excuses, excuses

Yep, that’s what happening in the crafting area at the moment.  I have lots of ideas of things to make, and, if I organised myself properly, I could find loads of time.  But I am totally unorganised.  Every day little things keep distracting me, so that nothing gets done.  If I actually got up at a reasonable hour, that would help, but I’ve become ever so lazy since the move and am sleeping in literally every day!

Anyway – I have been making some preparations . . . and now that pieces are all ready, I really have no excuse not to get this project underway.  It’s my future patchwork bag.


As you can see, I now have everything ready to start pinning and sewing.  16 circles, 16 print squares, and 16 wadding squares.  I have my contrasting thread as well as my buttons . . . the question is: “where are my pins?” 

Another excuse for my go-slow . . . I’ve been giving Lindashee a hand.  For those of you who follow her blog, she is publishing a series of 9 little animal charts at the moment.  She planned on stitching each design, in time for publication every Monday, but is snowed under with studies.  She did manage to stitch the first 6 of her nice designs, and I then offered to help. 

Here’s the one I stitched on the train to and from Marseille at the weekend.


a very cuddly grey Chinchilla. 

I already know what the remaining two designs are – hihi – that’s the advantage of being Lindashee’s official stitcher lol.  And have just this minute sent photo so that Lindashee can schedule her next post to publish on time, on Monday.  You, however, will have to be patient ^^

October Mystery SAL–part 5

Lots of green for stage 5 of Hélène’s October Mystery SAL.

claire et5 oct

sort of looks like a green version of “Noddy” so far lol.  Now ladies, you will have to be patient for the final photo.  Hélène asks participants NOT to show photos once just back stitch is done.  Our instructions are to do back stitch AND then the finishings . . . so it might be a week or so before I actually get round to that.

what beautiful weather!

After loads of rain and stormy weather in July, and quite a rotten August, summer seems to be hanging on in there.  We’ve been having some incredibly warm weather when you consider it’s almost the end of October!  I expect clothes shops are cursing and swearing because no one is tempted to pop in and browse through the autumn collections, when the sky is so blue.  Definitely Tshirt weather still and, for some . . .


it’s still swimsuit weather lol.  This is a photo taken on Saturday, when down in Marseille for a short weekend visit to eldest son and ‘Titia.  We went for a walk along the seafront, and there were loads of people sunbathing and even swimming.


We didn’t go for a paddle lol but we did all enjoy a very yummy icecream ^^

KEYPLAN 3D–Quasarts

Something completely different to share with you today . . . a new application available on the Appstore.  The reason I share?  Second son, who is a programmer in the gaming industry, is one of the people who has been working on this project for the past 2 years.  Since I don’t have FB or Tweet account to help make it go viral, I thought I’d add link to their presentation video here Sourire

And link to Keyplan 3D on Appstore.

ah ha!!! it’s beginning to take shape–Mystery SAL

As title suggests, the October Mystery SAL organised by Hélène et Mahélia is beginning to take shape ^^  I think DebbieRose is on the right track, with her suggestion of a Hallowe’en Pixie (and she came up with that after seeing stage 3). 

Here is stage 4 revealed

claire etape 4 oct

What I thought was a scarf is actually sleeves and colourful leggings lol.  There are two more stages so stay tuned.  One for the rest of the cross stitch and the final stage for backstitching and finishings.

just browsing not buying

I don’t think I’m alone in enjoying browsing on the internet, checking out what’s new in my favourite on-line shops.  I have no intention of buying anything, since I treated myself only recently to a new kit ^^ BUT there’s no harm in keeping up to date, is there?

My tastes in cross stitch are fairly varied.  Anything can catch my eye, from the simple to the more intricate.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of some new designs on the market – photos are from sewandso, which is where I do most of my buying.

Witch's Stitches Chart Leaflet

“Witch’s Stitches” a chart by Sue Hillis Designs.  Very seasonal and lots of gorgeous purples ^^

A Christmas design

Cheerful Santas Cross Stitch Kit

This is a kit by Vervaco called “Cheerful Santas”. 

You can tell I’m attracted by bright colours, because the next one really has me tickled pink ^^  Can just see this hanging in a child’s bedroom or maybe as a little wall hanging in a modern kitchen

Teapot Mouse Cross Stitch Kit

This is a Bothy Threads kit called “Teapot Mouse”

And in total contrast,

Morning in the Country Cross Stitch Kit

“Morning in the Country” a kit by RTO.  This is a very large, complex design.  I can almost smell that fresh country air, and feel the gentle breeze. 

I won’t tempt you with anymore ^^  I have managed to resist temptation, and finished my “window shopping”, for the time-being, at least ^^