello everyone, well Gibbs is 6 months old today and beginning to look more like an adult than a puppy.


Here he is, somewhat dirty, after a romp around outside.  He has a mouthful of gleaming adult teeth, and his coat is getting thicker and glossier.

We didn’t weigh him for this month, but I reckon he must be about 22 kilos now.  He’s growing taller, but also beginning to fill out a little, while still remaining very slim and athletic.

The big growth spurt, in theory, will be over the next few months.  We’re following feeding instructions given by the breeder, and as from today, Gibbs will be on 2 meals a day, instead of 3.  However rations will be 300g twice a day . . . so that 12 kilo sack of Royal Canin isn’t going to last long!

We haven’t had any chewing incidents in a while, and the cats have all more or less accepted him.  None of the cats appreciate a close encounter, but they no longer try to avoid Gibbs who has learned not to chase after them.  Gibbs learns very quickly.  He is excellent nowadays at the “fetch” game.  He brings whatever I throw back every time, and obeys the “drop” command 8 times out of 10.  Walks on the lead are very pleasant too.  He walks ever so well, without tugging, and most of the time one finger looped through the leash “handle” is all it takes.  He does tend to get distracted very easily though, and during walks, we have to keep our eyes open for: cyclists, pedestrians, cats, other dogs, and flying leaves . . . any of these sightings can make Gibbs spring into action and want to go dashing off to play.

“Live Simply” update and merci to La Pie Kikou

You may be thinking, after recent posts, that I’ve suddenly given up on cross stitch, and am totally absorbed with my crochet hook.  You would be wrong lol.  I’m still busy cross stitching, with my feet up, in the evening.  It’s my favourite activity for the evening, when I follow whatever is on TV and keep my hands busy. 

live simply 02

I’m still working on “Live Simply” which is a kit by Dimensions that I picked up at a bargain price in sewandso’s January sales.  Last time, it looked like this.

live simply

A few more evenings and it should be finished.

I have a thank you to share with you today as well.  A big thank you to La Pie Kikou.  La Pie is a French blogging friend who dabbles in many many needlecrafts, and her “finishing” is always remarkable.  I was very lucky to receive one of her creations . . . as a belated birthday gift

from La Pie01

An embroidered “carnet” plus some fabric for patchwork and a DMC chart & threads to stitch some kokeshi dolls.

from La Pie 02

You undo the pink ribbon and it opens out

from La Pie 04

from La Pie 03

from La Pie 05

There are teeny tiny seed beads on the front too . . . it’s so pretty!

round and round in circles #1 amigurumi

I’ve been hooking round and round in circles . . . still on a very important learning curve with crochet.  I have got lots lots of free patterns printed out, and in a ring binder, and also have an order of Stylecraft Special DK yarn & safety eyes on the way.  However, I was too impatient to wait, so I set to work with a tiny 20g ball of 100% cotton and a 3.5mm hook.

Following a pattern I found on Ravelry, by A Morning Cup of Jo.


Now, don’t get excited . . . those are the ones crocheted by Jo . . . my version doesn’t quite look the same lol

ami owl 01

He looks shorter, but in fact, he’s the correct height, just fatter.  I thought I’d worked out how to increase (and I have) but I also seem to be increasing when I’m not supposed to.  No need to try and offer advice lol . . . I’ll work it out.

The top of his head (and ears) isn’t the right shape . . . but I know what I did wrong there too.  I finished him off and stuffed him anyway, rather than unravel and start all over.  He’ll be my little amigurumi mascot, and remind me of mistakes to correct for next time.  Because, of course, there will be a next time!  Crafting wouldn’t be fun if we got it right the first time, would it?  

I plan on trying this pattern a second time, in a different colour,  in the hopes of ending up with an owl that looks more like the ones in Jo’s photo.   So stay tuned for my second attempt.

F2F2 # from Australia and USA

More gorgeous blocks have arrived, from far far away, for my turn as Miss February, in the F2F2 block swap, organised by Kate.

You’ll remember that the photo for my colour inspiration is


Blocks from Kate, with a gorgeous card and a cat print vignette.

F2F2 from Kate

A zoom, so you can admire in more detail.

from Kate 01

from Kate 02

from Kate 03

And blocks from Susan, who also sent along some of the fabrics left over from her blocks.

F2F2 from Susan

In more detail

from Susan 01

from Susan 02

from Susan 03

Aren’t they all lovely and bright?  Many thanks ladies . . . I’m now keeping my eyes open for the last 2 sets to arrive!

best layer of the month # February

hens feb

We’ve moved the gals’ enclosure to a fresh plot . . . so lots of moss to dig up and sorry winter grass to rummage in.  They seem happy.  Total egg count this month was 62 which isn’t bad going when you consider February only has 28 days and our hens are two and a half years old.

It was neck and neck between Miss Marple and Miss Moneypenny this month

hens x2feb

But Miss Marple (black & tan) won, with 23 eggs.  Miss Moneypenny 22, and Miranda only 17. 

happy unbirthdays in February

Another month, and three more unbirthday gifts were sent out in February.  To Sandra (of the F2F2 swap) more as a thank you really.

unbirthday Sandra Feb

A little selection of ten 5” charm squares in quite soft tones.

To Jess (who has really been throwing herself into patchwork since she started only last year)

unbirthday Jess Feb

Also a selection of ten 5” charm squares and a little fabric tray (made with 2 charm squares).

And for a good friend’s MOTH, who rather enjoys listening to audio books


“Amagansett” by Mark Mills.  I haven’t actually read this myself, but the resumé of the plot sounded quite gripping.

more birthday surprises

The postie brought me some belated birthday surprises the other day . . . I don’t mind that they were late, it was just lovely to know that friends had thought of me.

All the way from Australia, from Debbie and her MOTH

from debbierose

The most gorgeous piece of fabric in rich chocolate browns, along with a purple ribbon . . . a coaster, and some tea.  Debbie actually used the fabric to wrap everything, and it looked much prettier before I undid and then tried to do up again lol.

And from Yvonne (in France), who doesn’t have a blog

from yvonne

A book to inspire me for my new crochet crafting, and a lovely selection of tiny flowers and butterflies that Yvonne made.


I’ve put a 1€ coin in amongst them so you can see just how tiny and delicate some of them are.  A big thank you ladies.  It was quite exciting opening parcels and discovering all these goodies inside!