SAL “Au coeur de la nuit” – part 6

Some monochrome stitching these past few evenings, as I keep up with the latest stage of “Au coeur de la nuit”

SAL IV Claire06

– SAL organised by Corinne, and with a chart by Isabelle Haccourt-Vautier.  Next stage will be published on 15th June – I imagine we will be working on the rest of the wing and beginning tail feathers, so I might “cheat” and stitch ahead a little ^^

SAL “Au coeur de la nuit” (Isabelle Haccourt Vautier)

I’ve spent the last few evenings (since Saturday I think) stitching the next stage for the “Au coeur de la nuit” SAL I’m following.  VERY stitch intensive, as Corinne has us working on the owl now . . . I’ve already used up one of my four skeins for the reddish colour and am well into the second skein and there is still loads of work to do yet.

Anyway, here is my fabric thus far

SAL IV Claire03I can now get back to my Indian Brave and perhaps do some latch-hooking before the next stage is set, on May 1st.

where can I buy Isabelle Haccourt Vautier charts if I don’t live in France?

I received a comm from an American stitcher asking me the above question . . . one that I’d never asked myself before, since I live in France and order directly from Isabelle ^^ Anyway, I decided to look into it . . . and began by sending an email to Isabelle, asking if she has any official suppliers in the US or UK . . . and she doesn’t. She’d be more than happy to, so if anyone wants to nag their regular cross stitch supplier to get in touch with Isabelle then feel free ^^. However, I learned that not only does Isabelle sell directly to French stitchers like myself . . . she also sells directly to overseas stitchers, and can take payment via Paypal. So if you have a Paypal account, you’re good to go. You can contact IV through her blog/catalogue HERE. Her email is at the top of her home page, and you’ll also find an order form.  Most of her charts cost 9 euros each when you buy directly from Isabelle, but some of her larger designs or the “Portnic” collection cost 11 euros. Obviously, for postage . . . it all depends on where you live and how many charts you order.  So I suggest you submit your order to her by email and ask for paypal instructions and postage costs. Unfortunately, it’s rather difficult to browse through the chart selection on IV’s blog (since it’s more a blog than a catalogue, and there are loads of pages to wade through) . . . so if you want to order from her, I strongly suggest you pop over to Une Mercerie à la campagne (link lower down) where you’ll be able to see charts WITH their refs, which will make it easier when placing an order with IV. I did also find a couple of on-line shops that have secure payment systems . . . if you prefer to do that. First up is Casa Cenina  (which has the advantage of being able to choose your language option on the site).  They are based in Italy so all prices are in euros. I have never ordered from them so can’t give you my opinion. However, postage costs outside of Europe looks rather exorbitant since they only send by UPS special signed for delivery.  Still, it’s a nice on-line shop to visit if you simply want to drool. One place I have bought from is Une Mercerie à la campagne .  They offer payment by credit card via Paypal and postage costs seem more reasonable. Only problem is that everything is in French so if you don’t understand the language of Molière, you might get in a bit of a fluster.  To find IV designs on this site, you click on “Grilles et kits” on the left side of the home page and then you scroll down until you find the designer you are looking for. And I’ve found one more on-line shop (again in France) which takes payment by credit card or Paypal: Les petites croix de Lucie .  This is not somewhere I have shopped before, but there is a nice selection to browse through (all in French). To find IV you click on “Créateur Français” on the left of home page. Hope that helps any non-French stitchers who would like to discover the joys of French designers ^^

Edit: 2015 – you can now buy Isabelle Vautier charts on !

“Au coeur de la nuit” beginnings of a new SAL

I mentionned the other day that I had signed up to follow a new SAL . . . stitching an Isabelle Vautier design that I’ve had in my stash for a while: “Au coeur de la nuit”.  Corinne, the lady organising the SAL doesn’t really have an idea exactly how long it’s going to take us . . . we are just going to stitch along, at the pace she sets, with a new objective every fortnight. Here is the photo of my first stage

SAL IV Claire01

I am stitching on a 28 count  Zweigart Trento ‘natural”  fabric, using DMC 902 and B5200.  This is the first time I’ve used this particular fabric – I bought myself a huge wad of it last year and had been waiting for the perfect design . . . and when I decided to join this SAL I knew it was the ideal fabric to use.


“Au coeur de la nuit” – new project beginning soon ^^

With my Madame Chantilly Russian dolls almost complete, you can understand that I’m already looking through my stash wondering “what next?”

I plan on picking up my Indian themed stitching and beginning work on “Indian Brave” that’s for sure, but I also stumbled across a blog post on a French friend’s blog . . . and she is going to be organising a SAL with an Isabelle Vautier design: “Au coeur de la nuit”. Now, being a huge IV fan I have this chart in my stash so . . . am all signed up to begin stitching.  Only problem is, I’ve just noticed I’m going to need four 8 metre skeins of the same colour and I probably don’t have 32m of the same colour . . . so I’m going to have a rummage in my threads and see what my thread status is. I’ll probably do the owl in a solid colour and the alphabet in a variagated thread but suspect I’ll have to place a small order.


And another photo to show you a little blackwork interlude I had yesterday . . . another Valerie Warner design (can’t seem to get enough) . . . this time for a small bookmark. Lots of similar swirls to the Tangled Frame design and nice and relaxing to stitch. I won’t be snipping and backing just yet though – this is one little project that will go in my drawer and I’ll do a finishing session at a later date.

bw bookmark

a finish and a new start

2013 is one week old, and I’m proud to say that I already have one finish – yay.  Only a small one though. On the evening of 1st Jan, I decided to stitch a “laladoll” a monochrome design by Isabelle Vautier which is available to download for free on her blog. I just grabbed a piece of aida (lacking inspiration and energy to go and look in my fabric stash) and used a Threadworx thread for the body and Venus 2344 for the hair. I was originally going to use a blackish-brown for the hair but decided to stick with blues . . . and I’m rather glad I did because I think she looks pretty all in blue.

laladoll finiShe now needs a good iron and to be finished off into something. I kept a really nice chocolate box from xmas, and am thinking about sticking her on the lid of the box and turning it into a little storage box . . . but that will need some thought before I tackle that.

No sooner had I put the last stitches to my little laladoll, than I was wondering what to stitch next. My mojo is feeling decidedly floppy since xmas and while I have loads of charts in mind of new projects, I still couldn’t find the energy it takes to go through my thread stash to sort out necessary colours. So, I took the lazy option and went for a rummage in my kit stash instead. Don’t have many kits, so it didn’t take me too long lol . . . to decide on one that I bought about 10 years ago (yeah, okay, I’m a hoarder).

Here are the first stitches

indian maiden 01which don’t look terribly exciting, I have to admit.  However, when I show you the cover picture from the kit, I think you’ll agree that I’m in for an enjoyable stitching time with this new start.

indian 01I have begun with the Indian Maiden but will, of course, stitch the Indian Brave as well. Designs are very tall and thin – each piece will be around 50cm tall – and I can already imagine them hanging together somewhere around the house, possibly with a “bell pull” kind of finish rather than framed.