scraphappy # March

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Last month I was sewing with chopped off legs of old jeans, making dog bed covers thus

For this month, I used up two back pockets, and some more leftover leg.

I made a little zippy pouch back for the Husband to sling over his shoulder when we go to the park every day with Tali.  Dog treats in the inside pouch, and doggy poop bags in one of the pockets.  It’s a bit rough & ready, but it does the job.

And last photo of the bag (well back view of the strap) the puppy and the Husband at the park.


19 thoughts on “scraphappy # March

  1. That is such a good idea! I must copy it because I keep treats in my coat pocket and have to keep turning a nasty mush out when they get wet!

  2. For one delighted moment I thought you had found buttons that look like dog treats, and I wanted to know where! I have a pile of pockets rescued from the Husband’s work pants for exactly this sort of use, as well as zippers to recycle and waistbands to turn into something… when I get the inspiration.

    • yes denim is great for dog beds. Dogs like to scratch before they settle and denim fabric holds up really well despite claws of quite large dogs.

    • the red things are tunnels (about 5m long each) and the sticks mark a “start here” position. We take Tali out everyday to a private dog park (belongs to the kennels/breeders) where they have an agility course set up in one area. We’ve already started exercising Tali on the obstacles a young pup can do: tunnels, low hurdles etc . . . Gibbs used to love doing a bit of agility just for fun and it looks like Tali will enjoy doing agility too.

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