“House on Hill” some lovely finishes

My regular readers will remember that I organised a SAL on my French blog, stitching “House on Hill” (Barbara Ana) over a period of 6 months (July – December 2011). I finished mine off into a “Welcome” banner

and am really pleased because fellow stitchers have been sending me photos of their finished stitching.

Zazimuth only stitched the upper part of the chart, because she already knew how she was going to finih when she started – a decorative box for her friend, Caro AND she even used real wool for the sheep.

Agnès finished off in a nice simple frame that she decorated with butterfly and ladybird

ambre also framed her finished stitching

La Pie kikou had a wonderful idea and her “House on Hill” is finished as a calendar that she now has hanging in her office

and other stitchers have finished the stitching, but haven’t yet decided on how to present the finished piece.


“House on Hill” – happy dancing

Okay, now I know I did a happy dance for “House on Hill” already this month – that was when I finished the stitching part . . . today I’m doing an even livelier happy dance because I have really finished, as in, it’s no longer just a piece of aida lol.

I had been rifling in my fabric stash a while back and found a nice piece of green cotton that I thought would be just perfect, but always need to psyche myself up a little before tackling a sewing project. This afternoon, with rain pouring and wind gusting, seemed the perfect time . . . so I set to work.

Here are the pictures

I just need to find (which means buy) some natural colour cording to attach to the wooden pole so that it can be hung properly and I have a nice, bright, welcome banner ^^

“Meals on Wheels” a happy dance

Oh happy dance, oh happy dance ^^

I have been having so much fun putting the backstitch on this project – it’s been a while since I did a cross stitch piece that required backstitch to bring out all the detail and, while backstitching is the part I like least, it has been a real pleasure with Tiddles . . . to see his evil grin spread across his face, the sharpness of his claws . . . and that poor hamster, running as fast as his little legs will go lol.

Anyway . . . in photos: “Meals on Wheels” – a design by Peter Underhill (Heritage kits)

“First Snow” happy dancing for frame

I said I would probably frame this little project – and that’s just what I’ve done. In a plain wooden frame bought from a carboot sale earlier this year (there’s nothing like a bit of recycling lol). I removed the glass and laced my fabric onto some sturdy card, with some wadding to give it a bit of volume in the frame. Simple, but effective, I think.

“First Snow” – The Drawn Thread. Stitched on Polstitches hand-dyed fabric with various DMC threads. Stitched over 4 weeks as a SAL with Lindashee.

“First Snow” – happy dancing with snow

A little happy jig here this afternoon because I’ve put final stitches to “First Snow” with full cross stitch around the foot of the tree and smyrna crosses for the falling flakes. Now all I need to do is put on my thinking cap as to how to finish this off. I might just go for a simple frame . . . but am not quite sure.


“First Snow” part 3

Very easy to keep up to date on this little SAL: “First Snow” (The Drawn Thread) that I’m stitching, following Lindashee on her blog. For the third stage we had to add the little birds – so a quick xstitch session with a cat to keep me company, and we have five little birds happily perched. Little do they know but by this time next week, it’ll be snowing lol.

small progress with other stitching

I have been juggling with several projects at once this week, stitching whichever takes my fancy (rather than following my daughter’s example and sticking to one project for a whole week). So, a little bit of progress on two on-going projects.

“Christmas Spirit” – I’m still working on the skirt part, but it’s taking shape (and am awaiting Kreinik thread on order to be able to do the golden outline to the purple skirt).

And “Meals on Wheels” has seen a couple of hours stitching as I filled in Tiddles’ toes and claws (backstitch will bring that to life later) and continue stitching the blue background.