ScrapHappy # September

It’s been a while since I played with any scraps, but for September, I’m back to join the group

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Birthe, Turid, Susan, Cathy,  Tracy, Jill,
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My contribution this time has been re-purposing old Tshirts.  Those that are either too stained,  too full of holes or grown too small (or is it us who have grown too large?).  I do sacrifice the ugly ones to the rag-bag but, others, get washed, folded and kept for something else.  Well, the something else for September is doll clothes.  I’m signed up to Pixie Faire, an excellent site for doll-lovers.  Quite often, on a Friday, they send their email with a link to their “freebie Friday”. That can be a clothes making pattern and, when it’s one I fancy, I download.

This was the pattern the other week.  For 18″ AG dolls.  I don’t actually have any of these dolls, but I do have quite a few dolls of similar size.  So . . . special “stretch fabric” needle in Juki, and away I went with my old Tshirts.(doll photos follow)

I began, with an old polo shirt of the husband’s (have more than enough left to make a few more).  Allowed extra length for sleeves & body because I thought doll would need it. Turns it, he didn’t.  The raglan set-in sleeves make the sweatshirt quite roomy and therefore extended sleeves are a bit long.  Not to worry. This was my first attempt. Having fun lining up stripes on fabric, and generally getting to grips with the pattern.

Second attempt for one of my girl dolls.  I cut exactly to pattern and this one is a much better size.  Pattern had said to use sweatshirt/fleece weight fabric, I’m using Tshirt weight, so the cowl collar on this one was rather baggy and I decided it looked better turned folded in half.

And last one, because I still had some scraps of the ladybird fabric to use.

I love the pattern, and I especially loved finally finding a use for old Tshirt fabric!


10 thoughts on “ScrapHappy # September

  1. While I’m not a big fan of the doll thing in general, I do think you’ve made a lovely job of these tiny garments and made really good use of what would otherwise go in a rag bag! The slightly long sleeves make me think of the way my Ma would always buy stuff a big too big so that I could grow into it!

  2. Adorable! I think you could turn those too long sleeves, which I sometimes do, or sew a piece of elastic inside the bottom edge, and they’d no longer be too long, but it is wonderful anyway. I admire your patience for working with those small garments. Did you make the jeans, too?

    • lol I made an effort with the stipes which don’t precisely match (I’ve got one sleeve with grey stripes lining up with white stripes) but it looks good enough.

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