“Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

Photos to show you stitching for part 2 of “Friendship Quilt V” by Whispered by the Wind, that I’m stitching along with Avis.

We’re aiming at 2 blocks every 3 weeks, because we also have the “sashing” to stitch as we go.  So my two blocks this week


and an overall view of my four blocks.



You can check out Avis’ progress on Sewing Beside the Sea . . . and also admire the stitchings of the other ladies in our SAL.  They’re all working on completely different projects, so it’s wonderful to see the variety.

Gun, Carole, Kate, Eleanor, Alison, Jule, Elizabeth and Wendy.

dusting off a UFO

Now a UFO (unfinished object) is something most crafters have secretly stashed away. It’s that project you started ages ago, all fired up with good resolutions, and that then got shoved in the back of drawer and forgotten about. Well, not really forgotten, because you still have that niggling voice in the back of your head reminding you it’s there ^^

I have a couple of UFOs, but with lots of things in boxes, because of the move, I also have an excellent excuse not to go rummaging.  However, I did find one, that I’d stored in a more accessible place . . . a project I began way way back in Januiary 2010 (gosh was it really that long ago?).  Fabric is grubby, and even my threads are grubby, but I decided it was time to get back to work and finish.  I’ll give it a wash and iron when complete  . . . in the meantime, the grubbiness is serving as a reminder that it doesn’t do to leave projects lying around for years ^^

The project is “Colourful Lorikeets” by Fiona Jude and I honestly don’t know how it ever became a UFO because I still think the design is gorgeous and the colours are so vibrant.

Here’s what it looked like the other day


It’s literally 3/4 done since the three birds to the right are complete (aside from a white stitch in the eyes and a little back stitching around feet.  I can’t believe I gave up so close to the end!  Anyway, it has become my evening project and I am determined it will be finished very soon.  Progress looks like this


I’ve filled in the rest of the sky (which is the correct blue but is grubby), begun stitching the green plummage of last bird, and also the leaves to the far left.  Next photo should be to show you a happy dance!

Cirque des Cercles–stage 3

Avis, Izz and I are busy busy busy . . . and above all, encouraging each other along in our SAL which is at stage 3 already ^^  Avis, of Sewing Beside the Sea and myself are stitching “Cirque des Cercles” by Ink Circles.  Izz, of Isabel’s Needlework is going great guns with her project: The Lord’s Prayer.

Please feel free to click on the links above to go and see Izz and Avis’ progress for this stage. Mine is here


This really is a gorgeous design to stitch. The chart is nice and big, so very easy on the eyes, and working in monochrome is a joy in the evenings, with no worrying about different symbols ^^  Stage four will be on-line in a few weeks time.

“DreamCatcher”–the beginnings

It’s official, folks!  I have begun a new adventure, and put first stitches to “DreamCatcher” (aka fractal folly ^^).

Here’s the design I will be stitching


and which will probably take me at least 10 years to complete lol.  It took me over 4 hours just to sort my threads . . . decided I need to be methodical, so took the time to cut skeins into lengths before threading into all the slots on my thread sorters, with symbols next to each.  101 different symbols, so 101 skeins to cut and sort – yep over 4 hours preparation work.  I also began gridding up my fabric, so that it will be easier to find where I am on the chart. Haven’t finished gridding, but did enough to at least begin. 

So far – I’ve begun with black in top left corner – it’s a nice clear symbol. Mind you, didn’t stop me from having an attack of the frogs last night – but at least I noticed the mistake early and was able to unpick immediately.


When I show you what it looks like on an overall view of the fabric, you’ll get a better idea of how insignificant this is


And, with my threads all nicely sorted (plus extra skeins because some colours require more than one skein).


I’m stitching on a mustard coloured 16 count aida. The base colour won’t show through once the design is stitched, so even if it’s not a very pretty colour, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. I chose this piece simply because I had loads of it, and because it should be relatively easy to work on (and see different thread colours clearly as I stitch).

Cirque des Cercles–stage 2

Izz, Avis and myself have been busy little bees, working on our SAL. And we all managed to stitch our stage 2 on time – so a pat on the back for the three of us ^^

Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea and myself are working on “Cirque des Cercles” by Ink Circles – our stitching for this stage – the large motif on the left and to stitch a second large circle outline.

Here is mine – stitched on dark green 25 count lugana using 2 strands of Threadworx “Wild Poppies”.


Izz, of Isabel’s Needleworks has made excellent progress with “The Lord’s Prayer” design she is stitching. The three of us are now raring to go for stage 3.  Next post updates on 16th March, all being well.

Lindashee’s three seasons (not quite finished yet)

I have been a busy bee ^^  And I’m feeling so proud of myself that I’m going to bore you with progress and more photos.  Yesterday I showed you how things stood with the three Lindashee hearts that I’m making into wall-hangings . . . well today, I’ll show you again, but this time, quilted _ yay!

Since the fabric I’ve used has lots of gold, (and the cross stitch pieces all have gold seed beads) I chose a “gold” coloured thread for quilting. I didn’t want to tempt fate and try anything too challenging, so I’ve gone for straight lines again BUT I added a little excitement, because I did 3 horizontal, top and bottom, and 3 vertical left & right. That way I have a kind of chequered effect at the corners of the aida.  Still very basic quilting, I know but I didn’t want to mess things up at this stage, so I played it safe.

In order of seasons . . . first “Summer Waves”

summer quilted

Next “Autumn Feathers”

autum quilted

and then “Winter Sparkles”

winter quilted

They’re all trimmed up, ready and waiting for the binding.  I will begin that job tomorrow. 

seasons quilted

I am really pleased with the way they have turned out so far.  And I’m impatient for Lindashee to design the heart for Spring so that I can have a complete set of four seasons.  Come on Lindashee . . . Mum is waiting ^^

I’m getting there, but also getting side-tracked ^^

I’m getting there (where?) . . . towards finishing stages of the wall-hangings I plan on making with Lindashee’s heart designs . . . but I’m also getting side-tracked along the way (typical me).

This afternoon, the plan was to cut & sew bands for the Autumn heart, then do quilting and binding on all three (still waiting for Spring). 

autumn almost

I’ve chosen a really colourful fabric with warm autumn colours and gold. It looks a bit “”over the top” close up like that, but I’m hopeful that once I add cream coloured binding, it will tone things down a little.  I didn’t get as far as quilting and binding however, so for the moment things look very untidy

3 seasons almost

Untidy, but promising Clignement d'œil

The side-tracking was also patchwork related.  I won’t tell you what I’m making, but you’ll probably guess if I show you this photo of fabric just laid out – I’ve done some special effects on photo, sorry ^^ but this will be a present and I won’t be able to show you a proper photo until after the person’s birthday.

side-tracked peek

the beginnings of a new cross stitch project

At the moment, the only large project I’m working on is “Pentecost Two” – a blackwork embroidery . . . and I do love to have a cross stitch project on the go too. After mentioning Joan Elliott the other day, I went rummaging in my chart stash and sorted threads to start one of her designs. 

I haven’t made a great deal of progress (been feeling under the weather these past few days) and my fabric looks a little dull compared to the gorgeous pinky-blue background on the cover photo BUT I am confident it will look nice once things grow.

unicorn 01

The design is “Unicorn and Maiden”.  I am stitching on 28 count Trento “natural” evenweave. I think the unicorn will show up rather nicely, once I add more white.

small progress

oops, it doesn’t look like I’ve been doing much crafting of late – and this is true, I haven’t.  Got side-tracked playing computer games, then had a short weekend away, begun a new blackwork project . . . but cross stitch seems to be on a go-slow and as for patchwork . . . I haven’t touched that in several months!  Thank goodness we’re now into September and I’ll be able to get back into some kind of routine.  In the meantime, I come to show you some small progress on my “Bear and raspberry”.  This is where I was last time

bear 21 08

and here’s what things look like today

bear 06 09

thank you Corinne and Stéphanie

I’ve already sent mail to say “thank you” to the ladies in question, but wanted to post photos and do a public thank you on my blog to Corinne and Stéphanie who have been keeping their eyes open for bookmarks for my collection.  So, first, a big thank you to Corinne

from Corinne

and then an equally big thank you to Stéphanie ^^

from stephanie

While here, I thought I’d also post update of cross stitch . . . have been working on only one project: my bear. Last time he looked like this

bear 10 08

and here’s what he looks like 10 days later.

bear 21 08

Busy working on the leaves and gradually filling in on fur as I go.