bargains last Sunday

Sunday 16th saw husband and myself up and out quite early, heading to another local “vide grenier”/boot sale.  This one was in a small village (population 723) so I knew it was likely to be quite small.  That was fine by us. 

And when we got there, it really was a small affair.  Just the locals, from the looks of things, having a good clear out with mostly clothes/shoes/toys/books and a few miscellaneous things for sale.  We didn’t even bother to split up for this one.  Or if we did, the area was so small, we kept on bumping into each other.

Husband found the most ugly cast iron soap dish with a cow on it (Fresian, if that makes it any less ugly?).  I have no idea why he bought it, but he did.  One thing is for sure – it won’t be going in the bathroom!  And I most certainly won’t subject you to a photo of his 1€ bargain.

Mine, are a lot more fun!

more brocante 01

Here’s a haul of baby toys, which cost me 3€ in total.  Two identical wooden crocodiles.  No idea why the seller had twin crocodiles, maybe they belonged to a pair of twin toddlers at some point?  They’re the old-fashioned toy you pull along by the string and they wiggle.  They don’t look as if they were played with very much. 


At 50 centimes each, I bought both, of course. Plus a set of plastic keys and 3 rattle toys.  The plastic keys have already been gifted to Rio, the parrot, who does love playing with keys.  As for the rattles

more brocante 03

I removed the soft parts on arriving home, and all plastic toys were given a wash in bleachy water.  I then sewed bunny trousers back up again, and Gibbs was well-pleased to have another soft toy to play with.  It was the rattle rings I was interested in  –  they’ll come in handy for some future craft projects.

And, just so you know I don’t only buy toys . . .

more brocante 02

I came home with a few books this time too.  You’ll probably recognise most of the authors (except for Fred Vargas, a French authoress, and I’m not sure if her books have been translated into English).  The others are:  “Chaos” by Patricia Cornwell;  “Unseen” by Karen Slaughter;  “Miss Silver Comes To Stay” by Patricia Wentworth and “I Let You Go” by Clare Mackintosh.  Apart from the Patricia Wentworth one (which appears to be a sort of Agatha Christie, Miss Marple type of intrigue) the others should all be blood, gore, serial killers and suspense . . . exactly what I enjoy with my hot chocolate at bed time!

And last photo . . . 

Ducky and dolls

My dolls live in a laundry basket, because I haven’t pushed madness far enough to buy a proper baby cot for them (yet).  Ducky decided there was room for one more!  I don’t know if you can see properly


but that golden brown thing Ducky is resting his head on . . . that’s Lily’s “doudou” rabbit!  She was holding it in her arms when I last saw her in the laundry basket . . . Ducky obviously thought it made a soft cat pillow. 

one man’s junk . . .

“One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.  That’s something my Mum would say as we headed off for a good rummage at a local jumble sale, when I was a child.  I don’t know if the term “jumble sale” is used anymore.  The more modern term seems to be “carboot sale” (in the UK, I believe) while in France they’re called “Vide Grenier” which translates as “Emptying the Attic”.  Whatever name they go buy, I do enjoy a good rummage.  And it so happens that September is a month where there are quite a few local “vide grenier” going on.

Husband doesn’t mind a rummage either, as long as we go early, and don’t stay too long.  So, on Sunday, we were up early to go to a local “vide grenier”.  It was in a very small commune just down the road.  I was amazed, when we arrived at 7.45 to find the fields commandeered for carparking already chock-a-block with cars, and vast crowds already milling around the several hundred stalls, all out to grab a bargain.  Husband and myself have yet to agree on what is a bargain, with him looking for specific vintage tools to add to his workshop, and me looking for . . . well anything that catches my eye really lol.  Our tactic is to split up when we arrive and meet up later.  If we see anything the other might be interested in, we use our mobile phones.  But basically, we each go our separate ways, getting lost in the crowds.  Me, feeling like an 8 year old, on Christmas Eve.  Always the thrill of finding a “treasure” but not knowing what shape that treasure will take.

On Sunday, the treasure had a rather canine form. French readers might recognise him.  It’s the mascot for “Télé Z” a French weekly TV magazine.

brocante 06

When I liken myself to an 8 year old, I’m not kidding!  Awwww, I saw him and couldn’t resist.  At first, I wasn’t going to buy.  Just wanted to pick him up and have a cuddle.  The seller immediately caught my eye, and called out “50 centimes”.  She knew she’d made a sale!.  His tongue was slightly damaged (something to do with the seller’s real dog having been slightly jealous of the stuffed toy) but I soon fixed that when I got him home.  He then went in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, and after, he was allowed to meet the real pets.


Here he is, meeting Ducky.  All our cats seem to approve, and Gibbs has been told the new dog is NOT a toy . . . . or should I say, he IS a toy but he’s not a Gibbs’ toy!


He’s Claire’s new toy, and he’ll be allowed to sit with me in my sewing room.  I’ve decided his name is Maurice.

And Maurice wasn’t the only toy this 8 year old brought home . . .

brocante 03

One lady was selling her collection of “doudous” (which is a French term meaning a very soft baby toy, a sort of comforter).  She actually made me feel less “wierd” about my new reborn doll craze.  She admitted to having built up a collection of over 400 doudous, which she was selling due to lack of space and a husband who was sick of the sight of her soft toy collection.  I couldn’t walk past without grabbing a few okay, 6 .  One isn’t in the photo.  It was  adopted by Gibbs since I said he couldn’t play with Maurice but please, shhh don’t tell the seller as she would be most distraught!.  I also bought a couple of teething ring toys.  Our parrot, Rio does love this kind of toy, and special parrot toys in petshops are very expensive.  Plastic baby toys are ideal for a parrot.  Easy to grab and hold in one foot, colourful, robust, even for an Amazon beak, and they make a nice rattling noise when played with.   Again, shhh, we don’t tell the lovely lady who sold me those that they’re for a parrot.  She thinks they’re for my grandchild.

My shopping bag was filling up, but my purse was still quite full, as each item was priced at 50 centimes . . . so Maurice and all these baby toys, for only 4.50€.   With my bag full of baby things, the logical follow-up was . . . a small bundle of baby clothes.  Everything I looked at seemed to be priced at 50 centimes, so I grabbed a few bits for my dolls.  I won’t bore you with every item, but I grabbed six little items, and came home feeling very pleased with my modest spending of 7.50€.

Just one last photo


of Lily in her “new” babygrow PJs and with a bunny doudou.

And just to prove how reasonable I was . . . husband found 2 vintage tools and spent a total of 13€ on his finds . . . so if it was a competition of who brought home more junk for less money, then I won lol.

Noah’s new body or . . . if at first you don’t succeed, try again.

I said, only the other day, that I would be setting to work to (finally) give Noah a new body.  Noah being the vinyl Berenguer “newborn” premie sized doll I bought second-hand in December of last year. Who looked like this


Because of his bent legs and the way his head sits on that rigid body, he only measured 36cm (or just over 14”).  When deciding on a size for his cloth body, I didn’t want to try and go too big – idea being to keep head & limbs in proportion with the body.  I therefore cut out pattern shapes to make a 40cm (or 16”) finished doll.    My first attempt looked like this.

Noah sept 05

That seemed a good size.  Leg and arm joints appear to be about the same distance apart as on the vinyl body  but I wasn’t happy with two things.  The size of circles for joints appeared too small, so the ridges in vinyl joints were too visible.  Secondly, the arms/shoulders appeared too low, and there was too much neck.

So . . . back to the pattern. I cut out larger pieces for joints and decided to attempt a slightly larger body (using the 17” pattern) and the second attempt looks like this.  [Pattern is by Ragdoll Fairy and bought on ebay in case anyone wants to try their hand at cloth body making].


Noah new bod 01

He now looks a bit long in the body, so maybe the 16” version was best, but I’m happy with joints, and not going to make a third attempt (for the time-being).  Saying that, once he’s got clothes on, he appears quite well proprtioned.  With bent arms and legs, it’s really difficult to know exactly how long his body should be, so I’m relying on the overall effect photos, with clothes.

Noah new bod 03

Noah new bod 04

Anyway, that’s Noah “done” for now.  He measures at around 40cm, and I’ve weighted him to approx 1.500kg, so he’s a very dainty “baby”.  Here he is, wearing a 0-1 month shop bought outfit, and knitted hat by Avis. That hat is lovely and stretchy – it seems to look good on all my dolls !

He looks very small when next to Alice and Lily, but he won’t be growing any bigger.

3 together

This is how the three of them look with their new bodies.  And a shot of how they were before.

3 dolls

Alice (far right) has stayed the same size, but both Lily and Noah have grown a couple of inches. 

Anyway, I had fun.  Now that all three have new bodies and are better weighted, I’ll be able to start some proper crafting. 

playing with dolls (and spooky photos)

Following the birth of Little Viking on 19th August, I’ve been rifling through old photo albums which then led to playing with dolls.  The reason I was going through old photo albums is: Mummy & Daddy Viking wanted photos of other family members at birth to compare hair.  I think I mentioned that Little Viking came into the world with a full head of hair – not just a few wispy bits of baby hair, but REAL hair.  If she follows family tradition, this mop of hair will not fall out, but will simply continue growing, and probably change colour next summer.

I’ll spare my kids the embarressment of posting baby photos of them here, but I don’t embarress easily.


This is me, only a few days old, way back in 1964.  Well, believe it not, but Little Viking has even more hair than I did! 

After scanning baby photos so new parents could have a laugh . . . I then took another look at Alice, one of my reborn dolls, and decided she really didn’t come with enough hair!  The lady who made her did a pretty good job of implanting wispy mohair, and even had one eye slightly off centre, to give that newborn unfocussed look.  Here she is, sporting her lazy eye and a cardie, knitted lovingly by auntie, no I’d better not write that or she’ll kill me, Avis.

Alice cardie

Anyway, I had already decided I needed to redo Alice’s body since I wasn’t 100% happy with the one I made her in February.  You may remember the problem: shoulders too big & puffy.  So I had a “make Alice look better” session.  New body, more lesting, and . . . a wig!

Alice sept 01

I also set her right eye straight  – no more lazy eyes.

Alice sept 02

I am so happy with the body, which has much smaller shoulders.  Weight is up from 1.670 kg to 2.170 kg, which is still very featherweight, but it’s an improvement.  And I just love how she looks with all that hair!

I’ve been very negligent with my reborns.  The whole idea, when I started out on my baby doll phase/craze was to make baby clothes, and so far I’ve only made a few outfits.  Thanks to generous (and talented) crafting friends, they do have some hand-made clothes to wear though . . . here’s another photo of Alice sporting a lovely cardie knitted and gifted by auntie, she’ll kill me too Lynn

Alice sept 04

And, because I was rummaging around in the dolls’ clothes box . . . little Grace got dressed up too.

Gtace sept 04

Cardie and matching hat in premie size, courtesy of Avis.

Anyway . . . that’s now Alice and Lily with new bodies.  My next job is to finally set to work on Noah.  He’s the first doll I bought – second hand – he’s very small, only 36cm.  A Berenguer doll.  He’s been lying around in pieces since February but work will be starting this week to make a premie sized cloth body.  I’ve got the fabric, and the plastic joints.  Just need to get cutting and sewing!


NewLook 6970

Some sewing to share with you today!  After reassembling little Lily, I was on a roll . . . and decided to try my hand at following one of the baby patterns I bought recently (taking advantage of a 50% off sale).  I bought a couple of patterns for baby outfits, with Baby Viking in mind.  However,  I hear from Mummy Viking, that future baby already has enough clothes to kit it out for the first 6 months of life.  I will therefore be sewing in a size 1 year to make a couple of outfits for next summer.

In the meantime, I wanted to have a trial run.  I always feel the need to follow a pattern at least once, to gain in confidence, and work out exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.

Being a practice piece, I cut into an old bedsheet.  I say “old”, it was actually brand new.  Came from MIL’s vast stash of brand new bedding, so it’s my way of recycling.


Anyway . . . here’s a photo of the little top and knickers I made, following NewLook 6970 for Lily.  Pattern offers 4 size options: from newborn (43 – 61cm) to large (79 – 87cm)  I followed the newborn size for the little pinafore dress but then altered the newborn size for the knickers, and made my own smaller premie size from the pattern.


Lily only measures 48cm, so is on the lower scale, even for the newborn size, which is why I cut the knickers slightly smaller.  The little dress is a nice length.  Maybe a little wide on the bodice (for Lily).   I’m not actually too fussed.  I have plenty of bedsheet left, to make a smaller version if I want.  The next sewing job for Lily will be to draw up my own pattern to try and make her a little top with short sleeves to wear underneath, to hide the cloth joints . . . and practice sewing narrower hems.

This pattern was very well-explained and I am looking forward to using it again.  The dress & knicker option were my first choice, since I was sewing for a doll, but I do like the romper suit version both with and without ruffles at the leg cuffs.  Just need to buy in some narrow bias binding more suited to baby-sized clothes (because I used something too wide for elastic casing on my trial project) and keep my eyes open for some snap tape.  Failing that, I suppose I could simply add poppers for easy nappy changing, with the romper suit.

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men . . . (part 2)

I do make myself laugh sometimes, with my eternal optimism!   It was way back in February that I posted the following photo

body parts 01

of reborn dolls in disassembled parts, showing you Alice with her new home-made body and then signing off with a “Stay tuned in the coming weeks”.  A few weeks, became 5 months!  

Anyway . . . Lily (the vinyl doll I got for Christmas) is really just a toy doll – not a specially made reborn doll or kit.  She is a modern Spanish-made doll (by Nines d’Onil).  She was made with a simple soft cotton body (see upper left in photo) and her 3/4 limbs were actually machine stitched directly onto the body.

body parts 04

As you can see, from above photo, this means her limbs didn’t have the ridges which are needed to fasten on a proper reborn body, with the plastic cable ties.  Knowing this, I had ordered in some special parts to adapt the limbs.  It was just a question of setting to work with my Stanley knife, cutting out the vinyl plugs very carefully, lesting limbs, and then gluing in the new plugs (I bought 2 x 35mm for the arms and 2 x 40mm for the legs). I didn’t think to take photos – sorry.

Anyway, after adapting the limbs, then weighting limbs and head nicely, with very fine glass beads (poured directly into limbs to fill half way) and placed inside a vinyl disposable DIY glove for the head, then filling up the rest with soft toy stuffing . . . I weighted and stuffed Alice’s old body (with 2 more vinyl gloves containing fine glass beads plus lots of soft stuffing), attached Lily’s body parts with cable ties and . . .


This is what little Lily now looks like.  I made the head quite heavy, so it flops with its own weight.  The whole point being to give Lily a newborn baby feel to her. 

Lily 02 15 07

With the lesting in limbs, she is now quite poseable.

Lily 03 15 07

And I think body/versus limb & head proportions look okay.

Lily 04 15 07

Here she is, all dressed up and looking pretty (I didn’t make the dress)

Lily 05 15 07

She has grown a little bit, with her new body, and now measures approx 48cm (instead of the original 44cm) which is a fairly realistic size for a newborn, however she’s still a featherweight, despite lesting.  She weighs in at only 1.4 kilos.  Saying that, she’s plump enough to fit a proper newborn baby nappy.

I’m really pleased with how she turned out. She’s lovely and cuddly.  Limbs & head give her a nice floppy feel, and she always looks so peaceful lol.

What she now needs are some new clothes for the summer – custom made just for her and maybe even a little hat.  I’m not going to do any clothes making for Baby Viking until after the birth when we’ll know if it’s a boy or a girl.  And even then I’m not going to bother to even try and make clothes for Baby Viking to wear this summer.  Baby isn’t due until August, and summer in the UK will probably almost be over by then.  However some summer clothes making for Lily will enable me to do a few trial runs with the patterns I bought.

I won’t say “stay tuned in the coming weeks” this time, as I’ll probably get side-tracked by something else . . . haven’t picked up my crochet hook in a while . . . although I am thinking I ought to cut and sew out a body for little Noah.  And still plan to make another body for Alice to remedy the puffy shoulder problem.

One last photo, because I can’t resist:

Lily 06 15 17

thank you Lynn

I celebrated an unbirthday this month!  And such fun it was, thanks to Lynn, aka The Tialys, who sent me loads of wonderful goodies.  Do you want to see?  Of course you do! 

Well first up, there was a selection of fabric, for future patchwork and other sewing projects.

from Lynn 02

Four animal prints – I do like a big cat! 

from Lynn 01

More interesting fabrics, with one large panel covered in patchwork houses, a lovely bright pink “cat” fabric, and some very vintage looking “vignettes” all on a wild flower theme.  Plus, at the bottom of the photo, two patterns to make vintage style teddy bears!

from Lynn 03

And . . . two gorgeous hand-knitted baby cardigans (colours are to die for – a shame they won’t fit me), a book mark, two skeins of Anchor thread and a lovely owl card.  The cardies are simply adorable, and the perfect size for my reborn dolls . . . so we had a quick photo shoot.  First the moss green & purple one, which seems to fit all girl dolls nicely.

from Lynn 06

Here it is on Alice . . . then on Grace

from Lynn 07

and on Lily (who isn’t assembled, just has head & limbs sort of stuffed inside, but you get the general idea).

from Lynn 08

And then the plum coloured one on Grace

from Lynn 10

And on Lily

from Lyn 09

I really am going to have to get my act together and take care of my reborns.  Lily and Noah have been waiting for ages for me to reassemble them.  The only clothes making I’ve done so far has been a couple of crocheted hats, one pair of trousers and a nappy – that’s not really good enough, is it?   So, once I’m back on both feet (literally) I really will have to set to work! 

all the king’s horses and all the king’s men . . .

body parts 01

Just look what I’ve been up to!  Yup, taking dolls to pieces . . . before putting them back together again!

Now, originally, the plan was to simply take Lily and Noah apart and make new cloth bodies for both of them, so that I could “weight” bodies, heads & limbs and make them feel more like real babies.  However, once I started looking closely I realised that Alice (the reborn bought on ebay) had not been made with the correct body.

body parts 03

I don’t know if you can see, but if you look at limbs, Noah has FULL limbs (since they were attached to a vinyl body;  Lily has 3/4 limbs; and Alice has 3/4 arms but FULL legs.  She was reborn using a body for both 3/4 arms & legs which meant that her legs were actually too long.

body parts 04

Lily will need some adjustments because her limbs don’t have grooves so that they can be attached with cable ties, but I know how to sort that out.  Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself.

body parts 02

Basically, I decided that Lily wouldn’t need a brand new body, since the one from Alice looks like a nice fit for her.  In photo, just placed to check for sizing, nothing is attached.     Whereas on Alice (same body) – you can see how it makes her legs too long and the body just looks too short.


It’s therefore Alice and Noah who need a new body.  Off I went browsing on various reborn sites . . . trying hard to find a shop which stocked bodies in the 2 sizes I needed to avoid having to order on two different sites, therefore pay two lots of shipping.  But had no luck.

So . . . I decided simply to buy a pattern, some plastic joints & cable ties, and to make my own!


I bought a pattern by Ragdoll Fairy with instructions to make cloth bodies in all sizes (ranging from 14” to 22” dolls) and with the option to mix & match joints for whatever length limb (full, 3/4, 1/2 and 1/4).  It’s a question of just cutting out the right bits, in the right size then mix & matching for the doll in question.  I also bought in a supply of the necessary plastic joints (in 35mm and 45mm) so I was prepared for all eventualities.  And set to work.

I didn’t have any “doe suede” or flannel which is the fabric used for cloth bodies so just used an ivory cotton for my first attempt.  My aim was to have a trial run with the pattern, work out exactly which size body I needed to make, and manage to put one doll back together again.


And I did – yay!  I’m not 100% satisfied with Alice’s new body and there are a few things I would change (for next time).  Her shoulders are too large and (while I marked the exact spot) I think they should have been attached slightly higher.  I made a 21” body and used the shoulder pattern for that size, but Alice would look better with a smaller shoulder .  And, if you can see a crease across her tummy, it’s because the pattern gives a very tubby tummy which I chose not to completely pad out as it made Alice look too fat.


The part I was really pleased about though is the joints!  Everything swivels round nicely and Alice can pose in some very unrealistic positions lol.   The rest is really simply a question of tweaking for next time.


I honestly feel things went very well for a first attempt.  Pattern called for some elastic sewn onto the bottom, which I didn’t add, and I think the bottom looks fine without.

Anyway, I followed instructions (found on various sites)  for weighting her and putting her back together again.  She is actually the same length (since her legs were too long before) and fatter than she was when I first got her, but has lost weight.  Her maker had used steel balls for weighting.  I have removed those, and weighted with micro fine glass beads (in vinyl gloves for head & body) and then plumped her out with  fibrefill.  When I’ve had time to save up, I’ll order in some “baby fat” or some high density poly pellets as I think they would give a more realistic feel & weight to the body.   For the moment she’s a feather-weight at 1.650 kilos for approx 50cm.


Anyway, I did what I set out to do.  Alice has a brand new cotton body, even if her shoulders are a little puffy.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see what a difference a new body will make to Lily and Noah.

happy birthday to me!

Hello everyone . . . I’m a birthday girl today . . . an Aquarius AND a rabbit (if we go by Chinese birth signs too).  And I was one very happy birthday girl this morning because the postie had been delivering a few parcels, with my name on, which I had kept safe & unopened until the big day!

It goes without saying that I was up early, and ripping paper before I’d even finished my first mug of coffee.  So much fun, opening parcels and discovering lots of lovely surprises.  All of which brought a big smile to my face.

So, what did I receive?  Fear not . . . photos were taken to share.

from Jane

From my sister: five fat quarters, all with a Japanese theme.  Three of them (with Geishas and golden cranes) are definitely Kona fabrics, but I’m not sure what the other two are.  Along with a cheeky card which says “on your birthday who said wrinkles can’t be cute?”  Only my sister, who is 2 years older than me, would dare lol.

from Avis

There were several surprises in a squishy parcel from Avis . . . a huge piece of dress maker paper (so I can trace clothes making patterns without having to cut originals);  5 lovely silk ties (Avis knows I’ve been buying in ties with a few new crafty ideas in mind) and . . . a gorgeous hand-knitted cardie for my reborn dolls!  Avis made one for Christmas, but it’s a little on the roomy side (for everyone except Alice), so she took the time to make one in premature size.  Only a true friend would go to all that bother.  And a very pink, girly card . . . “if as first you don’t succeed, buy, buy, buy again!!!”.

from Avis 01

Here’s another photo of the ties.  The one on the far right is a Louis Vuitton, no less!  How posh!  And the one on the left is an M&S with a surprise – it has a gorgeous silk lining too.

Next pressies were from my daughter.

from Megan

A set of four Wrendale Designs coasters with the lovely artwork of Hannah Dale.

And the biggest surprise of all . . . in a very big box (which I had been shaking around, I’ll admit)

Grace 01

a reborn doll !!!!!

There is a bit of history behind this doll.  It’s an Ashton Drake, the model is called Grace.  And Grace is older than she looks.  She was, apparently, bought way back in 2006 for Lindashee’s man’s great-aunt.  Great-aunt who had senile dementia, and Grace was given to her because family found it helped to calm her, to have a life-like baby doll to cuddle.  When the great-aunt died, her niece (that’s Lindashee’s man’s Mum) packed the doll away in its box.  Not wanting to throw it away, because it had sentimental value, but not wanting to have it lying around the house either.

Anyway, over the Christmas period, Lindashee mentioned to her (almost) MIL that I had gone off on a new tangent with reborn dolls . . . and therefore, rather than leaving Grace unloved in her box, she has come to live with me!

from Megan 01

She arrived in her original box, and with her original hat (in the first photo) but also with some clothes which had been bought/made for her at some point, including 2 pairs of very lacey knickers, and a pink cardie.

Avis cardie

I immediately dressed her in the cardigan from Auntie Avis . . . and popped on a preemie sized nappy.

Grace 02

She also looks rather cute in the doll outfit, Lily came in.

Grace 03

Grace 04

Awwwwww, just look at that peaceful face!  Makes me want to wake her up and see her yawn lol.  But I won’t.

keeping reborn heads warm and . . . welcome to Alice!

Followers will know that I’ll be playing with dolls this year after buying myself a second-hand Berenguer “newborn” boy doll and receiving a pretty Ninis d’Onil girl doll from my (always tolerant) husband for Christmas.  I haven’t begun any clothes-making yet, because both dolls are waiting for new bodies but, I did get out my crochet hook to make a couple of hats.

Crocheting a basic hat, especially in doll/reborn size, is very quick & painless.  You don’t need a pattern, just need to follow some basic maths.  This link for beginner crochet patterns explains it all very well.

Anyway . . . I used some of my stash and made

noah hat 01

a blue & white hat for Noah, with a pompom on top.  Just crocheting in the round until I had the correct circumference and then carrying on, with white yarn until I had enough depth for a “cuff”.


I then followed instructions on the above link to make a “ruffle hat” for Lily in girly pink.

lilly hat 01

I could possibly have made it slightly deeper, before beginning my ruffles (on hindsight) but I was worried I wouldn’t have enough yarn to finish ruffles.  And, let’s face it, she’s a doll, so I don’t really need to keep her ears warm.lily hat 02

I think it looks so pretty lol.  She’s wearing a real baby pyjamas here, in something like size 0, but hat also looks lovely with the pink outfit she came in (from which I have removed the collar because I didn’t like it).

lily hat 03

So, that’s the two hats . . . what’s this about giving a warm welcome to Alice?  Who’s she?

Well . . . I have a confession to make . . . Alice is another “baby”.  Yep!  I gave in to temptation on New Year’s Day on ebay and bought myself a genuine “reborn” doll. 

Alice 01

Here she is.  She measures approx 50cm and weighs just under 3kg.  I bought her from a French lady who appears to buy kits, reborn them, and then sell on, only selling for what it cost her to make them (so price was extremely low, considering).   Seller isn’t a professional reborner, so little Alice isn’t perfect, but I didn’t expect her to be.  She is, however, quite photogenic!

Alice 02

Alice is made from the Dianna Effner kit “Huggy Bear” (if anyone is interested).  She came with a couple of outfits, including this pretty little dress. 

Alice carie 02

The cardie, that Avis knitted, is the perfect fit! 

Alice cardie

And before you say anything . . . yes, I know she’s a little bit cross-eyed lol.  From what I’ve seen in my reborn wanderings, a lot of reborners deliberately set one eye slightly “off”.  It gives the doll more of a newborn expression since very young babies often have trouble focusing in the first weeks.

Anyway, I’m in love with Alice.    I’m in love with Lily and Noah too.

3 dolls

One last photo to show you the three dolls together.  Next time you see Noah and Lily, they will have new cloth bodies and be weighted.