baby pink 4ply finished

Having a happy dance here.  I’ve just finished another baby sweater.  For this one, I printed out the pattern “Tiny Treasure” by WYS which was available for free download, and knitted using a Katia 4ply.

Seemed to take forever, with the 4ply, and was something of a learning curve with the button bands on shoulders, but I’m pleased with how it turned out.

I followed pattern for the size 0-3 months which said sweater should measure 25cm across when laid flat – and it does, yay!  I haven’t weighed what’s left over but I think it took approx 60g.

I’m now going to start a knitting project for Miss Viking.  I know Spring is here, and it’ll soon be summer, but I’m thinking ahead to autumn already.  I’m going to knit a poncho.  This one – I’ve already bought the pattern.

I took a photo of possible colours and asked Miss Viking to choose which she liked best.

Was expecting her to pick one of the bottom three, but nope . . . she’s chosen the teal green (third in top row) so teal it shall be!


12 thoughts on “baby pink 4ply finished

  1. Awww. The pink sweater is so cute! The poncho looks like a nice one. I like the look of that poncho better than the style I had when I was a kid. The one you are going to do has better arm movement. Love it! The Teal is pretty. I would have chosen the pink, LOL

  2. $ ply is painfully slow! I’m glad the next project will be quicker. You have some very lucky small people in your family.

  3. I just printed out that pattern. I love how that sweater looks! Congrats on the finish. I like that poncho pattern also. Enjoy your knitting!

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