Lindashee happy dancing

My almost 16 year old daughter, aka Lindashee, is happy dancing because she FINALLY put the finishing touches to her Isabelle Vautier GRAND MARQUOIR ^^

She sort of got side-tracked from cross stitching (as teenagers tend to do) and, while she had literally completed by the end of 2009, she was getting annoyed with metallic threads – and Mum refused to do it for her – so her Marquoir got put on hold until last week.  Here it is in all its unwashed, unironed glory stitched on a 14 count off-white aida, using DMC 839 and Metallic old gold.

Her “Purse Collection” and “Pizzaz” aren’t going anywhere fast – because apparently I’m supposed to be putting on my granny glasses and searching for miscounts (which I will do all in my own good time ^^) so . . . to stop Lindashee getting bored, and because it’s still half term holidays here and teenagers need something to keep them busy . . . she’s just begun a new project for the year:  Sylvia’s “MY LITTLE HEART” design available on Sylvia’s blog here

This is a SAL I have plans of beginning myself and will now obviously have to start soon so that Lindashee doesn’t leave me too far behind so you will soon be able to enjoy photos of mother and daughter battling it out furiously to see who finishes first ^^



Warm New Year greetings to all – may the coming year bring good health, happiness and many hours of pleasurable stitching ^^

I’ve been seeing the New Year in with a happy dance – yep, put finishing stitches to my Isabelle Vautier Grand Marquoir today ^^  24 hours later than I hoped, and those 24 hours make this my first finish in 2010 but that hasn’t stopped me from proudly stitching 2009 on the bottom as I figure that only a few hours past midnight chimes doesn’t quite qualify it for a 2010 project.  Anyway . . . here it is in all its glory . . .

I was rather sad to come to the end of this SAL.  It’s been great fun to stitch and I have to say I have enjoyed every one of the 54 squares.  My daughter has almost completed her GM too – she’s done all her brown stitches, just needs to finish off four letters with gold metallic thread so will be posting a photo soon to show off the second GM finish in this house.

GRAND MARQUOIR – one month to go ^^

Some of you Grand Marquoir stitchers have finished this epic piece already (thinking of Sandra who has done herself proud!)

In this house, we haven’t given up though and are stitching along with firm resolutions of having our samplers finished by midnight on 31st December at the very latest ^^  The race is still on between my daughter and myself, but I am valiantly closing the gap . . . here’s how our fabric looks today.  Lindashee stitching in brown and gold, and already on part six

and my version in green, part five just completed and one month left to tackle the sixth and final part. 

GRAND MARQUOIR – and the race is on !

Yes folks, the race is on in this house, between my daughter and myself, to see who finishes Isabelle Vautier’s GRAND MARQUOIR first ^^

Lindashee, stitching in brown and gold  on a cream 14 count aida, is in the lead at the moment  GM megan 011109

and looks like she’ll be tackling Part six very shortly . . . whereas my version, in green and paler green, is more than four squares behind ^^   GMclaire 011109but I’m still confident I can catch my daughter up and that it’ll be neck and neck in the final straight . . . so don’t forget to tune in for further updates and see who pips who at the finishing post ^^


Grand Marquoir – my part FOUR finished

Okay I know that parts five and six are already available, and that I’m behind on this one ^^ but haven’t given up hopes of getting it finished by 31st December 2009 !  Last night, I put finishing stitches to part FOUR and am going to make a start of part five this afternoon.  GM 261009

Haven’t gotten round to replacing the gold metallic thread in part one with the lighter green I’ve decided to use . . . but will do that next month (I hope).  Main thing is to keep progressing with the next installments and try to catch up.  My daughter, Lindashee, is still plugging away on part five (I think she’s done six blocks so far) but she’s on half term holidays for ten days now so I will post her progress report very soon.

GRAND MARQUOIR final part on line !!!

Isabelle Vautier has obviously decided we need a bit of incentive to keep stitching on this SAL, because the sixth and final part of her Grand Marquoir is already available on line here:

I am totally behind schedule and STILL haven’t finished part four (not something I should be bragging about) so seeing the final part has certainly been a wake-up call for me to get stitching!  I would hate to have begun this SAL in 2009 and to finish it in 2010 ^^ so next few weeks will see me trying to sneak the odd hours stitching in here and there.

In fact, the publication of this part could be what I need to drag me out of a current stitching slump.  I haven’t done any serious stitching over the past 10 days or so . . . no real reason, and certainly not lack of time because when motivated I always manage to find time.

Have been continuing with more vet visits with Le Bleu:  now at one month after the op, we were getting concerned because he still isn’t trying to use his leg and, more worrying still, tends to hold his lower leg at a very strange angle.  I HAD mentioned it to the vet when stitches were removed and was told it was still early days . . . but yesterday I decided to take him along for a proper visit.  Vet took more xrays which he e-mailed to the orthopedic surgeon and I got a phone call today to say there is indeed a problem.  Fracture still isn’t fully repaired (but that’s a slow work in progress so not the actual problem) . . . orthopedic surgeon has said Le Bleu’s knee is dislocated ( no idea why that wasn’t picked up on earlier).  Nothing can be done about it for the moment and we’ll have to wait  until the fracture is fully repaired BUT the surgeon wants to see Le Bleu again very soon to do a more thorough examination and decide when he can set things straight (literally !).

Other than that, Le Bleu is doing quite well.  Thanks to all the gifts and goodies from friends, he has put weight on and is back to his normal 4.150 kilos.  He’s dealing with imprisonment pretty well too, and seems resigned to staying in the playpen for however long is deemed necessary.  I climb in with him every day for a stroke session which does us both the world of good but it’s still very depressing to have to keep him locked up.  More depressing is that since fracture is so slow to repair, the original 2 month prison sentence has been extended to 3 months :os

On a totally different note . . . my daughter and I have been very naughty ^^ and spending money on the internet.  Have just recently discovered a new BJD manufacturer which produces some rather “interesting” looking face & body sculpts AND, since Christmas is only just around the corner, I have placed an order for two new BJDs (one each): male ones this time! 

It’s going to be a couple of months before they arrive, but the two of us are like 3 year-olds in the sweet shop ^^ doing lots of browsing on forums and internet shops looking at wigs, eyes, shoes & clothes as well as thinking up names for our two new men !

summer card exchange & GM update

Lovely Lionel has delivered post for the day which means I can show you photos of a recent exchange organised on the forum Nos Plaisirs Créatifs.  It was a SUMMER CARD exchange – just a quick exchange, stitching and sending a card on the theme of summer.  I stitched this for mamoures (using lots of red as that’s her favourite colour and red seed beads for the flip flops).  echange carte ete It’s an adaptation of a Helga Mandl design from issue 31 of THE GIFT OF STITCHING.  And I received this card from france this morning echange carte recu1 -france must have excellent eye sight because she stitched over one on linen ^^

Today I shall be making more progress on my SSL project (along with Sandra & Vikki) but other photo to share with you today is progress on my Isabelle Vautier Grand Marquoir. GM 04 09 Am hoping to have part 4 complete by mid-September BUT I also have two other “must do” projects on my agenda (a small RR design for 10th and an “autumn exchange” for 15th) so completing part 4 may well drag on until the end of the month^^