F2F2 blocks – quilting has begun!

Some rather exciting news to share with you . . . orange sashing has been added to all 30 blocks, and now quilting has actually begun!  Yay!  I’m rather amazed myself, at how motivated I am to get these blocks all assembled and made into a huge quilt.

But motivated I am!  Also somewhat scared . . . because the quilting stage is where things can go wrong.  I’m more of a piecer, where patchwork goes.  Not a very proficient quilter, and this project is even more scarey because I’m quilting so many gorgeous blocks made by other ladies.

quilting 6 down

For the moment, I have done six of the thirty.  Here they are (three from Lynn and three from Kate).  They’ve each got a little label pinned on to remind me of where they belong in my layout.  I’m quilting in orange thread and keeping things very simple.  A fair amount of echo quilting going on.  Some in the ditch.  And a very relaxed “let’s see what happens here” design.

quilting 6 down 01

Don’t know if you can see, but I’ve got a sort of “maze/labyrinth” thing going on on a couple, which seems to be working quite well.  Basically, each block will be quilted differently, depending on what the block pattern inspires, and within my limitations. 

In case you’re wondering – I cut wadding & backing fabric slightly bigger, and only trimmed once I’d quilted each block.  I’m using the QAYG method, so the plan is to quilt all 30, make sure they all measure the same, and then assemble with thin strips. 

F2F2–assembly has begun

Title says it all.  And photos to prove it.


I haven’t decided on block layout yet, but I have decided on fabrics.  That splodgy one on the right, will be my backing fabric.  It contains a little pink, which wasn’t one of my chosen colours, but also has 2 shades of blue, bright green and orange on white.  I thought it would be rather fun for the reverse of my quilt.

For the time being, I’m sashing all blocks with orange.  I was going to sash in white, but then there was a mix-up with my recent fabric order (was sent white linen instead of white cotton).  I could have waited to get that sorted out, but laid blocks on the orange and decided I rather liked the effect.


Here are a selection of blocks already sashed.  One from each of the participants, plus one from Avis.  I think the orange sets blocks off nicely.  So . . . more orange sashing to do, before I get to the next stage (which I dread) of quilting.

F2F2 blocks for myself

I got a little behind schedule with the F2F2 swap, when we hit February, and it was time to make blocks for myself.  That has now been remedied though.


You may remember, that this photo is my colour inspiration.  Without further ado, here are the blocks I made for myself.

Claire F2F2 01

Claire F2F2 03

Claire F2F2 02

Now I need to put my thinking cap on for the next stage: assembling a total of 30 blocks.  I’ll probably need to do some fabric shopping too (oh what hardship!).

F2F2 swap – from the USA and the Netherlands

More lovely blocks arrived, in my colourway, from ladies participating in the F2F2 swap, organised by Kate.  In fact, these are the final blocks for me, and the swap has now come to an end.

My colourway, as you’ll remember is


And here are the blocks from Moira

Moira 01

Moira 02

Moira 03

And blocks from Esther

F2F Esther 01

F2F Esther 02

F2F Esther 03

Aren’t they all gorgeous?

This means I now have 24 wonderfully colourful blocks from the ladies in the F2F2 swap, plus 3 equally gorgeous blocks from Avis . . . a grand total of 27.  I will now be making 3 blocks for myself so that I have 30 blocks to assemble and make a lovely sized quilt.

F2F2 – from Sweden and USA

More lovely blocks arrived for the F2F2 swap organised by Kate

My colour inspiration, as you know is this


Which means, some gorgeous bright blocks arrived for me to play with. 

From Sue, in the USA

from Sue x3

lots of very rich blues, greens and orange.

from Sue 01

from Sue 02

from Sue 03

And from Gun, in Sweden, some equally bright, and gorgeous floral fabrics


from Gun 01

from Gun 02

from Gun 03

Thank you so much, Sue and Gun, your blocks are spot on!  I’m still keeping an eye open for the postie as there are four more sets on their way. 

F2F2 – my turn!

We are now in the 9th and final month of the F2F2 block swap, organised by Kate . . . it’s February (at last) and it’s now my turn to be on the receiving end – yay!

I have had great fun making, and sending blocks to ladies in their different colourways . . . it’s been a wonderful motivator, to learn to tackle new block patterns and to use colours I wouldn’t usually choose to sew with.

My colour inspiration photo for this swap was


Colourful lorikeets:  and I asked for bright blue, orange and green on a white background.

I received the first 2 sets of blocks from ladies in France . . . along with some lovely gifts too.

blocks from Sandra

These are the blocks made by Sandra (who doesn’t have a blog) and she sent me a lovely little purple felt pin-keep.

A zoom on blocks which are all square, it’s my photography which isn’t spot on.

Sandra 01

Sandra 03

Sandra 02

And from Lynn

blockas from Lynn

an overall view of blocks, plus some extra goodies . . . a lovely card printed with a photo of one of Lynn’s kittens, two bookmarks (one in patchwork, the other in crochet) and a cross stitch kit!

Now for a zoom of those lovely blocks

Lynn 01

Lynn 02

Lynn 03

Aren’t they all lovely?  And how exciting it is, to finally be on the receiving end.  Thank you ladies, and please stay tuned for the the next blocks to arrive.

F2F2 – Miss January

Goodness me!  Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?  We’re already into the eighth month of the F2F2 swap, organised by Kate, and it’s time to show you blocks made and sent to Miss January.  Miss January is Esther, whose colour inspiration is


Here are the blocks I made with these colours in mind.  Block 1.

F2F2 Jan 01

Block 2

F2F2 Jan 02

and Block 3

F2F2 Jan 03

You can admire blocks made by other participants in the F2F2 gallery.  And stay tuned for next month because February is the final month of this swap and I am Miss February – yay!  Can’t wait!