hens happenings # September round-up

Have to start this post by saying RIP to Ruby.  She was feeling off colour with an impacted crop earlier this month. No point in taking her the vet because vets only “do” dogs & cats where we live, and although I did my best to relieve her, it didn’t help. She was isolated from the other gals as soon as I noticed, but died 24 hour later.  Which just leaves us with these three.

These are the three we bought only 12 months ago when Ruby found herself the sole survivor of the murder in a French orchard.

Anyway, Doris, Rita and Agatha are all fine, and enjoying some free-ranging for part of the day within the walls of the veggie garden.  Egg count though is right down, and that’s only normal. But with 3 hens we’re still collecting plenty of eggs. For September:  72 was the count.

7 thoughts on “hens happenings # September round-up

  1. Awww Sorry you have lost Ruby. When we had chickens I couldn’t believe how big the ailments book was! For ‘just’ chicken’s they are complicated and complex little creatures. Lovely to have though.

    • yes, birds are very difficult to treat, I find. They usually manage to hide any symtoms of illness until it’s too late to do much about it and my efforts at hen-nursing are always very inconclusive (meaning after a total of 4 sick hens in 6 years, I haven’t managed to save one yet).

      • Our good friends in Pembs have their little mixed flock one field over from the current bird flu outbreak. Poor things are kept in all the time and having to be inspected etc. not nice but they are still healthy 🤞🤞🤞

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