Tali – treasures & teeth

Not a very good photo- just a quick snap of Tali who is 5 months old today.  5 months old and 15 kilos . . . a lot of growing (and learning) still to come, but we’re getting there!

Tali is still prone to want to chew on hands/shoes/trouser bottoms/sleeve cuffs, but that’s because she’s still teething.  Adult incisors are all through. Molars are through too.  Baby premolars are falling out so she’s a bit gappy in places.

And still waiting patiently for those needle-like baby canines to be replaced.

In true Flat-coated retriever style, Tali needs to have something in her mouth most of the time.  At home, indoors, it’s a soft toy.  On walks she keeps her eyes open for all sorts of  “treasures”.  Sometimes it’s a stick, but she also seems to have started a pebble/stone collection.  I don’t let her keep her bounty – she gets a doggie treat in exchange for her sticks & stones,

The above represent just 2 and a half days of Tali’s treasures.

I never thought she’d get this larger stone home, but Flats can be very stubborn once their mind is set.  332g . . . she dropped it several times on the way, but bring it home she did!

Lastly . . . I know I’d said I wasn’t going to compare Tali to (our late) Gibbs, but I couldn’t help looking through my archives and found this: posted on Gibbs’ 5 month birthday.


13 thoughts on “Tali – treasures & teeth

  1. How funny! We had a golden retriever at one time who carried a duck for a little while on one of our walks, then dropped it and the duck flew off unharmed.
    The worst (or best) one for determinedly bringing things home though was our German Shepherd – usually it would be a very large branch. Many a time you’d get whacked in the back of the knees on the walk home unless you were very careful.
    Tali is looking adorable.

  2. I hope you can break that stone habit. There was a dog recently who had a stone removed after swallowing it. Not a nice thing to go through. Vicious circle though if she needs a treat to get it off her, but she has them to get the treat. Devious things these puppies aren’t they. 🫣

    • yes I was wondering if the treasure hunt wasn’t just to ensure she gets a treat on arriving home ^^ I’ll have to see if distraction with a soft toy will break her from the habit.

  3. Evie’s latest treasures have been a lamb’s jawbone and a swede/ turnip? somerkind of beet being transported fro cattle feed and bouncing off the wagon. Ithink it must be the breed!

  4. She is a very pretty little girl. My First cocker spaniel collected treasures, any toy left unattended or coin was squirreled away in his basket. If she’s teething it might explain her sticks and stones.

  5. Aw, Tali is such a sweetheart. She’s got good taste in picking out artful sicks and stones. Hard to believe she would want to carry such a heavy stone. I used to have a beagle mix that would bring in rocks, I kept a container for them, and would toss them out every few days. Sheli-bean isn’t a toter of rocks, but he does love toting his toys. lol
    Tali favors Gibbs so much. My goodness you could inter-change their posts and photos. It must be a comfort to see the similarities.
    Hugs to to Tali. And sending luck to you that them baby teeth will fall out soon.
    I mentioned you on blog today, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

    • Tali does indeed look very much like Gibbs but I suppose that’s normal with a pedigree dog – although she will be much daintier as an adult, being female.
      And no I don’t mind being mentioned on your blog ^^ Quite the opposite – glad the idea was helpful.

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