seeing purple & pink

I’m feeling in a very purple mood this week which is, I assure you, a lovely mood to be in!  Here’s why . . .

seeing purple 02

One of our orchids is in bloom, with such vibrant colours.  And we now have a few more flowers on the first one.

seeing purple 03

Postlady brought a surprise package for me containing

seeing purple 04

Some gorgeous fabrics, little embellishments and the most beautiful handmade card from Avis, to celebrate my birthday earlier this week.

I also received a lovely crochet flower from Monique

from Monique

This is a scissor fob, and also to keep my thimble in!

And, last but not least . . . something that had been on order since before Christmas, was finally ready to be collected – my “Purple Wonder” ^^

seeing purple 01


12 thoughts on “seeing purple & pink

    • thank you Kimberley ^^
      The Picasso is a car – I guess you don’t see many French cars where you live, this is a C3 Citroen. Quite common on French roads, but very few in purple lol. I chose purple a) because it’s such a fun colour and b) it’ll be easy to spot my car on the carpark lol.

  1. Beautiful orchids, a friend of mine used to grown a house full of them 🙂 I love all your goodies and your car is Awesome! Purple is a fabulous colour 🙂 and Happy Belated Birthday Claire, I knew it was this month but didn’t know the date. ox Izz

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