first cabling

I’ve been having fun with my colourful yarn, and making progress with my poncho.  Knitting this pattern.

However . . . I’ve had to change the choice of cable pattern due to my self-striping yarn.  A bit difficult to see from the above photo, but this cable pattern had me slipping stitches in 2 consecutive rows, then cabling the slipped stitch which was effectively from 2 rows previous (since it had been slipped twice, never knitted) . . . and I didn’t like the result. It gave me sudden jumps in colour, with something 2 rows below suddenly appearing on the cable section and just looked messy.

I was determined to have a cable band down the front though, so I rifled through my books, and searched on the internet, until I found something I thought would work.

And this one does work – yay!

I’m having to thread a life-line in at the beginning of each 8 row pattern repeat sequence, because I had several accidents when I began and don’t want any more.  It’s adding a nice bit of texture to the front of my knitting, and a little bit of excitement that requires concentration when I get to the centre of each row.  And colours look better in real life . . . more like below.

except that the photo with flash, while it shows true colours, make stitch definition look wierd.  Looks much better in real life!

Anyway . . . I’ve still got a long way to go, but I should have my first cabled project ready & finished by the time colder weather arrives!


10 thoughts on “first cabling

  1. Looks so great. I’ve done cables but with just one color yarn. Don’t think I could do cables with multi colored yarn.
    love your blog.

    • thanks for stopping by Carry ^^ I agree that cables would probably look better in plain yarn, but I’m enjoying the effect they have on stripes too.

  2. I really like that cable pattern and it looks great with the self striping yarn. I really ought to try using lifelines – my latest project is really hard to undo without losing stitches.

    • this is the first project where I’ve ever used a life-line, but I had so many false starts and stitches pinging off my needle when knitting my first cables, that it’s a nice safety net to have.

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