“Pentecost Two” happy dance

Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea and I are having a happy dance this weekend because we have both put finishing stitches to the blackwork project we’ve been working together since September: “Pentecost Two”.  This chart is designed by and copyright to Practical Blackwork

This was the biggest blackwork I’ve ever tackled – a mammouth 294 x 294 stitches.

P2 finished01

I stitched on pewter 18 count aida, using DMC 333 and DMC 602.  My finished piece measures 40cm square. A real joy to stitch, even the “fiddly” bits became fun as they grew . . . I’m kind of sad to see it finished.

P2 finished 02

P2 finished 03

P2 finished 04

So a big thank you to Liadain of Practical Blackwork for designing this and making it available for FREE to all stitchers. And a big hug to Avis, for encouraging me to embark on this blackwork adventure which really was great fun. Don’t forget to check out Avis’ blog to see her version, which is spectacular!

We have already agreed to begin a new project together for 2014.  There was a bit of telepathy going on over Christmas since Avis was lucky enough to receive an Ink Circles chart for xmas . . . and I just happen to have it in my stash already . . . so in January we are going to be beginning “Cirque des Cercles” a beautiful design from Ink Circles.

This photo is from the Ink Circles site


We are both umming and ahhing over fabric choice and thread colours.  This is another biggie, so we need to find colours that we love since there will be lots of little crosses to stitch over the coming months.

“Pentecost Two” almost there

I am feeling rather proud of myself  ^^  Yesterday I made another home-made present for Christmas and have only one left to finish. I therefore decided that I could take a breather from secret crafting and get back to one of my WIPs.  The perfect one for stitching in front of the TV is “Pentecost Two” – blackwork is so lovely and repetitive that when you’ve stitched a motif once, it’s easy to remember and repeat.

Here is a zoom on the part Avis and I were doing for this stage.  The cross in the square.


Multiply that by four, and it looks like this.


And we still haven’t finished hihi. We have one more part to stitch – the final border – but I don’t expect we’ll be sharing a happy dance before early 2014.

In case you’ve forgotten, this design is a free chart, generously made available to download by Practical Blackwork and I am stitching along with my friend, Avis.  You can admire her progress over on Sewing Beside the Sea.

“Pentecost 2” update

With Avis, Sewing Beside the Sea  I have been busily stitching on this gorgeous blackwork design:  “Pentecost 2” by Practical Blackwork. If I haven’t posted any photos since the beginning of November, it’s because this stage was very stitch-intensive.

There were also a few errors in the chart – the way the swirly bits joined up never seemed to be the same. Avis and I both agreed that this annoyed us immensely ^^  So we both worked out our own changes as we stitched this part to make it more coherent.  As a result, we each have four identical corners, but my way of tackling them is not identical to Avis’ way.

P2 stage 5

This border/corner needed to be worked four times, since there are four corners.  ^^

P2 stage 5 b

And, as you can see, I’ve already done the back-stitching for the next stage.  I say next stage because it’ll be stage six . . . but we still won’t have finished.  More work still to do.

Pentecost 2 fourth update

Well, Avis of Sewing Beside the Sea and I have been hard at work with our blackwork SAL “Pentecost 2” designed by Practical Blackwork.

Here is a close-up of one of the corner borders we added this time.

P2 part 4zoom

And here is an overall photo of progress so far.

P2 part four

You’ll notice I haven’t quite finished off some of the straight stitching in the bottom right-hand corner. I will do that next time when we pick up needle and thread for our next stage of stitching fun.

Mystery Blackwork SAL finished

Today Avis published part 6 of her Mystery Blackwork SAL . . . it’s been great fun stitching together these past 6 weeks and seeing all the different versions

SAL Claire06

but I can now let you into a little secret . . . I stitched the design not once but TWICE ^^

SAL claire06a

and the reason why?   because it’s been ages since I made a biscornu ^^

I had added a few Mill Hill gold beads to the blackwork as I stitched and decided to add even more during the assembly part.  The result is




Sunday pell-mell

This is going to be a catch-up post . . . a catch-up on a couple of thank yous, and on some stitching progress.

First, the thank yous!

A big thank you to Virginie (who sent me a belated birthday pressie ^^)

from virginiea patchwork book, a bookmark and some seeds for the garden.

Thank you to Michèle, who also sent me some bookmarks

mp from michele

and a thank you to my darling daughter, aka Lindashee, who has just come home for a few weeks holidays and brought me some bookmarks from Lyon (with some extras so I can do some swaps)

mp Linda lyon

and a little bit of stitching to show you . . . of part 5 of the Mystery Blackwork SAL organised by Avis, Oh Sew Tempting.

SAL Claire05