whhoo whhoooo!–or happy unbirthdays in April

Another month, another excuse to celebrate some happy un-birthdays  . . . for April, I decided to send out something “fun” and “silly”

non anniv x2

Yup, two of my little amigurumi owls have flown off to new homes where, I hope, they will bring a smile to someone’s face, despite their obvious imperfections.  These little fellows crocheted following a free pattern by Moji-Moji Designs.

The green one, flew to Corinne of Passion Broderie, who loves owls and has quite a collection, I believe.  She is also a cross stitcher, so I added two skeins of DMC thread.

non anniv passion

And the pink owl flew to Sandrine, also a cross stitcher, so also posted with 2 skeins of pretty  DMC thread.

non anniv Sandrine

I kept the nest, as my remaining two owls do like somewhere to snuggle up together, when they’re not out hunting mice at night. 


thank you Lynn

I celebrated an unbirthday this month!  And such fun it was, thanks to Lynn, aka The Tialys, who sent me loads of wonderful goodies.  Do you want to see?  Of course you do! 

Well first up, there was a selection of fabric, for future patchwork and other sewing projects.

from Lynn 02

Four animal prints – I do like a big cat! 

from Lynn 01

More interesting fabrics, with one large panel covered in patchwork houses, a lovely bright pink “cat” fabric, and some very vintage looking “vignettes” all on a wild flower theme.  Plus, at the bottom of the photo, two patterns to make vintage style teddy bears!

from Lynn 03

And . . . two gorgeous hand-knitted baby cardigans (colours are to die for – a shame they won’t fit me), a book mark, two skeins of Anchor thread and a lovely owl card.  The cardies are simply adorable, and the perfect size for my reborn dolls . . . so we had a quick photo shoot.  First the moss green & purple one, which seems to fit all girl dolls nicely.

from Lynn 06

Here it is on Alice . . . then on Grace

from Lynn 07

and on Lily (who isn’t assembled, just has head & limbs sort of stuffed inside, but you get the general idea).

from Lynn 08

And then the plum coloured one on Grace

from Lynn 10

And on Lily

from Lyn 09

I really am going to have to get my act together and take care of my reborns.  Lily and Noah have been waiting for ages for me to reassemble them.  The only clothes making I’ve done so far has been a couple of crocheted hats, one pair of trousers and a nappy – that’s not really good enough, is it?   So, once I’m back on both feet (literally) I really will have to set to work! 

happy un-birthdays in March

March is traditionally the time we think of Easter, with bunny rabbits . . . Mad Hatters and March Hares . . . so time to send off a few un-birthday gifts.  This time to two French forum friends.  Sadly, I didn’t have any time, or imagination, to make any original gifts this month –I’ve been a bit busy working on an exchange gift and a birthday present – which I will reveal in due course.  But luckily, I always have a few little bits “made earlier” . . . so this is what I sent.

march Corinne

To Corinne – a little coaster with a cross stitched teapot (a free by Lindashee), a fun chicken card and some DMC threads.

march Selenh

And to Selenh, another fun chicken card, different shades of DMC threads and a lavender bag (which I had stored in a zip-lock freezer bag so it still smells as fresh as the day it was made).

giving and receiving

I have yet to decide whether it’s more fun to give or to receive.  I do love to be on the giving end, especially when it involves some secret crafting or shopping.  The waiting for the person to receive the parcel and wondering if gifts will be appreciated.  But then it’s also such fun when an unexpected parcel arrives, and to be on the receiving end.  Photos today because I have been a giver and a receiver . . .

megan bday 

Here is what I sent to my daughter, Lindashee, who turned 24 yesterday.  A Michael Powell book with 20 charts for xmas decorations/cards; 15 different colours of A4 sized felt (for future crafting projects); a pink “lipstick” needle holder and . . . a “bag bag”.

megan bag

I’m getting rather good at making these now, even if I do say so myself.   I made this one in a turquoise “umbrella” nylon fabric, so it’s completely water-proof.

On the receiving end . . . an unexpected surprise from Avis who decided I needed cheering up (after having had to listen to me whinging via email about various things I won’t go into here). 

babmoo 04

Some chocolate – we all know about the positive effects of chocolate.   A tin of Spam because Avis knows that’s something I can’t find in France, and I love the stuff!  And the most gorgeous zipper pouch, made with fabric that came all the way from China.  When I say, all the way from China, I mean that Avis’ daughter was visiting China and bought the fabric for her Mum.  Fabric which Avis then made into a zippy pouch, using her gorgeous hand-cranked Singer 99k (you can read more about that on her blog).

bamboo 02

There was also a matching bookmark hidden inside.

bamboo 01

bamboo 03

This zippy bag is going to come in handy for crochet amigurumi projects.  I am currently making a monster, and have lots of loose body parts including three eyeballs, and lots of tiny fingers & toes . . . sorry, I’ll rephrase that . . . my MONSTER has loose body parts, including three eyeballs etc.   A bright zippy bag is the perfect place to keep that lot safe until I get around to the job of assembling body parts.

not one parcel, but two!

I was expecting a little parcel in the post recently . . . some supplies I’d ordered with a new sewing project in mind . . . so when postie knocked on the door, I was rather surprised to be handed not one, but two parcels.  One was my order (more on that further down) but one had come all the way from New Zealand!  A surprise parcel from Susan, containing lots of lovely goodies!

from SusanP01

Susan sent me: a copy of New Zealand Quilter magazine – their last issue, so that’s a very special one!  A very cute little xstitch kit, complete with scissors, to make an adorable scissor fob, some lovely lavender bags (I do love those hearts – so bright and cheerful) and a very cute little embroidered pig keyring: 

from SusanP02

So a very warm thank you to Susan!

Gibbs was very excited at parcel opening time . . . he was sniffing at those lavender bags, hoping one was for him.  Nope!   And when I opened the parcel of supplies I had ordered . . . he was hopeful there was something in there for him.

teething bits

Again, nope!  Sorry Gibbs.  These are for toys, and most of the items are even for chewing on . . . but not for dogs!  Yay, I ordered in a selection of silicon teething shapes plus some squeakers AND four little things that make a sort of rattle sound.  You’ve guessed . . . I’m planning on making some baby toys.  I fancy having a go at making some with different textures, in bright colours, adding squeakers, rattles or even crinkly paper so that they make lots of fun noises too.  Stay tuned!

And a last photo . . . to show a very quick & easy sewing project.

easy trousers

These, made following a free pattern by Made by Rae.  They are newborn size and are my first sewing project for my reborn dolls.  Fabric is a light-weight cotton, left over from a skirt I made myself in 2016.  I did also make a matching kimono top (a free by someone else) but it didn’t turn out quite as planned, so I’ll be trying that again and will show you when I have success.

just because . . .

Regular readers will know I have a thing about unbirthdays . . . an excuse to post gifts to blogging friends and surprise them when they least expect it.   Sometimes it’s a hand-made gift, sometimes, it’s shop-bought.  It doesn’t matter – it’s just my way of sharing a little joy in the world, and showing people that I appreciate their friendship.  I’m not alone, although crafters may have a different name for this wanting to surprise friends with unexpected gifts.  Tony, aka The Yarn Blabber likes to make and send gifts “just because . . . “  

I could finish that phrase by adding “ . . . because Tony is a very generous person . . . . because he is an extremely talented needleworker . . . (and also) because I had been drooling over a magnificent purple cardigan Tony knitted himself, . . . because PURPLE is my favourite colour”!!!

A lovely squidgey arrived in the post yesterday, from Spain, and I knew even without looking at the return address who it was from, because Tony is the only person I know who lives in Spain.  Much oohing and ahhing followed as I opened the parcel, to find

from Tony 01

The most gorgeous purple cowl, and the prettiest little biscornu!  This biscornu is the first Tony had ever made.  Since then, he’s admitted to having been bitten by the biscornu bug, and has been enjoying making more.  But I am honoured to have been gifted the very first.  It’s so delicate, and has gold beads on one side, and silver/blue beads on the other.

from Tony 02

from Tony 03

And the cowl . . . well what can I say?  It is soooooo soft, such a beautiful pattern, and . . .


Look!  it matches my car!  My Purple Picasso lol. 

So a very warm thank you to Tony.  That smile, I’m wearing in the photo, along with the cowl . . . I’ve been wearing it all day! 

happy unbirthdays # February

Unbirthday celebrations continue for two blogging friends in February.   And with two small parcels being posted to Lynn and Mamoures.

Mamoures is a cross stitcher, so . . .

unbirthday pia

I sent her a Dimensions kit to make a plastic tree decoration.

Lynn has a finger in many pies, but I usually imagine her sitting in front of her sewing machine, sewing her beloved Liberty fabrics.  To Lynn, I couldn’t resist gifting a copy of “The Sewing Machine”.

unbirthday Lynn

A very happy unbirthday ladies!