diamond painting – a foxy finish

I’m a bit of skin-flint when it comes to diamond painting – an activity I took up only a few years ago.  I know there are dedicated on-line stores where you can buy kits but I tend to buy mine on either @m@zon or eb@y, and haven’t paid more than 10€ for a single kit yet.  Anyway, way back in February of this year, I splashed out the grand total of 6.97€ for a dreamy fox design.  Diamond painting got put on the back-burner this year, but a few hours here & there, and I’ve finished my canvas.


Dreamy foxy looks much better from a distance, but I’m really pleased with how he turned out.

As with all of these cheap kits, the size printed on the design is the total size of canvas, and the actual picture finished up at approx 30cm x 40cm.  That’s fine by me. I’m not going to frame this piece, but will slip it into an A3 folder I bought to store my finished DPs.  As always, I had lots of drills left over.

Some diamond painters throw their excess drills away.  I always keep mine because these kits come with DMC colour references, and I feel it’s a good idea to keep them for “spares” just in case.

I’ve already sorted drills for the next DP project.  Again, a really cheap kit.  I paid only 4.20€ for this one, in a local shop called Noz, and I already know it’s not going to look like the photo on the package.

That’s the photo, and the reason I bought this one is because the colouring of both cats looks very much like our Le Bleu and Abby, who do sometimes sleep together.  However, after sorting drills, and having a closer look at canvas and DMC colour refs

I reckon everything is going to look rather sepia.  Not to worry!  I enjoy the process of DPing, and for the price, I have a kit which will give me hours of enjoyment.  Just in case you’re curious as to how I organise myself . . . drills usually come in heat-sealed sachets, which aren’t practical at all, so I have a supply of small zip lock sachets.  I prep the kit first, transferring all the drills into zip-lock sachets.

And I have a plastic box (double sided) where I store all the little bags, plus plastic trays, wax & the plastic “pens” that are always supplied in kits.

It’s an inexpensive way of keeping things organised.


8 thoughts on “diamond painting – a foxy finish

  1. Your fox DP is so cute and I can see all the sparkles! I am currently working on trying to finish one that has been sitting for quite some time. It is addicting once you get going on it again, isn’t it? The kitty kit is also cute and will be fun to work on.

    • no I don’t seal mine. I framed the first ones I did, in cheap frames under glass, but I don’t really have wall-space to hang this kind of thing. Tbh, I enjoy the process butI don’t really want more pictures hanging even if I did have the space. Hence my A3 folder, to keep them flat & pristine.

  2. I Haven’t seen the kits around here and I really don’t need another hobby but I can see the attraction. As to being skinflint – don’t we all have to think about cost these days? Why pay more than you need to?

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