finishing off my finishes #January

Last year, around September time, I set myself the challenge to stop leaving projects half-finished in drawers and to tackle a finish a month.  When I say half-finished, I mean that pile of finished cross stitch pieces which are waiting to be made into something special. Or those quilt tops still in need of quilting & binding.

For 2018 I aim to carry on in my efforts to actually finish off projects . . . and for January, I am proud to present a finished lap quilt.

medieaval 01

A lap quilt size seems to be the size I’m most comfortable making.  This one measures 124cm x 95cm.  I started piecing this way back in August 2016


working my blocks around central printed vignettes which I had had in my stash for years.  I kept things simple


Using an ivory, a very light marbled green and a gorgeous gold/green/mauve fabric which I bought from a stitchers’ flea market in 2015. 

mediaeval 02

On the back I’ve used a solid “ milk chocolate” cotton and did some basic machine quilting.  This will be flung over the back of a sofa in the living room and probably covered in cat hair very soon.  But that’s not a problem.  Everything I make gets used and goes in the washing machine when dirty.  Anyway . . . I’m happy dancing with my finished lap quilt, and already planning which project to finish off in February.

28 thoughts on “finishing off my finishes #January

  1. I love the vignettes and you’ve set them perfectly in your quilt. I like quilts to be used, someone I know was horrified to hear I slept under my quilt every night, hers is only there for display!

    • lol I’ve only made one quilt which is big enough for a double bed (my F2F quilt) and we used that on the bed this summer. My other quilts are all much smaller and we use them in the living room. They are nice to snuggle up Under in the evening rather than putting the heating on, they get bunged in the washing machine on a 40°C cycle and come out fine. With crafting, most of the time, I’m only interested in making things that can be used. I appreciate “decorative” but I couldn’t make something and then not use it.

  2. This is a very nice finish Claire – I like the manageable size of a lap quilt. Well done on deciding to get rid of those UFOs. I didn’t think I had many but yesterday I caught sight of the pieces of a Union Jack style quilt I started ages ago. I think it would be a really nice project but, if I remember rightly, it was paper pieced over newspaper and I got in a bit of a tiz with it. I’ll get it out and have a look at it as I’ve done much more foundation paper piecing since then and I’m ‘between quilts’ at the moment.

  3. Very nice! And I love that you are realistic about use and abuse of the things you make! It’s nice to be able to use them, and know they can be washed when it is needed.

    • I know that some patchworker & quilters like the make “heirloom” type quilts. I just patchwork & quilt for the fun, and to make things that will be used during my life-time lol.

      • I could actually write a complete blog post about my theories, Sarah, but I’ll content myself with a long reply ^^
        Yep, my theory is life is for the living and there’s no point keeping pretty things that are “too good to use” because life is just too short! My Mum died when she was only 50 without having done loads of things on her bucket list, so I have lived my entire adult life along the lines of: live for the day, because we might not be here tomorrow. A few years ago, my mother-in-law died and we had to empty her flat. Found so much “as new’ stuff in her cupboards ranging from bed linen to a 72 piece china service she’d bought when she got married in 1960 and had probably only used once in her entire life. I have no “good” china, no “good” bedsheets and the cats have already destroyed our “new” sofas which we bought in 2014. We use the “posh” lead crystal glasses I inherited from my Dad on a daily basis, and if we break one then, never mind . . . we can’t take them with us, can we?

      • That is pretty amazing! We should use the “good” more often! I struggle with the heirlooms we don’t use, and why do we keep them? But the silver coffee set has been in the family since the 1840’s, am I going to be the one to sell it? Far better if someone else had used it up. I like your practice, it saves your great grandchildren agony and guilt!

      • rofl . . . silver coffee set rofl . . . I can understand the sentimental value, since it’s been in your family since the 1840s but who has time these days to spend hours polishing it up to use it? And don’t get me wrong . . . the 72 piece china service is up in our attic, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap because my husband wouldn’t let me get rid of it and it belonged to HIS Mum not mine. It’ll stay up in the attic until we’re dead & gone, and then our kids can decide what to do with it.

      • Lol I have a cabinet full of dishes from the coffee set grandma. I use them at holidays, but A is terrified of breaking one so we don’t use them often. I have a 4 place setting set from the other Grandmother that I would ise more but for the same reason! It was a 12 place setting set but I gave 8 places to my cousin. She uses them daily. 😉

      • maybe you could box up all the “antiques” and give them to your sister? Would make a perfect house-warming present for when she moves into her new (really old) house rofl.

  4. That’s gorgeous! I’m working on using up a lot of my current fabric as well. I have some unfinished projects as well; maybe I should get brave and tackle them once again. Feels good to knock them out, doesn’t it?

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