meet Tali

Our new pup was ready to leave her mother and come to live with us on Monday.  An 8 week old Flat-coated retriever (the same breed as Gibbs) but this time it’s a girl.

We were hoping for a female when our name went on the reservation list, but had said we’d be happy with a male (there were only 2 females in the litter and 6 males).  We’d already decided on names for both girl or boy.  However, last week, another future owner had to cancel her reservation due to health problems, and kennels allowed us to choose: boy or girl.  We went with our first choice . . . so please meet Tali. (and for those who follow the series, yes, another “NCIS” inspired name).

She was born on 17th October, which makes her just over 8 weeks old.  She weighed in at 4kg on Monday, and this week is currently allowed 3 x 60g of puppy mix.  She’s a little black ball of fluff with sharp milk teeth. Very trusting and affectionate.

We’re already working on basic education. She responds to her name and is beginning to understand the concept of “maison” when we go indoors.  Weather isn’t in our favour this week because it’s been very cold and we had a light snow fall.  Tali enjoyed having a sniff about but she quickly got very cold so we had to cut the walk short and carry a wet & shivering pup back home.



23 thoughts on “meet Tali

  1. She is adorable Claire. Gina was a September puppy so she is one year and one month older than Tali but looking at your photo took us straight back to last year. Obviously as a Retriever she is chunkier than Gina was (just black labrador) but just as beautiful. As you will already know they are a breed that is so easy to train, and I am sure she will bring lots of love and lots of fun

    • yes Gibbs was a Flat, and a lovely dog. They’re actually a bit slimmer than Labradors, when they’re fully grown, having a bit of Setter in their genes . . . Tali is like a little black piglet at the moment, ^^

    • it’s been a while since we had an 8 week old pup ^^ Gibbs was 3 months when we got him and Blackjack (the dog before that) was a young adult, so yes, it’s quite a change & a challenge having such a adorable little bundle.

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