what we’re up to in January

We’re already a week into the New Year and haven’t really seen the days fly by because Tali is keeping us on toes.

She’s not yet 3 months old, only just turned 12 weeks, and weighs in at 6.7kg, so quite a feather-weight.  She’s at that awful age where she wants to put everything in her mouth and those milk teeth are razor sharp.  “Ouch” is the word she hears most often at the moment as she tries to bite fingers, ankles, trouser bottoms, shoes . . . whatever she can sink her teeth into.  The husband and I know it’s a passing phase and we’re being as patient (and firm) as possible. Concentrating on the positive aspects:  house-training is going well; walking on the leash is a work in progress; “sit” gets a 90% success rate and Tali does come when she’s called (although not always immediately).

We’re making the most of puppy naptime to each do some crafting.  I’m still having fun with my knitting needles.

This is a new project cast on this year.  I’m knitting with an aran weight silver grey by Allison & Mae (bought for only 1.09€/100g in a local shop and am knitting another sweater for myself.  I’m using two patterns for inspiration, which I’ll tell you about another time (if this works).   So far, I have a back and the front is underway.

The husband, in the meantime, had fun with one of his xmas presents.  Following an article by Kate, I went browsing on @m@zon and bought a “book nook” kit for the husband.  Here’s what it looks like once assembled.

It was a bit fiddly in places, and required a fair amount of patience, but the husband really enjoyed making it and the result is ever so pretty.  In fact, when we were in the local shop where I bought my grey yarn, we saw some other miniature kits (for only 9.95€) and the husband decided to try one of those.  Not a “book nook”, but the same kind of activity. requiring glue, a steady hand & patience.






10 thoughts on “what we’re up to in January

  1. That teahouse is charming! I’m currently embarked on my third kit – 24 pages of instructions, I’ve made 9 components and I’m only 3.5 pages in… And I have until the end of January to finish it, as it’s a gift for someone. Miss Tali is growing fast, bon courage with the needle-sharp teeth and the gnawing 🫤

  2. Tali is so cute. I’m not sure I could be doing with a puppy again though – they’re almost as much work as a baby.
    I was going to get one of the book nooks for Mr. T. for Christmas but never got round to it. I might order one though – I think he’d enjoy doing it and it would be something for him to do (when he’s not working) in the dark winter evenings and when he can’t get out in the garden on wet weekends, Your husband has done an excellent job,

  3. Puppies are hard work! But at least they grow up faster than children. She looks gorgeous. The tea house is very cute. It seems these miiatures are addictive! I shall look forward to seeing your finished sweater.

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