burp cloths

Way back in September 2018 I bought in some waffle cotton and made a couple of bibs for Baby Viking, now Miss Viking, (who was born that August).

As you may have seen, I had a bib fest for future Baby Tattoo recently, making a different style

but I did have a piece of waffle cotton left in my stash.  After making that lot, to keep baby’s clothes clean, I realised Mr and Mrs Tattoo could probably do with something to help keep their clothes clean at meal times so, I made some very simple burp cloths.

I just cut some rectangles, fairly tea-towel shaped and added some pretty binding (fabric which featured on the quilt & bibs I made for baby Viking).

As I say, they’re just simple rectangles that can be folded in half and flung over a shoulder, but they should do the job.   Now I need to get back to the pink 4ply baby sweater I’m knitting!




11 thoughts on “burp cloths

  1. Very welcome gifts. I well remember having a muslin cloth almost permanently on my shoulder when the girls were babies. They weren’t as pretty as yours though.

    • yes I can remember having a load of muslin cloths for my three. Mrs T probably has some already, but I was on a stash busting mission and couldn’t think of anything else to make with my leftover waffle cotton.

  2. Oh I love this idea! Do you have a specific pattern that you use for the bibs? I want to make a supply for both my granddaughter and grandson. I think these are so adorable!

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