cancelling xmas (cards & decorations)

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been busy in the run-up to Christmas, in my sewing room, making little tree decorations that I post, along with cards, to family & friends.

An example from back in October 2016.

However, for this xmas, I’ve made an executive decision, prompted by lack of time, motivation and needing to keep a tighter budget:  there will be no xmas crafting or seasonal greetings posted from this house this year.   So, to all my blogging friends who usually receive some festive mail from this corner of France, my humblest apologies.

Christmas is going to be very low key for us this year.  We do plan on having a family gathering on 25th, and the tree will be put up, but there will be only token gifts for family underneath.  I need to save our euros (even what I save on postage stamps & crafting supplies will help) because December is going to be an expensive month with our four-legged friends.  I will need to make an appointment to have Ziva neutered, but the really big expense is because we’ll be getting a puppy, another Flat-coated retriever.

I mentioned, last month, when Gibbs’ health had taken a turn for the worse, shortly before he died, that we were thinking about getting a pup.  And it’s now official.  Pups were born on 17th October.  We’ve filled out paperwork already to finalise our reservation, and will have an 8-week little boy pup to collect on 12th December.