ScrapHappy #June

I’m linking up with Kate & Gun today, to share a ScrapHappy project. 

My “scraps” for this project were rather large this time and fabric was actually saved from an old quilt cover that was wearing thin in too many places.  This project, inspired by 2 foot ops.  Namely, the disposable slippers patients have to wear.

I had been meaning to make myself some “shoe covers” for quite a while . . . so that I can keep my shoes (with orthopedic insoles) on indoors, without traipsing dirt upstairs where we have wooden parquet.

shoe covers 07

They might not look very elegant but they do the job!  Easy to slip on over my shoes before I head upstairs . . . and easy to take off when I come back downstairs.  Very easy to make too.  If you’re interested, I took step by step photos. 

To make one pair, I cut two rectangles of fabric 38cm x 35cm (I have very big feet).  Folded each piece, right sides together (so piece measured 38cm x 17.5cm) and sewed a 1cm seam along both 17.5cm edges.

shoe covers 01

Next, I pressed those seams open and drew a sewing line 2cm in from the corner point of seams.

shoe covers 02

Sewed along that line & trimmed.

shoe covers 03

Still working with wrong sides out, I then pressed under raw edges along the top of my “pouch” before pressing under a generous seam allowance. 

shoe covers 04

This is the casing for elastic, so I sewed close to the inner edge, remembering to leave a gap large enough to thread a safety pin with elastic.

shoe covers 05

I cut 32cm of elastic to thread through.  Sewed elastic ends together, before sewing the gap closed.  And voilà!

shoe covers 06

I got slightly carried away and made 3 pairs.

shoe covers 08

Idea being, these will need to be flung in the washing machine from time to time, so I’ll always have a clean, dry pair of shoe covers to slip on and protect wooden parquet when I head upstairs.


SAL – “Bag Ladies” #12

It’s time to share an update of my SAL project:  “Bag Ladies”, but before I show you progress, here’s a reminder of the project I’m working on (because some of you have been wondering how much more there is left to do).

SAL new project

Last time I was here

bag ladies 19 05 02

which I reckon is about the half-way mark.

For this time, here’s how things look.

Bag Ladies 09 06 01

Bag Ladies 09 06

As you can see, I’ve started adding back stitch detail to the largest cat and there’s a new head, peering out of a fifth bag.  So that’s 6 cats and 5 bags . . . only 4 cats and 4 bags to go!

Let’s do some blog hopping and see what other SAL members have been up to.

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Next update on 30th June.

buttons galore

Like any respectable crafter/sewist, I have a button box.  Well I actually have several because I inherited my MIL’s button box, which also contained buttons from her mother’s sewing days . . . so I have several generations of buttons in several boxes. 

For example

buttons 01

A few black glass buttons, and quite a few clear glass buttons in different shapes.

buttons 02

There are also toggles, pretty plastic buttons, some in mother-of-pearl . . . some metal buttons from FIL’s merchant navy uniform, a plastic button with a squirrel, a swan, and even  small metal button with a wild boar’s head.

Anyway . . . I had a fun time sorting through some of these more special buttons a while back, and that spurred me on to buy myself a book.

“Old Buttons” by Sylvia Llewelyn.

button book

It’s a very small format, but  packed full of lots of lovely, life-sized photos of vintage/antique buttons.

button book 01

Also contains lots of interesting snippets of information regarding the history of buttons and the button industry.

After flicking through that, I then went on the internet, admiring vintage/original buttons and ended up buying a few (okay, a lot!) . . . since I already seem to have something of a collection going on.

buttons 03

buttons 04

This last set will remain on their original card, but I’m seriously considering mounting some of my very special buttons onto card, and framing, to hang in my sewing room. 

I wonder will this inspire you to have a rummage through your button box, and play with some of the treasures you find?

Claire’s Collections – a new blog

I’ve just spent the morning setting up a new blog – yay!

Many of my regular readers who stop by here to read my crafting updates, don’t necessarily share the same interest for another of my hobbies:  dolls.  So, rather than subject you to too many photos of my dolls, which some call spooky/creepy/disturbing . . . I’m going to try and keep my interests separate.  Saying that, I will still write about my dolls and post photos from time to time here, when it’s crafts related, ie, making clothes for dolls.

Anyway, the new blog is Claire’s Collections.  And will be written in both English & French.


This photo to show just a few of the dolls that live here with me . . . ranging in size from 90cm to just over 2cm.  Talk about two extremes!

the flamingo shirt (or what Claire wore to the wedding)

As you know, we attended my sister’s wedding over the last weekend in May.  Wedding where most of the ladies were looking very pretty & feminine in summery dresses . . . but where I just wanted to be comfortable. 

I had toyed with idea of making myself a dress, but the problem with a dress would have been: what to wear on my feet?  Bearing in mind feet haven’t recuperated 100% from foot ops and I’ve got my orthopedic insoles to worry about.  Anyway, my sister, who knows me too well, had said I could wear what I liked so, I turned up with my smartest pair of brown jeans on the bottom half of me, plus my new (and I think, rather trendy) desert boots.  However, on the top half . . . I did make myself something especially for the occasion.

shirt pattern

Using this pattern, that I’d already trialed and tested twice . . .

flamingo shirt 01

I made a flamingo shirt – yay! 

flamingo shirt 02

Pale blue buttons for the sleeve detail (from Bonne Maman’s button box).  I kept it the same as the previous shirt I made: rounded hem both front & back; grandad style collar, and the 3/4 sleeve which I find the most practical/comfortable.  I really do love this flamingo print, which is slightly whacky without being “too much”.   I bought 3m of this fabric (for only 12€) therefore I have plenty left.   I also have it in a more turquoise colourway so stay tuned . . . more flamingo sewing will take place before the summer is over. 

. . . and they lived happily ever after

For regular followers . . . nope, I haven’t already hooked up a girlfriend for little unicorn . . . I’ve been far too busy.  Want to know why?  Well read on!

The husband and I have been for a quick visit to England, for a very important occasion.  Which, you’ll have guessed from the title, was a wedding.

To be more specific:  my sister’s wedding.

And for the occasion, I was very busy beforehand, having a bit of fun with my crochet hook, because I had found the most appropriate pattern by Havva Designs, of bride & groom dolls.   I’m afraid I won’t be showing you photos of the actual wedding, or the happy couple (which is a shame because they looked lovely) . . . I can, however, now show you what kept me busy for quite a few weeks in the run-up to the wedding.  Big drumroll then and . . . please meet the groom.

wedding dolls 02

And the blushing bride

wedding dolls 01 

Obviously, I didn’t manage to get every single detail right, but I think I was close enough for everyone to know who they were meant to represent.

wedding dolls 03

wedding dolls 04

Bel (or rather Beau) the unicorn

My crochet hook has been flying of late, with so many inspirational ideas out there, for cute animals . . . who could resist?  Not me! 


Awwww, what a cutie, eh?  This little chap, from the book “Unicorns, Dragons and more fantasy amigurumi” (gifted to me at Christmas by my daughter).


Pattern is by ANABU CROCHET and her version, in the book, is called “Bel”, with a pretty pale pink muzzle & hooves, and a multi-coloured rainbow mane & tail.  I decided to make my baby unicorn a little boy unicorn, so I’m calling him Beau.


I gave him a variagated mane & tail, using Marriner DK, and didn’t bother adding the extra detail (re pattern) on his little horn.  I think he looks perfect just the way he is.


He turned out so cute, I am going to crochet a second one, because I reckon Beau needs a little girl unicorn to keep him company.   Stay tuned!