a bit of this & that

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog this month.  This doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing some blog-hopping to see what everyone else is up to.  Nor does it mean I haven’t been crafting – au contraire – I have!  However, several of the projects I’m working on are either secret crafting projects, or not far enough in the making to be worth blogging about.

Still, I do have 2 projects to talk about . . . first up, is the latch hook “Puppy” rug kit by Versaco.


The hooking is finally complete – yay!  Once I set my mind to it, it came along very quickly.  Helped by the fact that I’ve been playing catch up, watching The Great British Sewing Bee on my tablet.  Since the husband isn’t too keen on sewing programmes,  I watch GBSB while sitting out in the kitchen, and kitchen table was the most comfortable place for latch hooking.  I’ve already trimmed the excess canvas, and begun the job of finishing edges neatly.  I will share a fully finished photo with you in due course.

I’ve also been doing some sewing.  Several projects in mind for Baby Viking, and big plans on moving out of my comfort zone to make a few garments with stretch fabrics.  True to myself, I thought it best to have a trial run with stretch fabrics before cutting into the yummy piece I’ve bought for BV.  And, after the clear out in my wardrobe last month, I had a couple of Tshirts (that didn’t get handed down or put in the Red Cross recyle bin) I had kept, precisely to slice up and use for some trial sewing.  So, one Tshirt repurposed into a pair of toddler sized trousers.  Scraps above are all that was left of the Tshirt.  I remembered to use a special Jersey/stretch fabrics needle in Juki and I used the overlocking stitch for everything.  I noticed that Juki tended to skip a stitch occasionally (not sure if it was my fault or because fabric was quite fine) if I tried to sew too quickly.  After adjusting speed and taking things slowly though, all seams looked good.  I even thought to cut pieces so the bottom of the Tshirt became the hemline of the legs – hence the really professional overlocked hems! 


I was planning, initially, to make something in Baby Viking size for this summer, and followed a pattern accordingly (more or less) however,  . . . after popping round to hold these up against our little neighbour (who’s 19 months old), the verdict was:  way too wide.  Waist and the “rise” are good, but legs are much too wide for what I was aiming for (which was more of a jegging than a trouser).  Not to worry!  They turned out to be quite a good fit, as 3/4 length leggings on Daisy, so she gets to keep them.  And oh surprise . . . they look rather good with the pinafore dress I made for her.  Anyone would think I made these sizing mistakes on purpose, but I don’t!  This second photo shows you the true colour – a lovely turquoise/aqua, which makes the perfect “bottoms” to match the pinafore dress. 

daisy 01

While I had camera out, and Daisy was posing . . . I couldn’t resist playing with more of my dolls.  I realise the following photos will freak some readers out.  I know, I know, most people think my dolls are creepy,  so you’ll just have to close your eyes and scroll down if you don’t want to see the following doll pictures.  First pic is of Daisy, posing as”big sister” to Lily .

daisy 02

Then with Alice (who incidentally is wearing a pinafore dress I made last year using the same pattern as Daisy’s dress).


And finally, with Noah.

daisy 04

That’s all the doll photos for now, you can open your eyes! 

And admire


Gibbs, who is overjoyed that my most recent check-up with foot surgeon went well, and daily walks to the park have resumed.  And about time too, says Gibbs!

picking up a UFO (only 6 years after starting)

I pride myself on the fact that when I start a project, I usually finish it (eventually) . . . so don’t think I have too many UFOs lurking in my sewing room (although I haven’t searched very thoroughly).  There are a couple though, that have been in the back of my mind for a while, as worthy of my attention.  One of them being, a latch hook kit.

I treated myself to this way back in January 2013: “Puppy” by Versaco.


Quite an expensive kit but it was a treat to myself for my birthday that year.   First hooking began way back in February 2013, and then poor puppy was pulled out occasionally over the following 2 years.  Last seen in September 2015 looking like this

20 09 WIP c

I’m not sure why I ran out of steam.  Possibly because I can’t latch hook while sitting in my rocking chair, watching TV.

Anyway, suffice it to say, this poor puppy has been waiting too long for completion, so I’ve picked up my latch hook, and begun work again because, honestly, I’d come too far not to continue!  I’m not setting myself a “to be finished before” date, but at least the UFO is now back to being a WIP.

rug 01 03 (1)

what UFOs

Hmmmm . . . yesterday I was up in my sewing room, all set to begin a little sewing project that required some felt . . . and when delving into drawers and cupboards for felt, I came across a UFO

20 09 WIP c

Do any of you remember me beginning this?  It’s a latch hook rug kit, by Vercaco that I bought in January 2013 and began in February 2013.  Last time I blogged about it was in September 2013 and it doesn’t like I’ve touched it much since!  So that got me thinking, that I really must start hooking again and finish this fluffy puppy off.

It also got me to thinking about what other WIPs I have that have since become UFOs.  Not as many as you’d think, actually ^^

There’s this

20 09 WIP

“Maiden and Unicorn” by Joan Elliott that hasn’t seen a stitch in a very long time, although I think I did work on it for a few hours since we moved into our new house (so probably in January this year).

And then there’s this

20 09 WIP a

Which was my “fractal folly” : DREAMCATCHER.  I treated myself to the chart in February 2014 but the last time I worked on this was September of the same year.  Problem with this is . . . it’s huge (or will be once it’s stitched)

20 09 WIP b

Twenty-five pages of chart and over 100 different colours.  That’s why it’s my “folly” lol.

Anyway, I can’t pick up all three projects, because I have other WIPs to work on too, but I have given myself a stern talking to, and will at least try to finish the latch hook rug before the end of the year.

As for the unicorn and fractal, I’ve folded them away again, but I know they’re waiting Rire

catching up on some latch-hook

I had to have a bit of tidy up in the house at the start of the summer hols because we had quite a few visitors and I couldn’t just leave my crafting supplies strewn about the house ^^ This means that when certain supplies got put away, they stayed there all summer.  A fine example is my latch hook puppy rug.  Here’s what he looked like in June before he was stuffed in the cupboard


and this is what he looks like now.

rug septI am 3/4 of the way along ^^  When I bought this latch hook kit in February, I had every intention of taking things at a leisurely pace, so I am more than happy with progress so far. The question will be . . . do I make another rug once this one is finished? Hmmmm . . . I’m thinking about it, but nothing is certain yet.


I’ve taken a little break from patchworking and cross-stitching these past few days . . . to make some progress with my other crafty WIP: my latch hook rug.

Last time I showed a photo was in April, and things looked like this


and today it looks like


I could probably get this done and dusted in a week, if I did nothing but latch-hook over the next few days BUT I know me ^^ and doubt that this puppy will be finished by the end of the summer lol.  The fun is in the making, not necessarily in the finishing of a project ^^


latch-hooking not patchworking

Yesterday should have been patchwork club day BUT my old lady of a car is at the garage for repairs so I was car-less (and feeling too lazy to walk because it’s quite a hike). The original plan therefore was to stay home and make progress with my patchwork, while watching a DVD . . . but then I got side-tracked (that’s me, easy to distract) and I ended up doing some latch-hooking instead ^^

I hadn’t done much since March and here’s what canvas looked like

rug04I am very proud to say that now I’m half-way there and canvas looks like this

rug merlinoops now that photo is no good ^^  Scat Merlin, move out of the way so I can take a decent photo and show everyone . . .

ah, that’s better !


“puppy” rug progress

It’s been two weeks since I posted an update on my latch-hooking . . . main reason is that I haven’t been doing an awful lot of it during the week, and am only finding a couple of hours at the weekend to latch-hook .  I also need to do it in natural lighting because otherwise it can be difficult to distinguish between the light grey and white on the canvas.  Last photo looked like this


And the most recent photo looks like this

rug04I’m still enjoying it immensely and find it’s quite a nice change from cross stitch or patchwork. Once I finish the nose (continuing line by line) I reckon I’ll be about half way lol and am already thinking that I’ll invest in another rug kit when I’ve completed this one (so that really does show that I’m having fun!)

latch-hooking progress

As you’ve seen from recent posts, I have been doing a little cross stitching, a little patchworking AND also a little latch-hooking lol. Here is what my rug looked like last week


And here’s what it looks like now, after finishing off the reds and orange at the bottom and making more progress on a front paw and the mouth.


latch-hooking is such fun ^^

You’ll remember that I treated myself to a latch hook kit and started last week.  Here’s what it looked like after a few hours

rug01bThis week I have been having internet problems . . . not sure if it’s a problem with the line or whether our router needs changing . . . have a technician coming on Monday to have a look. Anyway, since internet has been on and off all week (mainly off) I have been spending more time than usual doing crafty stuff (so there’s a silver lining to every cloud) and am pleased to say that I have managed several hooking sessions. So today my rug looks like this


I’m really enjoying seeing it grow, but I have to say, the packaging in the Vesaco kit isn’t the most practical. Pre-cut wool is not sorted by colours, but comes in mixed colour bundles. Now that, in itself, isn’t too much of a problem because there are only 11 colours in this design and it’s easy to distinguish between the different shades of grey or red. What I don’t like about the mixed bundles is . . . for the moment I’ve been using mainly reds and orange . . . so this means I’m having to delve into new bundles constantly because there’s only so much of each colour per bundle. Since I haven’t started on the browns or beiges yet, I have therefore had to find myself a box to store all the wools I haven’t used yet and waste a certain amount of time each session sorting out the colours I do need.

Not sure if all latch hook kits are packaged up the same way, but it would have been more logical to have single colour bundles, and would have made life so much easier.

“puppy” latch-hooking begun

Yay, I said I would wait until my birthday before I began work on my latch-hook kit . . . which has meant a lot of self-discipline over the past days, but I was good, and waited until after lunch today to sit down and begin work. It’s going to be long-term project because of the size and simply because it’s impossible to do things quickly.  I worked for just over an hour today (without Le Bleu sticking his nose in) and am working in rows from the bottom.  I estimate I have hooked approximately 200 pieces of wool today


and, if you look at the larger picture, you will see I have quite a few hours work ahead of me ^^

rug01bBut I’m in no hurry . . . it doesn’t matter if it takes me all year to complete, the main thing is to enjoy what I’m doing . . . and I found it very relaxing.