new crafting books

I’ve added a few new crafting books to my shelves recently . . . and am feeling very motivated to start a few new projects (just as soon as I’ve finished my WIPs).

I bought two copies of this one (both secondhand) on @m@zon.  One for me and one for Mrs Tattoo so we’ll have plenty of knitting ideas for baby.  Sizing only goes up to 12 months though, so we’re limited in time.   I’ve already knitted up one of the patterns inside. This one, that I showed you already.

A second knitting book, also bought secondhand, is this one.

I also bought a second hand copy in French for Mrs Tattoo.  There are loads of patterns out there to knit or crochet soft toys. I myself already have dozens of crochet books with lots of cute designs. However, I saw this one and thought Claire Garland’s bears look so different, and a great way to use up the yarn stash.  From what I’ve read so far, there are 2 basic patterns for the bears, which are knit in DK and then clothes are either knit or crocheted, often in 4ply.  Bears body parts are knit flat, so there will be sewing up to do.

Anyway, having been able to find second-hand copies of this book, I am thrilled to add it to my shelf of crafting books and will definitely give at least one of the bears a try!

The most recent buy is a crochet book, that calls for aran yarn.

You can have a look inside of this if you search for it on @m@zon.  Instructions are given (both written and in chart form) for the basic slipper in 6 different sizes (3 kids’ sizes and 3 adult sizes).  And can be made in 3 different styles: slip on, shoe or boot.  Those instructions make up the first chapter of the book, then there are 20 different animal variations.  It also gives left-handed instructions in places (which as a leftie, I greatly appreciate).


6 thoughts on “new crafting books

    • smallest slipper size is a kids’ small, which I think is probably for a 4 year old-ish. However book says to use aran. I’m sure, if I mess around using finer yarns and on smaller hooks, I could scale down a bit, but probably not for doll sizes.

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