F2F – two happy dances

Happy dancing here!  With two quilts, made from the blocks I received in August 2018, for the F2F swap organised by Kate.

I had said, in July this year, that I wanted to get these blocks finished into quilts by the end of August this year, and I made it, with a day to spare – yay!

Here they are.

They’re both the same size and finished up at 55″ square.  Taking part in the F2F swap was great fun and I’d like to thank Kate for having organised things and all the ladies who took part.  You’d never think, when you look at all those gorgeous blocks, that they were made by 10 different patchworkers. They really look as if they were meant to be.

one down

Despite the heatwave, I’ve been managing to find a couple of hours here & there to work on quilting . . . and am pleased to be able to show you the first (of two) quilts made with my Miss August 2018 blocks, from the F2F3 block swap, organised by Kate.

So, white sashing, dark turquoise corner stones, white border and dark turquoise binding with flamingos on the back (all from stash).  Machine quilted with a light turquoise thread, each block quilted differently.

Quilt finishes at approx 56″ square (142cm) and the second one will be the same size, with same backing fabric & binding.  Just need weather to cool down a little so that I feel motivated to do more quilting. I still hope to be happy dancing with two fab quilts by the end of August!

F2F3 more progress

I’m wondering why on earth I left it so long (almost 2 years) to start joining all the gorgeous blocks from the F2F swap!  Because it really is so much fun to sit down at my sewing machine and sash.  I already have my 32 blocks all joined, with white sashing & turquoise cornerstones, into two quilt tops.

And I love how they both look!  It might be a little while before you see photos of the finished quilts, because I’ve run out of wadding and have to wait for fresh order to arrive.   But I am going to try and make sure I finish both by the end of August!


F2F3 2018-2019 finally coming together!

From June 2018 to February 2019, I took part in a patchwork block swap, organised by Kate.  Link to the F2F blog is here.  I was Miss August and the colours I chose for my blocks were: black, turquoise & grey on white.  I received some beauties but they were put away in a drawer, waiting for inspiration.

You’ll be pleased to hear, I got them out of the drawer the other day, and laid them all out on the bed to remind myself of all the lovely blocks I received.  Cats were only too pleased to help

Just as well I was only trying to remember what all blocks looked like and not actually trying to decide on a proper layout, eh?  Abby made it her job to deposit a little cat fluff on a few, while Le Bleu was in charge of removing a few stickers (one member had labelled her blocks with stickers so I’d know the name of her blocks but they seem to have lost their “stick”lol).

Anyway . . . I actually have a total of 32 blocks in my colours.  Should only have ended up with 27 at the end of the swap but I made 4, Nanette made 4, and my friend Avis sent me 3 as well. Which makes 32.  After some umming and ahhing.  Do I make I  a big 5 x 6 quilt with 30 and then make 2 cushions?  Or do I try to use all 32 and make two smaller quilts?  I finally decided to go for two quilts: 4 x 4 each, and to make them “sister quilts”, ie I’ll be using the same fabrics for sashing, backing & binding, so they’ll be like unidentical twins.

After a check in my stash, and a measure up of my options the assembly began.

This is as far as I’ve got so far.  Only 16 of my 32 blocks here, but they make a nice size.  Not finished yet, obviously, because I need to add outer border, quilt and bind, but this gives you a general idea of how the blocks all play nicely together.  I sashed with plain white and used a dark turquoise to give me 1″ cornerstones.   I’m very motivated to get both finished by the end of August . . . so that it’ll only have been 2 years from start to finish.  Watch this space!

F2F Season 3 – Miss February

February is, sadly, the last month of Season 3 of F2F – a block swap organised by Kate.  This swap has been running for 9 months, with 9 participants, world wide, all making and sending three 12” (finished size) blocks to each other, in each person’s chosen colourway.  It’s been a fabulous opportunity to step out of my comfort zone, working with colour combinations I wouldn’t usually think of, and making me extra careful when piecing.

Kate’s inspiration photo was


And here are the blocks I made and sent.  My background fabric is actually white, although it doesn’t look it in the photos.

Kate 01

Kate 02

Kate 03

As with the other months, I made an “Old Fan” block for myself – a souvenir of fabrics used for Kate

Old fan feb

This way, not only do I have all the lovely blocks in my colourway (turquoise, grey, black & white) to assemble into a very large patchwork, I also have 9 “Old Fan” blocks in participants colours, to make a second memento quilt.

Please do go and check out the gallery, updated by Kate, to see the wonderful display of blocks everyone made & received for this swap: F2F.

F2F swap season 3 #Miss January

It’s January, and has been for a few weeks already.  Time to share photos with you of the 12” blocks made for the block swap, organised by Kate.

Miss January is Kathy, who gave us this photo for her colour inspiration.


I ended up making four blocks for Kathy as one turned out a bit scant.

Kathy 01

Kathy 02

Kathy 03

Kathy 04

and an “Old Fan” for myself.

Old Fan

You can admire blocks made by other members of the swap in the gallery F2F.

And please come back next month, when we’ll be sharing photos of the last batch of blocks, for Kate herself.

F2F season 3 – Miss December

We’re now into the seventh month of the F2F block swap, organised by Kate.

For December, we’re making & sending to Esther, in the Netherlands, whose colour inspiration photo was a picture of flower pots in her garden!


She asked for different shades of greens, and blues, as well as grey on a white background.

Here’s what I made and sent.

Esther 01

This one is called “Bright Morning Star”.

Esther 02

Kitty Corner”.

Esther 03

And the last one, “Old Fan”.

As with previous months, I then made up an “Old Fan” block in Esther’s colours, but to keep for myself.

Dec old fan

Only two more months of this swap to go.  For January, we’ll be working in blues and greys.

F2F season 3 – Miss November

More 12” blocks to show you this month as we move into the 6th month of the F2F block swap, organised by Kate.  Miss November is Robin (who doesn’t have a blog) and has received her parcel.  Her inspiration photo is


Blue, cerise pink and orange on a white background.

I’ll admit to having gone a little mad, as I do enjoy working with bright colours.

Robin 01

My first block turned out fairly conservative, with a lot of white background.  This block is called Jawhawks.

Robin 02

Second block is very bright and a very colourful take on Arkansas Cross Roads.

For the third block . . . I had saved pink & orange triangles from the second block, which I sewed together to make a small pinwheel.  Then tried to fathom how to incorporate that in the centre of my next block.  Which turned out to be the brightest of the three.

Robin 03

This block doesn’t have a name as I sort of made things up as I went along.  I do hope blocks meet with Robin’s approval.

Final photo . . . the “Old Fan” block I made for myself, using some of the fabrics from the above blocks.

November old fan

Stay tuned for next month when we’ll be sewing, in more sedate colours for Miss December.

And please do check out the F2F gallery that Kate keeps updated.  All members have been making some stunning blocks.

F2F season 3 – Miss October

Autumn is well and truly here, and I’ve been busy patchworking in quite autumnal colours for Miss October, aka Moira, for the F2F block swap organised by Kate.

Moira asked for shades of browns, including dark & golden, with a hint of duck egg blue, on tonal cream.  Her inspiration photo was


This is, apparently, the backing fabric she intends to use for her patchwork blocks.  Now, I had quite a few browns in my stash, and cream, but I didn’t have any duck egg blue . . . what better excuse to buy in some fabric, eh?  And here’s what I made for Moira.

Moira 01

For the first block I made an “Album Road”, simply with different browns/golds on cream.  No blue in this one.

Moira 02

Second block is “Bright Morning Star” with a little bit of blue in the centre.

Moira 03

And third block, is Arkansas Cross Roads.

After making those for Moira, I made an “Old Fan” block for myself, in the same colourway.

Old Fan October

And, then because I really do enjoy making this particular block and was feeling very “autumny” I made another one.

Old Fan Autumn

So, lots of fun this month.  For November, we’ll all be working in some very bright colours for Robin, who has asked for blue, orange and cerise pink.  In the meantime, if you want to see blocks other members have made & sent, you can check out the F2F gallery.

F2F3 Miss September

Month four already of the patchwork block swap F2F organised by Kate.  And time to make blocks for Miss September, who is Nanette.

Nanette asked for any shades of blue, with a blush pink, for her colour inspiration and here’s what I made & sent to her.

Nanette F2F 01

First block is an “Old Fan”.

Nanette F2F 02

Second is “Album Road”.

Nanette F2F 03

And the third, which is my favourite of the three, “Dancing Shoofly”.

As with previous months, I made a fourth souvenir “Old Fan” block to keep for myself.  That’s already four blocks for a souvenir quilt I plan to make at the end of the swap.

Old Fan

You can admire blocks made by other members if you visit the F2F3 gallery which Kate keeps updated for us all.