“I love fantasy fiction”–a new free

Hello folks.  Today I can show you (at long last) the third design in a free bookmark series.  Many thanks to Lindashee, who charted the dragon’s head for me ^^

You can mess around with colours as I have done – ideal for using up all those leftover bits of threads in your stash.

Oops, just noticed, I forgot the white French knot in dragon’s eye when stitching the French version – never mind ^^


You can download the chart here I love fantasy fiction

thank you Laura and Annie

I may have had to say goodbye to my English students when we moved house at the end of June, but I have been keeping in touch via email (with some of them at least) and was very touched to receive some surprise mail through the post too.

Laura sent me some cross stitch goodies


two magazines, 12 skeins and a book with monochrome designs.  The Christmas themed magazines will be great for choosing some small designs to stitch up for tree decorations. Threads ALWAYS come in handy, and there is a design in the monochrome book that has caught my fancy ^^


but I probably won’t stitch in white.

I also learned something new about one of students, Annie . . . I knew she knitted when she found the time, but I didn’t realise she was also into card-making!  She made and sent a lovely card


I love the colours, and I really love the inside, where the leaves are sort of 3D, standing out from the background


So a big thank you to Annie and Laura ^^

“Cirque des Cercles”–stage 10

More monochrome stitching, which is about all I can concentrate on these days, to keep up to date with “Cirque des Cercles” by Ink Circles, that I’m stitching along with Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea.

stage 10

Three circles to the left . . . and next stage will be the three circles to the right.

You may also want to check out the following blogs, of three other ladies who are stitching different designs, but posting updates on the same day.  Gun of Rutigt . . . Jule of From the Boudoir and Kate of Tall Tales From Chiconia

Next update the 31st August.

visiting Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey

My other half decided he wanted to be a tourist for the afternoon and go for a drive out in the countryside.  Our first stop was in a small village where he spent many a happy summer as a child . . . and then he decided to take me to Saint-Sorlin-en-Bugey. 

Saint Sorlin is a small town, population barely more than 1000, in the department of AIN, built beside a very steep cliffside.  Those of you who know anything about France will know that it’s divided into regions and departments and each department has a number, given in alphabetical order and AIN is department 01.

A few photos so you can see why this was a lovely destination for a sunny day.


a café, seen from the town hall, with church spire showing above the roof).


some traditional “town houses” with the cliffs behind.


one of the houses with the “Fresque de Saint Christophe” (16th century)


heading up one of the narrow streets


the 12th century church: Sainte-Marie-Madeleine


a view out over the cliffs


and lots of admiration for some of the doors and shutters on the walk back down.



A lovely historic town to visit, but I don’t think I’d like to live there ^^

some reading first

Something I inherited from my Dad, is always wanting to read and learn as much as I can about a subject before jumping in feet first and taking on something new.

Now, since we’ve found the house of our dreams, and since I have been looking after my sister-in-law’s laying hens . . . my husband and I are thinking about getting our own hens (probably not before next year) . . . so I decided I need to read and do some research first.

I also spotted some tortoises in a local pet shop here the other week. I don’t know what it is about tortoises, but I’ve always dreamed of having one . . . so am also reading up on tortoises.

Now, I know the internet is full of free information, but I do enjoy having a few reference books to hand.  So today I went on amazon and I have spent the gift voucher I received from one of my English groups and ordered all of the following (photos from amazon).

I’ll have lots of reading in store once my order arrives . . . and it will either spur me on or put me off the idea entirely ^^

August cupcake

Quick stitch for the August cupcake by Lorraine Clarke (design available on Cyberstitchers).


Designs are only very small so easy to stitch in a couple of hours. I stitched this one (like the July one) on ice blue aida. The white icing does show up in real life, but not so well in photos.

So that’s eight done – four left to stitch.

July cupcake and news

Gosh, July almost slipped by without me keeping up to date with the “cupcake SAL” I’m taking part in. It’s 31st today, so I’ve just finished in time ^^ 


The reason it took me literally all month to get this little cake stitched was that I had to rummage to find some small pieces of aida, and my bag of assorted threads. 

For info, this is a design by Lorraine Clarke, and the seventh in her series of cupcakes that you can download, for free, on Cyberstitchers

So that’s the cupcake for this month, now for the news.

We went to solicitor’s for first signing for new house yesterday ^^  House-buying rules and regulations vary from country to country, so I’ll explain briefly how it works in France. First document you sign is called a “compromis de vente”. It’s signed between buyers and sellers at a solicitor’s. It’s a legal contract that binds us until all paperwork and legal stuff is completed for the final signing. There is no set delay between the signings – it can be as little as 2 months, or longer.  In our case, it’s going to be longer Triste

We had hoped to be able to complete by October, however the sellers (an elderly couple) will not be able to move into their new home until the end of November. We really love their house, and are therefore willing to wait.  It means we have to continue living in our little bedsit for another four full months but we’ll just have to grin and bear it.

What will keep us going, is the thought that we’ll be in our new home by Christmas ^^


As for the sale of our house – buyers have asked for the date of final signing to be extended a couple of weeks (due to delays with banks and paperwork). It’s now been moved from 4th August to 27th August.

Now that we know we’re not going to be moving for four months, I will start getting things more organised in the bedsit. We’ve put up a shower rail and curtain in bathroom . . . have bought a cheap curtain for the window in main room and also bought an induction plate so we can cook meals. 

Hopefully, by the end of August, I will have found time to rediscover some of my crafting supplies and get back to some serious cross stitching or patchworking.