what a wonderful finish by mymye13

In January, I organised a SAL on my French blog, stitching a design by Pelin Tezer: “Turkish Sampler 2”. I was followed by three ladies, stitching over 15 weeks, and this morning I received photos from mymyme13 http://lejardindemyrtille.over-blog.com/  of her final project. She has given me permission to post her photos – and show off her finished project which I think is just “WOW”.

two SAL updates and one happy dance

Two very colourful updates to share with you this bright sunny Saturday . . . the first is of stage four of “Flip Flop Summer” by Barbara Ana

And the second is a Happy Dance . . . with the last line of “Turkish Sampler 2” – a Pelin Tezer design.

Not only is this SAL finished as far as the cross stitch goes, but it’s also finished as in FINISHED . . . lol.  I told you I was going to make a point of doing things properly this year and no sooner had the last stitch been added than out came double sided sticky tape and I decorated another ring binder.  Since I stitched this over 1 on evenweave, the design is really quite small and I think it makes for a lovely folder-cover.

And a photo of my two ring-binders together – all ready to be filled with cross stitch charts.

one new SAL and one SAL almost finished

As one of my current SALs is almost at an end, I have added a new SAL to my stitching week.

The new one is a Jardin Privé design: “In the night” and because I wanted to do something slightly more original than stitching on white or ivory (which are the base colours I usually use) I have chosen to stitch on a piece of fabric Sheila sent me recently – stitching over 2 on a hand-dyed Polstitches fabric in a lovely pink.

The almost finished SAL is “Turkish Sampler 2” a Pelin Tezer design. I have been working on this for 14 weeks and am stitching over 1 on “Linda” evenweave.

SAL updates

Two photos of SAL updates – these are SALs that I am leading on my French blog and luckily, I am always a step ahead of my co-SALers . . . with my thumb incident this week I haven’t been able to stitch at all since Wednesday evening, and am not sure if I’ll be able to do any this weekend either. It’s healing well but each time I put any pressure on the tip, it starts bleeding again and I don’t want to run the risk of getting any blood stains on my fabric.  Anyway . . . line 13 of the Pelin Tezer “Turkish Sampler”

and second stage of the Barbara Ana SAL “Flip Flop Summer” with part of the left flip flop taking shape

“La petite brodeuse” Happy Dance & Pelin Tezer line 12

Couldn’t get up the courage the find the mistake in my B&R last night so I just did some easy stitching. Made a start on one of my new buys: “Chats Croisés” and reckon I’ll have a HD photo to show of that very soon.

Today’s Happy Dance is for Jean Louis Grandsire’s “La petite brodeuse” – a very quick stitch and quite therapeutic. Now she needs to be made into something.  I was debating about getting my sewing machine out and turning her into a cushion but then another idea popped into my head – it remains to be seen whether it’s feasible or not. In the meantime, here she is

Other progress on a weekly SAL “Turkish Sampler” by Pelin Tezer. Line 12 actually took quite a long time to do, lots of little beetle like motifs in a row with a dark shade of emerald green

Pelin Tezer – ninth line

Only three French stitchers following me on this SAL so it’s a very “select SAL” for the Pelin Tezer TURKISH SAMPLER  lol but we are enjoying ourselves and that’s what stitching is all about.  The objective for this week is the ninth line which actually took a little longer than I expected.

Here are updates of the other three stitchers, up to line 8 since I am one line ahead of them each week:


La pie kikou


two SAL updates

This year, I am being inspired by many free designs available on Cyberstitchers.com and have several SALs either on the go, or on my agenda for months to come.  Current SALs are . . . a Pelin Tezer design: “Turkish Sampler” which is in its 6th week.  Extremely pink still because I am keeping to the same kind of colour scheme and I have to say, I’m looking forward to the next lines as pink really isn’t my favourite colour.

Another bright design is “Reading is Magic” by Barbara Ana.  This week we’re stitching the last part of this cute SAL. I just might unpick the back stitch on “Magic” because I used yellow like on the chart but the word doesn’t stand out at all. 

Next stage is to finish off this piece of fabric. Either into a small wall-hanging or a bookmark, I haven’t decided which yet.