need to get a wiggle on!

Goodness me! we’re almost at the end of November which means I need to get a wiggle on with my knitting!  I began this project


way back in August!  And hopes were that it would be finished by the end of November. Hmmm . . . now I’m just hoping it’ll be finished before xmas!  I’ve been allowing myself to become distracted with diamond painting because that’s something easy to do, and doesn’t attract cats on my lap. As soon as I try to sit down with knitting, there are always one or two felines who suddenly appear out of nowhere, and I quickly put my knitting away.

Saying that, the front, with the band of cable (I’m doing a different cable to one suggested in pattern) has grown from this

to this

so things are moving in the right direction. However, I still have quite a few rows to do, and then I need to sew together at shoulder and pick up for the colloar. So, not close to a finish yet.  Colours are much prettier in real life (but the camera flash makes stitch definition look strange). This is a better one of true colours.

Gorgeous purples & reds, gold & browns.   For info, the yarn I’m using is

a colour called “Sunset”.


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