Grand Marquoir – Part Five on line

I’m going to have to get my skates on because . . .

Part FIVE of Isabelle Vautier’s GRAND MARQUOIR is now available on line grillemystereclic5  and I still haven’t finished part four :os  For those of you who ARE up to date with this SAL and have been twiddling your thumbs (like my daughter) after completing part 4 . . . here’s the link to download and keep you busy


Grand Marquoir – part 4 finished

Nope, I haven’t suddenly grown an extra pair of hands and finished part four of Isabelle Vautier’s Grand Marquoir in the last few weeks . . . I have only done three squares of part four HOWEVER . . .

my darling daughter, aka Lindashee HAS finished !!! Yep, been stitching like a little fury with it being the school hols and all in this part of the world and has even added the metallic thread herself !!!!  So big drum roll . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . GMpart4 megan

For those of you stitching this SAL, like myself, who are not so far along, Lindashee has a few words of warning . . . watch out for a few missed stitches on the O as well as needing to move one line over to the right in the Q square . . . there’s also a little isolated stitch in the bunch of grapes square – Lindashee stitched it, but reckons it’s probably a mistake and should be erased from the chart – so just have a quick look over chart before stitching . . . for the few minor mistakes that have slipped through.

Grand Marquoir – my part three finished

Well I am several weeks behind schedule, since many stitchers have already begun work on part four (including my darling daughter) but I have plodded along at my own pace ^^ and am proud to show that Part Three of Isabelle Vautier’s Grand Marquoir is complete ! part 3

A quick zoom to show that I have given up on metallic thread and decided to simply use a lighter shade of green.   part3zoomThat has been added to parts 2 & 3 but I now need to unpick the metallic thread of part 1 and restitch using the lighter green.  Metallic thread does look a lot more impressive, but I’ve been getting in knots with it and not enjoying working with it at all . . . so my GM will be done in greens.

Grand Marquoir PART FOUR ON LINE

Calling all Grand Marquoir stitchers  . . . Calling all Grand Marquoir stitchers !!!  PART FOUR Part4 of Isabelle Vautier’s Grand Marquoir is available on line ^^ here

LOL I still have three squares of the third part to do but I just know my daughter is going to pounce on this chart as soon as I print it out and get even more ahead of me !!!

Grand Marquoir – update

The end of June will soon be here . . . and with it, the publication of Part Four of Isabelle Vautier’s GRAND MARQUOIR so I’m stitching franctically in the hopes of keeping up ^^  I’m hopeful (as always) that I will just about manage to complete part three in time . . . here’s how it looks so far  GMclaire1806and now a big DRUM ROLL please for Lindashee’s progress !!!!

drums rolling ????????????????  because she has been strutting around the house, waving THIS under my nose and saying “oh, you’re only that far?”  . . . while SHE is this far !! GMmegan1806Yep!  she may only be 15 years old, but my daughter is putting me to shame on this SAL and proving me to be a real old slow coach ^^  She is now itching to get started on part four AND for me to add the metallic thread to her fabric.

Grand Marquoir updates

It’s been a while since I posted any photos of Grand Marquoir updates in this house – mainly because both my daughter and I have been busy stitching other projects and perhaps slightly losing momentum on this one . . . BUT last night saw us both in front of the TV, needle in hand and here’s the story so far( mine in green and Lindashee’s in brown)


two SAL updates

Thursday progress on my SAL with Sandra 

was a bit boring as I continued with green, green and more green on the background of our CATS RULE design – best to get the boring part done first though and have fun later ^^  CATRULES14mai2CATRULES14mai1

AND quick picture of my Isabelle Vautier Grand Marquoir SAL . . . am way behind as I haven’t done the gold on letters for the 2nd part yet and other stitchers are already well under way with part 3 but I’m hoping to be back on line very soon and do some catching up.  GM14mai