having a bib-fest

I’ve been having something of a bib-fest!  It all started, when “Going Batty in Wales” left a comment on the recent baby cardie knitting that’s been going on, about how baby’s can be messy eaters and need frequent change of clothes.  Which made me suddenly think: bibs!

A quick search on google and I came across a very easy pattern by NanaCompany.   Pattern is a free pdf download and prints to actual size.  Instructions are clear, and it’s a great stash-buster project, or even for using up those scraps.

I used batting in the centre of my sandwich – not sure if it’ll be super absorbant, and I’ve used the softest cottons I had in my stash – several are brush cotton.

Even zigzagged bands of scrap batting together so that I used up as many scraps as possible.  Then,  to make life easier when sewing curves, I drew around the pattern outline onto my fabric and sewed along the line once I’d made my “sandwich”.

Cut around with pinking shears and did the turning right sides out., with the help of my trusty chop stick.

A quick press and top stitching, which closes the gap at the bottom, needed for turning.

Above are two, almost finished . . . Amy of NanaCompany suggests different methods to do the fastening: snap fasteners, velcro etc . . . I decided to make button holes and have a button fastening.  My button box is full, so this really was an excellent stash-busting project.

In the title I mention having a bib-fest . . . and two bibs do not a bib-fest make!  How does thirteen sound?  A baker’s dozen lol.

Might only look like 10 in the above photo but there are, in fact, 13 (the blue graffiti one in the centre isn’t alone – I made 4 using that fabric). Some of the bibs are same-sided, while others have different fabrics on the back.

Here they are again, same placement, but flipped over.  Several of the fabrics used were pieces gifted to me in the past by blogging friend.  The Tialys might recognise those white kitty cats on bright pink. And I think the cute birds on teal and large/bright florals were a gift from Sabine.

Anyway, I had lots of fun making these and hope they’ll meet with Tattoo parents approval.


11 thoughts on “having a bib-fest

  1. Sorry Claire! It wasn’t meant as a prompt! But those bibs are a brilliant way to use up bits of fabric and I’m glad you found a good pattern to use.

    • lol well it got me thinking and had me sewing ^^ so I say “thank you” because you comment resulted in me having my first ever bib fest ^^

  2. I love the idea of all those different fabrics; something to match any outfit! I have a jar full of plastic snaps, so that would have been my choice – super quick, and can’t be pulled off and swallowed accidentally. You’ve done a lovely job there, and I think the little Messy Feeder should be well covered for any event, pun intended.

    • I also have the plastic snap fasteners, but I reckon buttons, sewn on by yours truly, would actually be more robust and have less chance of coming off than those snaps. The husband also commented on buttons, and “risk of choking” . . . our generation survived baby clothes with buttons and ties, without choking or strangling ourselves, so as long as Baby Inkling only wears there for dinner time . . . there’s no reason she’ll be hungry enough to start eating buttons lol.

    • parents-to-be loved them. And I was very pleased that Mr Tattoo recognised one of the fabrics: a blue background with graffiti style . . . that fabric came from a quilt cover I made him as a child ^^

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