getting back to some larger projects

I’ve done quite a lot of small projects since the move.  However, since we’re going to be in our temporary accommodation more than 2 months yet, I decided it was time to get out some of my larger projects and pick up where I left off.  Small projects are all well and good, but I don’t want the following to become UFOs !!!

Last time I stitched on the Joan Elliott design “Unicorn & Maiden” was in May when it looked like this

unicorn 20 05a

So, out came some blue thread, and I began work on more of the gown.

unicorn 23 09 14

Not an awful lot of progress but better than none ^^

I’ve also been trying to fit in an hour every morning on my fractal folly “DreamCatcher”.  For those of you who follow, you’ll know I began this in February.  A mammouth project, printed on 25 A4 size pages and with over 100 symbols.  Total madness ^^

Anyway, the previous photo I posted, way back in April was this

14 04 24

I am sorry (ashamed) to say that there is almost no change.

23 09 14

Despite plugging away (at least 5 hours stitching) it hardly looks as if I did anything.  And even worse . . . I’ve got some frogging to do Confus

I’ve made a fudge up, confusing two symbols: the /// and the \\\ so need to brace myself for some unpicking.  I am not looking forward to it!  Wish me luck ^^

“Cirque des Cercles” happy dance

Today is the day for a happy dance – the Ink Circles design I have been stitching since January is now a finished project.

It could have been stitched more quickly, but Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea and myself decided to work it as a SAL, with stages every 3 weeks. 

We were joined along the way by other stitchers, who liked the idea of a SAL to motivate them continue with their various cross stitch projets – you can admire their stitching on their blogs.  There’s Gun of Rutigt; Jule of From the Boudoir and Kate of Tall Tales from Chiconia.

Time for photos ^^



I stitched on a dark green 27 count Lugana, using 2 stands over 2 of Threadworx “Wild Poppies”.  The finished design measures 49cm x 37cm.

Stay tuned to see what Avis and I are going to get up to next ^^

We have already chosen and bought copies of a new chart . . . now need to decide on our fabrics & threads. 

September cupcake

Another very quick stitch fitted in yesterday during a couple of episodes of “Criminal Minds”.  The September cupcake by Lorraine Clarke that you can download on Cyberstitchers.


Stitched on 16 or 18 count aida and barely larger than a 1€ coin.  As usual, I changed colours slightly.

And then a quick look at my collection of cupcakes so far


Different sizes, since I’m using up all my bits of fabric . . . and you’ll notice there are 10 instead of 9 because I stitched the February cupcake twice ^^

These are all safely stored in my zipper pouch and will probably be finished off as cards for 2015.

And for those of you wondering . . . nope, still no sign of Willow.

a weekend stitching some Lindashee designs

I spent the weekend stitching a couple of Lindashee’s new free designs.  I may be slightly biaised, since she’s my daughter, and I therefore think everything she does is brilliant ^^ but I had lots of fun and have two very small finishes to show.

First I stitched her “Owl Plush” – I didn’t use the exact colours she suggested since I was delving into my “leftovers” bag . . . so my version is perhaps slightly brighter than the original chart.


And then I picked up a piece of “rustic” looking aida and stitched the first in her new “I love pets” series: The Fox


A slight problem with that one . . . I was using an orange, leftover from my Lorikeets, happily stitching away, when suddenly, I ran out of thread!  It was Anchor thread, so I did the colour conversion and found the corresponding DMC.  It’s not exactly the same shade, and I know where the join is . . . but it doesn’t show up too much in the right lighting lol.

I was planning on making these two designs into cards BUT after a rummage up on the mezannine, I can’t find my card-making supplies.  Oh well, I will pop these two into my zipper pouch along with all the other little projects I’ve finished over the last few months.  Will be able to have an intensive card-making session once we’ve moved into our new house and unpacked.

In case you’re not already a follower of Lindashee’s blog . . . she published the second chart in her “I love pets” series today.  A little racoon.  He’s next on my list of quick stitches ^^

happy dancing with “Colourful Lorikeets” by Fiona Jude

Hello everyone!  First of all, thank you for your supportive messages concerning Willow. I know you’re all too far away to help with the search, but it’s comforting to know that you’re sending out vibes for her to come home.

I’ve been keeping my hands busy, to try and worry less . . . which means that I have a happy dance to share with you.  “Colourful Lorikeets” by Fiona Jude is no longer a UFO, and I have washed & ironed the fabric before taking photos. A few close-ups of the lorikeets first




aren’t they vivid? 


I am so pleased that I finally finished this project, which I began in January 2010. 

Since I won’t be stitching it a second time, I am putting the chart up for grabs if anyone would like it.


The chart is nice and clear, with Anchor colour references (37 colours I think).  I will be posting the same “up for grabs” offer over on my French blog, so if you would like to try your luck, leave a comm (saying you would like the chart) and I’ll do a draw on 21st September.  There is only the one (original) copy up for grabs. I won’t do photocopies or scans.

Willow’s gone missing

Title says it all – Willow has gone missing Triste

I kept all cats indoors a full 2 months after the move, before I had to let them have some freedom, for their sanity and ours.  The “boys” are all pretty streetwise and immediately began nipping out, exploring the area.  During those first few days, Willow (the only girl of our cat family) just watched them leaping in and out the window, without attempting to follow.  She then plucked up the courage about a week ago . . . but didn’t go far, preferring to stay close by, and not letting our front window out of her sight.

However, since the night of 9th – 10th Sept, she is a “missing cat”.


I don’t think she actually wandered off and got lost. I think she merely looked lost, and some passerby thought they were being a good Samaritan and took her home.  It’s happened to Willow before. Not quite sure why she gives the impression of being lost when she isn’t.  Must be all that fluffiness.   Anyway, result is the same. I have no idea where she is. 

Have done all the usual.  Posted her photo on two internet sites specifically for lost & found pets; phoned the vet so he can put an “alert” on the central file for microchips.  Printed out some flyers with her photo on and handed them to some local shopkeepers to stick in the window . . . and printed out some smaller flyers that I actually distributed, door to door (or should I say, letter box by letter box) in all the houses and flats within a certain radius.

Now it’s a question of wait and see.  Assuming she has been found, and isn’t lying squished or injured somewhere, sooner or later someone will have to take her to a vet (one would hope). In the meantime, I’m going to follow a piece of advice I found on the net:  every evening, at the same time, to call her name at regular intervals.  If she’s outside, and within a 250m radius, theory is, she will hear me calling and will be able to use the sound of my voice to find her way.