a Yip Yip here, and a Yip Yip there . . .

While browsing on the internet (which seems to be a favourite pass time of mine in the evening, when there’s nothing on TV) I came across a really fun crochet project by Carissa Knits that tickled my fancy.  Carissa had designed a pattern (both for crocheters & knitters) to make a Sesame Street “Yip Yip”.  Now, I have to say, I never really watched SS, neither did my kids, so seeing these funny monsters for the first time made me chuckle and when I saw they were made using really chunky yarn, I thought that would be a great project for stash-busting.

Before I began though, I did need to buy a minimum of supplies, namely ping pong balls and pipe cleaners.  The chunky yarn, I already had although perhaps not in the bright colours I would have liked for this project.

The husband very kindly painted the ping pong balls for me, and I set to work hooking with a 9mm hook.

Because I was stash busting, I had to make an executive decision regarding colours & height of my Yip Yip.  Carissa’s monsters seem to be longer in the body than mine, but even so, I think this YY turned out rather nicely.  So nicely that . . . it wasn’t long before I was singing along to myself (to the tune of Old McDonald has a farm – as I don’t know the real Yip Yip song) . . . so that went along the lines of:  With a Yip Yip here, and a Yip Yip there.  Here a Yip . . . there a Yip

everywhere a Yip Yip.

These things just seem to multiply.


But, in multiplying, they are giving me loads of fun and are a good way of using up some of those orphan balls of very chunky yarn I’d been hoarding.

Sleepy Lamb

Another crochet finish to share with you.  This time a pattern I bought on etsy from the seller Kawaii Designs UK.

This little lamb is so cute!  And with Toddler Viking very much into Baa Baa Black Sheep at the moment, it also seemed very appropriate.  Pattern was very reasonably priced, and it was instant download, so I was able to start crocheting straight away.  I used Stylecraft Special DK in Cream & Graphite on a 3.5mm hook, as instructions suggest.   I couldn’t quite get facial features looking as angelic as the pattern designer, but I’m still happy with the finished result.

I was careful to only lightly stuff head & limbs as I want this to be a very cuddly, floppy, sleepy lamb.  Also had the idea of making a cloth insert to fit inside the body, that I stuffed with a mixture of soft stuffing and plastic pellets, to give it a more “beanie” feel.  Needless to say, this project was lots of fun and it’s very likely a few more sleepy lambs will appear over the coming days/weeks . . . probably trying out different colour combinations and maybe even making a real black lamb.

Splat the rat

A little while ago,  I saw a fun-looking crochet project on QuietWaterCraft‘s blog:  a frog bookmark.  A little bit of research later, and I found the name of the designer:  Jonas Matthies, who runs the website Supergurumi.   Jonas has designed a whole series of bookmark patterns, which are available to buy from his shop and on etsy.  And one of his patterns is available for free . . . so I decided to give it a whirl.

I’ve named my finished bookmark Splat the Rat . . . and here he is, all pinned out for blocking.  I crocheted in Stylecraft Special DK on a 2.5mm hook, to keep things tight.  Colours used: Grey, soft pink, and white.

Pattern was very easy to follow, although making the legs & feet was a little fiddly.

Pattern suggested using black yarn for the centre of eyes, but I chose to sew on two very small buttons.

I will probably make another rat.  Even thinking I should make one in dark brown, and with a toe missing, so that he can be Scabbers (HP fans will know who I mean).  However, not so sure if I’ll be paying out for any of the other patterns.   I think they work out a bit pricey for what they are.  However,  I see Jonas has published a book, with the complete collection of his bookmark patterns which would be a much more economical way of supporting the designer.  So might add that to my list for Father Christmas later in the year.

CAL “Nature’s Walk” – happy dancing

Woo hoo!  I’m having a happy dance here, with the CAL “Nature’s Walk” blanket all finished – yay!  This was a free design, by Sandra Paul.  Ducky is the crochet inspector . . . he seems to approve.

Crocheting a blanket  was a huge learning curve for me.   I taught myself to crochet (with books and youtube videos) a few years ago so that I could crochet up lots of cute amigurumi designs.  This CAL was my first attempt at something much bigger, and more complicated: learning to follow a chart, and learning lots of new stitch combinations along the way.

Anyway . . . I started this project in September last year, not making very fast progress with my squares . . . but on the last leg, the lacey border, I really picked up speed and have to say, had great fun with all the stitch pattern repeats.  I didn’t follow all the available charts for squares.  I chose to crochet just four different designs:  hearts, berries, buds & gates.  And chose seven colours for my squares, crocheting 6 squares in each colour.  This was mainly for “economic” reasons:  I chose to use Stylecraft Special DK which is sold in 100g balls, and was therefore able to get 6 squares out of each ball.


CAL “Nature’s Walk” – joining

You may remember, on 16th March, I showed you this photo of my stack of crocheted squares, following patterns for the CAL “Nature’s Walk“.  I then got side-tracked with knitting . . . but the other day, I sat down to read instructions and the joining began!

I’m using Stylecraft Special DK in “cream” as my neutral, and it really has pulled all my colours together!  For the time-being, I’ve only done the joining of squares, plus the first outer row of stitches.  Row 2 on outer edge will be to stitch into back posts, and check stitch count as I go . . . all ready for the last stage which will be the fancy border.

I’m so pleased with how it’s looking so far.  I made up my own choice of colours, aiming at a “sweet pea” colourway and using Stylecraft Special DK in : meadow, spring green, clematis, magenta, bluebell, sherbert and wysteria.

Nature’s Walk – my stack grows

I managed to put knitting needles down for a couple of hours here & there, to work on some more crochet squares.  Patterns for these squares, by Sandra Paul, are available on-line for the Nature’s Walk CAL.

Here is my last batch of six squares. Pattern is “Berries” and hooked on a 2.75mm hook, in Stylecraft Special DK “Bluebell”.

My stack of squares now looks like this

My choice of colours, from bottom to top of stack:  meadow green, spring green, magenta, wysteria, clematis, sherbert, bluebell.

I think I’ve got enough for a decent sized blanket, so the next job will be to join them all together.

way behind

I caught up on some crochet last week, working on a few more squares for the  CAL “Nature’s Walk” which officially started and ended last year.  I was lagging behind from the start, and never had any hopes of keeping to schedule . . . but then weeks turned to months, and I realised I needed to get back to work, or it would become an UFO. 

I’m doing things my way, having chosen 7 different colours, plus my neutral, with my plan being to crochet 6 squares in each of my 7 colours.  And since I’d already made the decision to make that change, I’ve made another.  I’ve decided to repeat only a couple of the patterns.  With the result that my most recent squares are a repeat of the pattern “Gates” and crocheted in Stylecraft Special DK “Clematis”.

CAL clematis

CAL clematis 02

Squares are all (more or less) the same size, even though they don’t look it in the above photo.

Here are my colours so far.  From top to bottom:  Clematis, Wysteria, Magenta, Meadow and Spring Green. 

CAL clematis 03

Remaining squares will be in two different shades of blue, with cream as my neutral. 

2019 in review: crochet & knitting

Everyone is getting ready to say goodbye to 2019 and see the New Year in . . . an ideal time to look back over the year, through photo archives and remind myself of what crafting I did during the year.  In this post, I’ve grouped together some of the finished knitting or crochet projects I had fun making.  They’re not all here, since many are doll-related.  I’ll do a special doll crafting review on my other blog.  Feel free to click on the following link  Claire’s Collections if you’d like to see the numerous doll cardies and outfits I knitted this year.

Non-doll projects were . . .

(first in crochet)


Little Ella in her monster suit – pattern by Little Aqua Girl – February 2019


a big bad wolf – pattern by Jess Huff – May 2019

2 little unicorns – pattern by Anabu Crochet – May-June 2019

wedding dolls 04

Bride & Groom dolls – pattern by Havva Designs – May 2019

CAL buds 02

24 crochet squares (so far) – for the Nature’s Walk – CAL.


6 pairs of mittens (only 4 pairs here) – pattern by Loopy Mabel.

There was a little knitting, but not much for humans . . .

with my first ever cardigan, for myself.

pink cardie 01

pattern “Rue” by Martin Storey for Rowan.

cardie x2

and 2 toddler sized bolero type cardies.  Very bright versions of “Cheri” by Martin Storey for Rowan and knitted for our grand daughter, who I’ll be calling Toddler Viking from now on since she’s 17 months old.

surprise mail – sent & received

Two photos of some surprise mail to share with you today . . . first, something received.

from EmyLuby

This lovely little pouch was made and sent by Karine of Mes101Luby.  The little story behind it . . . back in August, Karine’s husband sent out a secret message to followers of her blog asking if we could send a doggy birthday card to their dog Emy, who was 10 years old on 1st September.  I, of course, sent a card, wishing Emy a very happy birthday lol and Karine very kindly decided to send a hand-made present to all the people who had sent a birthday card. 

Next for something sent . . .

for Zineb 02

A pair of fingerless mittens crocheted following a video tutorial by Loopy Mabel.

I made these in Stylecraft DK Special “Pomegranate” for a good friend to help keep her hands warm this winter.