some more surprises

I had some more lovely surprises both by snail mail and by email. 

By snail mail . . . from second son and N.


A gorgeous cross-stitched card made by N.  She has been bitten by the cross stitch bug, and is discovering the pleasure of making unique surprises.  I love this card!  N tried a “scrappy” way of cutting the edges of the aida, and I think it really looks brilliant – and the red buttons & cat collar add just that little bit of extra colour. 

And second son has also been fiddling with crafting . . . he made me a dreamcatcher keyring.  I don’t think I’ll use it as a keyring because the feathers would be too fragile for that.  I’ll find somewhere to hang it though, out of cats reach!

By email, the surprise was from Hélène.  I am a regular follow of Hélène’s blog, and last year I stitched a lot of her free mystery SALs.  Now, Hélène had a lovely idea and sent me an ecard for my birthday, with an invitation to choose any one of her charts (from her on-line shop) and she sent it to me for my birthday!

I chose


This design will be perfect to stitch up into a bookmark. 

And while on the subject of cats . . . You’ve all heard the expression “Like a cat on a hot tin roof” . . . well, here it’s more “Like a kitten on a wet glass roof”.


Kittens love being outside, even in the rain, and Abby’s favourite place is on the glass roof of our veranda! 


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