lots of little things

Days (and probably coming weeks) are going to see me with a little less crafting time.  Mother-in-law had a fall and is in hospital with fractured hip, so will have the daily drives to hospital to visit her instead of being able to just pop down the road.  Also, end of October is here, which means I need to start worrying about the next move and contact companies for removal quotes.  Good thing is there will be very little packing to do this time since most of our belongings are still in boxes ^^

I won’t be working on any large projects until things settle, so am keeping myself amused with lots of little things.  

First up – my bag has seen some more progress.  I am now at this stage


Next step is to sew up all side seams, add buttons and then make straps.  I’m really pleased with it so far, and especially proud of the squareness of my squares ^^  Everything is matching up perfectly.

On the cross stitch front . . . I stitched Lindashee’s little bunny


Next week, I’ll be able to show you the ninth design in this series, all stitched up, and will get down to some serious card-making.  For the moment, I’ve just been slipping fabric into cards to give you the general idea – nothing is stuck down.

AND . . . I also decided to get ahead of myself and finish off the cupcakes.  So November


and December are stitched


I’ll take a better photo of the entire set once I’ve done my finishings to show you.  For info, these cupcakes are by Lorraine Clarke and you can find charts on Cyberstitchers.

more bag progress and another Lindashee design

I seem to be getting into the swing of things with my bag.  All 16 squares are now complete with 2 colours of intertwining threads and ready to be assembled – yay


The assembly part should go quite quickly as it is all hand-sewing which means I can do it in front of the TV with Le Bleu on my lap.  The only machine sewing will be to make my straps.  So watch out for a bag very soon!

And second photo to show my little otter – this is another Lindashee design. The eighth in her “I love” series. 


I really enjoyed stitching this little fellow ^^

bag progress and beginnings of November Mystery SAL

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve been having a productive weekend?  I know I have ^^

First of all, a little progress on my new patchwork bag.  After all the cutting and preparation of circles, I have now pinned all 16 squares and begun hand-stitching with the first thread. Stitches aren’t terribly regular, but I’ve learned (after making two in the same style) that it won’t really matter too much. Once I start adding the second colour, any irregularities will be hard to spot.  For the time-being: 6 squares done with first colour, which means 10 to do this afternoon.


Some cross stitching too with the first part of the new November Mystery SAL designed and organised by Hélène et Mahélia.

Claire et01 Nov SAL

If you followed progress of the October SAL (with the little pixie) you might be tempted to take part and I would highly recommend you do!  You can join by leaving a comment on the article NOVEMBER MYSTERY SAL

Hélène speaks English, so the language barrier won’t be a problem ^^  “Rules” are very simple.  You sign up, and can download the first stage directly from Hélène’s blog.  You stitch first stage, send a photo to Hélène (her email address is on the pdf) . . . and she then sends you chart for part 2.  Stages are always very quick to stitch.  The only thing Hélène asks, is that we don’t publish our final photo until we have actually MADE the stitching into something.  If you don’t have exact colours for threads, it doesn’t matter.  You can make use of leftovers and use approximate colours.

If you can’t keep up with the pace of 2 stages per week, it doesn’t matter either. You stitch at your own pace, following the “rules” of sending photo after each stage and Hélène will still send you the chart for each new stage.

October Mystery SAL revealed

I have been busy with my double-sided sticky tape and scissors, putting the finishing touches to the October Mystery SAL organised by Hélène.

Claire finished OctSAL 01

Turns out we were stitching a little “pixie” . . . and he was the perfect size to finish off on a box top.  I couldn’t resist using some of my new button stash – so 4 tiny mother-of-pearl buttons to keep the ribbon nicely in place.

Claire finished OctSAL02


For the moment, the box is empty . . . maybe I’ll fill it up with sweets or chocolates for Hallowe’en?

In the meantime, I have already signed up to follow the November Mystery SAL with Hélène.  Yes!  No sooner is one SAL over than she is already organising another!  The October Mystery was a lot of fun to stitch and really very quick.  I love the way it turned out, and I am already looking forward to discovering the November design as it takes shape.

excuses, excuses

Yep, that’s what happening in the crafting area at the moment.  I have lots of ideas of things to make, and, if I organised myself properly, I could find loads of time.  But I am totally unorganised.  Every day little things keep distracting me, so that nothing gets done.  If I actually got up at a reasonable hour, that would help, but I’ve become ever so lazy since the move and am sleeping in literally every day!

Anyway – I have been making some preparations . . . and now that pieces are all ready, I really have no excuse not to get this project underway.  It’s my future patchwork bag.


As you can see, I now have everything ready to start pinning and sewing.  16 circles, 16 print squares, and 16 wadding squares.  I have my contrasting thread as well as my buttons . . . the question is: “where are my pins?” 

Another excuse for my go-slow . . . I’ve been giving Lindashee a hand.  For those of you who follow her blog, she is publishing a series of 9 little animal charts at the moment.  She planned on stitching each design, in time for publication every Monday, but is snowed under with studies.  She did manage to stitch the first 6 of her nice designs, and I then offered to help. 

Here’s the one I stitched on the train to and from Marseille at the weekend.


a very cuddly grey Chinchilla. 

I already know what the remaining two designs are – hihi – that’s the advantage of being Lindashee’s official stitcher lol.  And have just this minute sent photo so that Lindashee can schedule her next post to publish on time, on Monday.  You, however, will have to be patient ^^

October Mystery SAL–part 5

Lots of green for stage 5 of Hélène’s October Mystery SAL.

claire et5 oct

sort of looks like a green version of “Noddy” so far lol.  Now ladies, you will have to be patient for the final photo.  Hélène asks participants NOT to show photos once just back stitch is done.  Our instructions are to do back stitch AND then the finishings . . . so it might be a week or so before I actually get round to that.