a second cushion happy dance for May!

After the fun of making the mermaid cushion cover for Cléo . . . I pulled out this little cross stitched piece.

permin robot

This photo was taken in June of last year.   A cute little robot, kit by Permin.  The kit gave all the necessary fabric to make this into a mobile phone pouch, but I wasn’t too keen on that idea. So, what did I do?  Patchwork around, and another cushion cover, of course!

robot cushion 01

I had such fun with this, making use of several orphan 5” squares and then cutting into the blue oval print fabric to pull things together.  I’ve made this for my great nephew (not sure if he’s 7 or 8 but I’m sure a cushion will come in handy to brighten up his bedroom). 

robot cushion 02

robot cushion 04

And, on the back . . . the same velvety fabric I used for the mermaid, with the same blue button fastening.

robot cushion 03

I’m now off to pick up my crochet hook, as I’ve promised an amigurumi wolf for my second great nephew! 


happy dancing with mermaid cushion

Back in September of last year, I showed you this


a very pretty mermaid, stitched from a free kit (with Cross Stitch Crazy).  Kit that was gifted to me by Carole.  I said then, that I probably wouldn’t finish her off in the bookmark card, that came with the kit.  And simply put her away in a drawer until a later date.  Well, the later date arrived, finally!  Prompted by a visit from our neighbour’s daughter, Cléo, who enjoyed having a good old rummage in my sewing room . . . found this mermaid waiting to be finished, and exclaimed at how beautiful she was.  It just so happens that it’s Cléo’s birthday in May . . . so what did I do?  Yup, spurred on by Cléo’s praise, I pulled out some strips of fabric to play with, and made a cushion cover for Cléo’s birthday present.

mermaid cushion 01

Mermaid looks a little bit hemmed in, top and bottom, because the aida fabric in kit was only just big enough, so very little extra fabric even for 1/4” seams. 

mermaid cushin 02

I used the walking foot for quilting, but had a sort of curvey thing going on . . . thought it went quite well with the ocean theme, but it’s totally haphazard.

And on the back

mermaid cushion 03

a synthetic, sort of velvety fabric, and fastening with 3 plain blue buttons from MIL’s button box. I made cushion to my usual size: for a 16” insert. 

F2F Season 3 – Miss February

February is, sadly, the last month of Season 3 of F2F – a block swap organised by Kate.  This swap has been running for 9 months, with 9 participants, world wide, all making and sending three 12” (finished size) blocks to each other, in each person’s chosen colourway.  It’s been a fabulous opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, working with colour combinations I wouldn’t usually think of, and making me extra careful when piecing.

Kate’s inspiration photo was


And here are the blocks I made and sent.  My background fabric is actually white, although it doesn’t look it in the photos.

Kate 01

Kate 02

Kate 03

As with the other months, I made an “Old Fan” block for myself – a souvenir of fabrics used for Kate

Old fan feb

This way, not only do I have all the lovely blocks in my colourway (turquoise, grey, black & white) to assemble into a very large patchwork, I also have 9 “Old Fan” blocks in participants colours, to make a second memento quilt.

Please do go and check out the gallery, updated by Kate, to see the wonderful display of blocks everyone made & received for this swap: F2F.

F2F swap season 3 #Miss January

It’s January, and has been for a few weeks already.  Time to share photos with you of the 12” blocks made for the block swap, organised by Kate.

Miss January is Kathy, who gave us this photo for her colour inspiration.


I ended up making four blocks for Kathy as one turned out a bit scant.

Kathy 01

Kathy 02

Kathy 03

Kathy 04

and an “Old Fan” for myself.

Old Fan

You can admire blocks made by other members of the swap in the gallery F2F.

And please come back next month, when we’ll be sharing photos of the last batch of blocks, for Kate herself.

what Claire made for Christmas #2

More photos to share with you, of things made for this Christmas, and then lovingly wrapped and posted.

cat mats 01

This wasn’t strictly a Christmas present.  Our daughter (aka Lindashee) and partner have recently taken the plunge and joined the ranks of mortgage payers – yay!  Yep, they’ve bought their first house and moved in late November.  New house = house-warming gift so I made a set of 4 place mats (I hope colours match their colour scheme). 

cat mats

These were made with scraps (you saw a sneak peek a while ago) and using up the last of a lovely cat print fabric.  Now they have their own home, they’re planning on adopting a cat!


Second project to show you today is a crochet project I made for Lindashee.  Knowing they would be in their new house, with a spare bedroom that is going to be turned into their hobby room . . . this means that Lindashee is going to be able to set up her sewing machine and, hopefully, find somewhere to stand the Crafter Granny I made for her.

xmas granny

The husband also helped with this project, and became an optician for the day.

granny glasses

Here she is, complete with glasses, and standing next to the Crafter Granny I made for myself earlier in the year.  I made a few changes:  crocheted body about 10 rows shorter, made her a fabric apron with pocket, and I think I actually managed to get the hair right the second time around.

This is from a free pattern by Zhaya Designs, and very easy to make.  I added a vinyl glove filled with fine glass pellets when stuffing the body, to give a bit of weight, so granny doesn’t fall over.

xmas granny 02

F2F season 3 – Miss December

We’re now into the seventh month of the F2F block swap, organised by Kate.

For December, we’re making & sending to Esther, in the Netherlands, whose colour inspiration photo was a picture of flower pots in her garden!


She asked for different shades of greens, and blues, as well as grey on a white background.

Here’s what I made and sent.

Esther 01

This one is called “Bright Morning Star”.

Esther 02

Kitty Corner”.

Esther 03

And the last one, “Old Fan”.

As with previous months, I then made up an “Old Fan” block in Esther’s colours, but to keep for myself.

Dec old fan

Only two more months of this swap to go.  For January, we’ll be working in blues and greys.

F2F season 3 – Miss November

More 12” blocks to show you this month as we move into the 6th month of the F2F block swap, organised by Kate.  Miss November is Robin (who doesn’t have a blog) and has received her parcel.  Her inspiration photo is


Blue, cerise pink and orange on a white background.

I’ll admit to having gone a little mad, as I do enjoy working with bright colours.

Robin 01

My first block turned out fairly conservative, with a lot of white background.  This block is called Jawhawks.

Robin 02

Second block is very bright and a very colourful take on Arkansas Cross Roads.

For the third block . . . I had saved pink & orange triangles from the second block, which I sewed together to make a small pinwheel.  Then tried to fathom how to incorporate that in the centre of my next block.  Which turned out to be the brightest of the three.

Robin 03

This block doesn’t have a name as I sort of made things up as I went along.  I do hope blocks meet with Robin’s approval.

Final photo . . . the “Old Fan” block I made for myself, using some of the fabrics from the above blocks.

November old fan

Stay tuned for next month when we’ll be sewing, in more sedate colours for Miss December.

And please do check out the F2F gallery that Kate keeps updated.  All members have been making some stunning blocks.