ta da!

Well I got a wiggle on and my poncho (begun this summer) is ready to wear for this winter – yay!

apologies for the following photos of a very unphotogenic me, and taken by the “point & click” husband.  One day, I’ll actually look presentable for photos, but you just have to put up with what I looked like on the day (including my trainers with scrappy laces).

I followed this pattern

(also marketed by Sirdar) and used this yarn.

I’m a  UK size 14 and measure 1.74m so I could have saved yarn (and time) by knitting a smaller size, but I cast on for the size XXXL as I wanted it to be as big and baggy as possible.  I changed the cable pattern, and it took approx 650g of yarn.

If I decided to knit it again, I would go down a couple of sizes (to make quicker work of it) because the neck turned out rather wide but I love it nonetheless.