hen happenings # october roundup

Hens have been on a go-slow for October – only 62 eggs (from 3 hens) . . . but autumn is here, it gets dark quite early, because we’ve just put the clocks back.  The main thing, is, with 62 eggs this month, there were plenty for us and our visitors, although none for the neighbours.

The Viking family were here for a full week, and there were many egg-based meals during their stay.  Little Miss Viking helped me make pancake batter for sweet GF pancakes.  She tried soft-boiled eggs for lunch one day (I invested in some new & fun egg cups for the occasion).  We had savoury buckwheat pancakes, complete with ham, egg & cheese, a savoury loaf with diced ham, olives & cheese,. . . and Little Miss Viking also helped me make some banana muffins.  So an egg-cellent week was had . . . even if our little Viking did scare the hens a bit, by chasing them around the veggie garden.


7 thoughts on “hen happenings # october roundup

  1. It’s good to introduce small people to hens and cooking! I’m glad your hens did so well for you. I can no longer buy eggs from roadside stalls and supermarket ones are not nearly so nice. Maybe one day I will be able to keep hens or ducks again.

  2. Egg-cellent memories to make and share with Little Miss Viking. She’s a lucky little lady to have a Grandma to teach about hens, eggs and how to cook the eggs into tasty food. The egg cups are so cute. I bet Little Miss Viking got quite the chuckle seeing and using them.

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