“DreamCatcher” fractal

Although I don’t really have much progress to show, I thought I’d post a photo nonetheless because it might spur me on to do some more stitching on my “Dream Catcher”, fractal folly, project.  I’ve been letting myself be distracted by other stitching and sewing . . . and haven’t had too many evenings this month where I’ve felt in the right frame of mind to concentrate on lots of symbols and thread changes.

A month ago, I showed you where I was at . . .

14 03 24

and exactly one month later . . . I’m still on page one ^^

14 04 24

It’s nothing like the progress I had hoped for so will have to try and do better this coming month.

To remind you what the design will look like (one day)


“Summer Waves” banner happy dance

I’ve been busy with my sewing machine, in between housework and sorting, adding binding and loops to the four heart seasons designed by Lindashee.  Today I have my first happy dance – and can show you the “Summer Waves” finished.

summer banner

For the moment I’ve just put a length of bamboo through the top.  I may well use bamboo for the rods on all four since we have a huge bamboo plant in the garden.  The question will be, do I cut a short length for each? or do I cut a long length and have all four hanging together?  Hmm, will have to think about that.

summer bannera

Anyway, here is my first banner, swinging gently in the breeze next to our strawberry plants which are in flower.  Looking forward to the first home-grown strawberries of the year if the slugs don’t eat them first.

Meanwhile, indoors, Merlin has ousted Gandalf from his favourite sleeping spot

merlin 2204

but never fear, Gandalf is happily curled up on the bed ^^

“Spring Daisies” (by Lindashee) quilted

This morning I was busy with housework (again) as I had phone call from estate agent yesterday saying he would be bringing a family to visit the house . . . so I skooted around, vacuuming, mopping, making my taps shine and then stayed out in the garden with Blackjack while the visit was taking place. I love animals, but I realise some people don’t – so best to keep the enthusiastic Blackjack out of the way ^^

Once we were allowed back indoors, I spent a short while with my sewing machine . . . I’ve been itching to do this


I’ve chosen an off white and green fabric for “Spring Daisies” by Lindashee.  I love the way it really makes the blue sky stand out.  Quilting is (as always) far from perfect . . . I’m still having trouble with rucking and I know why. I should be using the walking foot BUT I can’t attach my rod to that, so I used normal foot and have rucking lol.


I’ve used a gold coloured cotton thread for quilting, on all four . . . here they are, squared off and awaiting the next stage which is, of course, binding.


Not quite sure when that will happen. Maybe over the weekend because I’ve just realised it’s a Bank Holiday this weekend with Easter Monday. 

“Spring daisies” by Lindashee

I have put finishing back stitch and seed beads to Lindashee’s latest design: “Spring daisies” and it’s so pretty ^^  I know I’m slightly biaised, being the mother of the artist, and all lol but it definitely is one of my favourites. 

Spring daisies

Backstitch was somewhat tricky on this one because Lindashee charted for evenweave and I was stitching on aida (because I want it to match the other three Lindashee seasons I stitched.  Am now going to rummage through my fabric and find something just right to add bands in preparation for my set of four wall hangings.  You may remember I’ve already stitched and quilted the other three

seasons quilted

I’ll therefore be doing the same thing with “Spring daisies” . . . then it’ll be a question of adding binding and I’ll have a complete set of four.  You can download all of these designs (and more) over on Lindashee’s blog. Please be sure to leave Lindashee a comm if you do, to say “thank you” Clignement d'œil

and the winner is . . .

Today it’s 16th April, so time to find out who the lucky winner is for my giveaway, to win all three charts pictured below.


There were more comms than participants, so I wrote a list (in order of arrival) and gave everyone a number.  So my list looked like: (Izz withdrew from the giveaway)

1 – Sylvie; 2 – Ma; 3 – Ramona; 4 – Corinne (passion); 5 – Chris; 6 – Myriam; 7 – Marie-Claire; 8 – Susan; 9 – Sarah; 10 – Melissa; 11 – Wisher; 12; Yvonne ; 13 – rutigt; 14 – Sophie; 15 – Christine; 16 – patoune; 17 – nanbon; 18 – Diann; 19 – Bekki; 20 – Lee; 21 – Jess

Random number generation / Random Numbers

Generate a random number between 1 and 21  = 12 Get number

Above is the random number selected on this site here

Which means the winner is Yvonne.  I already have Yvonne’s postal address as she is a faithful follower of my French blog.  Sorry for all the people who didn’t win, but thank you for taking part ^^ 

busy cleaning

Hello folks – well I’ve been busy cleaning . . . had estate agent round today so house is now officially on the market. Let’s hope we get lots of visitors over the coming weeks and that someone falls in love with our house.  I’m dreading the next few weeks, in fact, because I’m going to have to keep dashing around to make sure it’s permanently tidy which is no easy feat with one dog and 4 cats.

Anyway, here are a couple of pics to share, because it’s not often that the place looks this tidy ^^




(oops – coat hanger!)


(oops – dog in armchair lol)




I won’t show you anymore of the inside, because I sort of dumped stuff in some rooms to make other areas clear for estate agent and his camera lol . . . however I took one of the back of the house too which I rather like


Anyway fingers crossed.  I need weather to stay gorgeous, so that the animals don’t leave too many dirty footprints everywhere, and so that visitors can appreciate how wonderfully bright the house is.

another beautiful day

We are really enjoying some gorgeous weather in this part of France at the moment. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine during the day although it does get a bit cold at night.  My budgies are enjoying the sunshine – I only have 2 these days – 2 pretty males – but I hang their cage out in the garden every morning in the cherry tree so they get plenty of fresh air and vitamin D ^^ and then I bring them inside in the evenings.

budgies 12 04 14

Le Bleu saw I had my camera out . . . and followed me into the garden.  One of his favourite hiding places is beneath a miniature Japanese maple

ou est le bleu

lebleu 12 04 14

The real reason I was in the garden in the first place . . . was to take a photo and show you the beginnings of the “Spring Daisies” heart by Lindashee.  I said I was impatient to begin stitching ^^ and this is to show progress so far.

daisies 1

I just need to stitch a few more stalks & leaves, fill in the petals, stitch the cloud . . . then add backstitch.