scraphappy # November

It’s time to link up with the world-wide group of Scrapsters

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and chat about scraps.  My scrappy project for this month began as a “make do and mend” project.  Mrs Tattoo had a linen shirt (Zara, no less) that had a rip on the sleeve (possibly because she didn’t undo the button loopy thing before washing). In following photos, some are taken with flash and some without so fabric colour looks totally different. In real life it’s a sort of light denim blue.

Anyway, Mrs T asked me if I wanted the shirt to cut up for something else. I’m not a fan of sewing with linen, but I suggested I could start by saving the shirt.  Which I did (sleeves are even, I promise).

I then had two leftover bits,

which, theoretically became scraps.  Had a quick think about what to do with them and something for dolls sprang to mind . . . so that’s what I did.

Using one leftover sleeve, and both the strap bits.  A little bit of contrast embroidery along the cuff seam and a sleeve seam.  A navy blue button from my stash. And hey presto.  One made-to-measure linen dress for a 44cm Syliva Natterer doll.  And . . .

I’ve still got these scraps left.


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