happy unbirthdays # February

Unbirthday celebrations continue for two blogging friends in February.   And with two small parcels being posted to Lynn and Mamoures.

Mamoures is a cross stitcher, so . . .

unbirthday pia

I sent her a Dimensions kit to make a plastic tree decoration.

Lynn has a finger in many pies, but I usually imagine her sitting in front of her sewing machine, sewing her beloved Liberty fabrics.  To Lynn, I couldn’t resist gifting a copy of “The Sewing Machine”.

unbirthday Lynn

A very happy unbirthday ladies!


happy un-birthdays # January

Another year, and another 12 months to enjoy making & sending un-birthday gifts to blogging friends when they least expect it.

For January, I sent out a few of the tissue pouches I made last year.

un birthdays Jan

With the cold winter months and runny noses, these should come in handy.  Pink one was sent to Jeanna, the colourful birds to Elsa and the blue Kaffe Fassett to Fred.


Oooh and a quick “edit” to add a photo.  The following photo was sent to me by Yvonne (who doesn’t have a blog). She wanted to show me some of the secret sewing she got up to before Christmas, inspired by my tutorial on how to make these little pouches.  It looks like Yvonne got hooked once she started sewing, just like me ^^.  Proof that this project is very more-ish!

more surprise mail

Postie has been a regular visitor to our letter box, with some surprise packages.  Not sure if they’re belated xmas gifts or un-birthday gifts, all I know is they are gifts and they’re for me!

In fact, the first photo is a “best wishes” card from Nathalie F.  In France, people don’t tend to send out cards for Christmas, but prefer to wait until the New Year before sending their seasonal greetings.  The card from Nathalie is ever so chic!

from Nathalie F

Beautifully embossed and with white beads and shiney stars. 

from la pie kikou

From Jocelyne, aka la pie kikou, I received a selection of goodies.  A piece of shimmery aida along with 3 skeins of the DMC new collection.  Gorgeous colours, especially the 4505.  And a beautiful hand-made bookmark with my initials embroidered to look like a coat of arms.  Makes me feel like royalty, that does!

And that’s not all . . .

from Sandrine

From Sandrine a massive haul of bookmarks . . . and a clothes making pattern – yay!  It’s one to make a shirt: the Chloé shirt.  Packaging says it’s intermediate level (thanks for the vote of confidence, Sandrine) . . . I reckon this should be within my capabilities if I read all instructions properly.

So a big thank you ladies . . . so much fun to have all these surprises.

a little late with my thank yous

Dear oh dear . . . 13th January already and I have neglected my blog for almost a fortnight and (above all) I have neglected to show you some of the gifts I received in the Christmas post this year!

xmas blogging 01

First of all, lots and lots of bookmarks!  So a big thank you to Cathy, Flo and Emma.  Bookmarks from York, from Greece, from Ireland, from Spain and Australia.  Emma sent along a little cat cross stitch kit too, and a lovely card with a Japanese doll that can be removed from the card and be used as a bookmark too!

xmas blogging 02

Here’s a close up of the stitched one – a lovely long-tailed Lorikeet.  Emma adapted the colours of the original design so it would blend in with my F2F quilt, which is based on orange, blue & green, the predominant colours of Rainbow Lorikeets.

Next . . .

xmas blogging 03

Lots of pretty stitched goodies.  A “Let it snow” mug rug from Fred, tree decorations from AnnieG, Storm (green ribbon)  and Debbierose (red ribbon) and two more blackwork stitchings from Jeannine.

xmas blogging 05

More surprises from near and far . . . a Lizzie Kate kit and a beautiful wooden thread sorter from Wisher, and some lovely wooden buttons from Lynn (two dogs and four with a little black cat head – but it’s impossible to see in the photo).

xmas blogging 04

And then a lovely haul of hand-made cards.   A rather fun Christmas tree from Hannelore, a Poinsettia from salpal, a mischievious puppy dog from Virginie, some golden stitched candles from Yvonne and a fabulous 3D effect card from Helen, with deer & rabbits.

Thank you ever so much! 

happy un-birthdays in November

unbirthday November

Autumn is with us, wet & windy . . . Winter isn’t far off . . . and with it, all those germs and runny noses.  Which explains the idea behind recent sewing and a few un-birthday gifts that were sent to 3 ladies in France.  From left to right, these little pouches were sent to Monique, Lynn and Ghislaine . . . the idea: to pop a packet of standard size paper tissues inside.  Each pouch has a metal clip, so it can be clipped to a jeans belt-loop or to the house/car keys.

A very fun sewing session.  Having fun with my new plastic poppers, using different pretty fabrics, and also messing around trying different shapes of openings.


And, of course, I didn’t stop there since I was on a roll . . .


I made quite a few!  Thinking these will make lovely xmas gifts for my neighbours too.  I seem to have made a lot of pinkish ones with this batch, mainly because I pulled out quite a large piece of pink cotton to use as lining.  However I have already cut out some other fabrics (trying to use scraps where possible) in a more blue colourway, because not everyone likes pink.  More fun sewing sessions in store.

happy un-birthday (October)

This month I decided that Tony, of The Yarn Blabber, would be the lucky un-birthday boy because I wanted to make something to coincide with Hallowe’en. Aside from being a talented knitter, crocheter and cross stitcher, Tony is also an English teacher, living in Spain.  He mentioned a couple of months back that he was planning on doing some seasonal crafting, to have a little display for various festive occasions.  Hallowe’en being one of them.

I found the perfect little design to stitch on Cyberstitchers.  A freebie by SanMan Originals.  And delved into my stash of scraps to make a dash for the finish.

halloween 04

I originally toyed with the idea of making a wall-hanging, but ended up making a bag.  That way, Tony can go “trick or treating” if he fancies, or simply hang the bag up (and it’ll look like a wall-hanging).

hallowen 01

halloween 02

halloween 05

Posted along with a packet of paper drinking straws . . . hope they arrive without being too squashed!

cats, “Yarn Cats” and some surprise mail

cats August

Couldn’t resist sharing this photo with you of a peaceful moment . . . that’s Ducky to the left, and Abby to the right (our brother & sister act) having a cuddly snooze in one of their favourite spots.  Aww, don’t they look cute?

Unlike this trio who have got themselves in a right tangle.

yarn cats finished

This is “Yarn Cats”, a kit by Design Works that I snapped up in the xmas sales on sewandso last year.  A nice little stitching project, even though I didn’t much enjoy all the backstitch at the end.  Anyway, a small happy dance going on with that . . . and thinking cap on already to actually make this into something rather than just stuffing it in a drawer.

from Kate

And not only was I happy dancing because of a finished xstitch . . . I was also prancing around with glee because I received some surprise mail (ie I had another unbirthday).  This little stash from Kate of by the babbling brooke.  A lovely hand-made “tag” with some pretty yoyo flowers; a bookmark cross stitch kit, and a quilting pattern. A big thank you to Kate!