SAL “poppies trio” #10 – a happy dance!

I am having a happy dance here, with my trio of poppies!

This is the design: “Poppy Trio”, a kit by Maia Collection with Anchor threads.  My photo from last time

and my photo of the finished piece.

I really enjoyed working on this piece, and love the bright colours. Design is fairly square so I’m thinking I might finish it off as a cushion cover, but in the meantime I’ve just folded and put away in the drawer.  For my next project . . . I had a rummage in my stash and I’ve pulled out a kit that was gifted to me by Megan (aka Lindashee) for my birthday in February 2019

Links to other SAL members, each of us stitching on a project of our choice.

another Ziva update

Ziva had her second vaccination on Friday and weight has gone up from 825g to 1.5kg in only 4 weeks. Proof that she’s growing well.  She’s approx 12 weeks now, but still seems very tiny.  Skoots up and down stairs in the blink of an eye.  Has begun exploring rooms downstairs and had the occasional close encounter with our other cats. But on the whole, the other cats prefer to spend their days outdoors. I think they’re hoping, if they ignore her, she’ll go away lol.  Sadly, she’s just growing bigger, and gaining in confidence.

In order to keep the peace, I shut her in my sewing room around 9pm (with food, water & litter tray) so the other cats can come indoors and not be disturbed during the night.  Soon though, I’m going to have to let the cats all sort themselves out eventually and accept that Ziva is here to stay.

never too young

Way way back . . . in 2017, I made some zippy pouches following a pattern in a French magazine.

Above is the magazine, and below, one of  the zippy pouches I made at the time.

More than 5 years later, two more zippy pouches saw the light of day in my sewing room because, our neighbours’ youngest daughter, Mona (4 years and 11 months) asked if I could teach her how to sew.  Her elder sister (now 12 years old) did some sewing projects with me over the years, and I was only too happy to oblige and have Mona round for some fun with Juki.  We had our first sewing session last week, but I forgot to take photos. During the first session, Mona made a little 5″ cushion which we stuffed with lavender from the garden.  For the second project, she made a zippy monster pouch.

I made one the night before, using some fleece fabric, so I could show Mona exactly what she would making.  And I added buttons for the eyes, but I thought button sewing might be a step too far for a not quite 5 year old.   I managed to stab myself several times with the very sharp sewing needle and didn’t want Mona to stab herself.

We therefore opted for black poppers.


I sewed the zip on, but Mona did all the rest!  A zigzag stitch to attach the white felt for the eyes.  And then 4 lovely straight seams (with the occasional bit of guidance) to sew front to back, and then turn right sides out. One very happy zippy pouch, and one very happy Mona!

cooler days and pretty yarn

We’re enjoying some cooler days in this part of France, after a horrendously hot June, July and beginning of August.  Thunder, lightening, rain and power cuts have been on the agenda the past few days but I’m not complaining.  The rain is much needed, and the power cut only lasted a couple of hours – not the end of the world.

I’ve been busy with yarn . . . finished the pink caridgan I was knitting.  This is a photo I showed earlier.

It progressed speedily to this

on blocking boards.  And then with 3 buttons added.

As soon as I cast off that project, I cast on a new one.  Ever so eager to start knitting a poncho pattern I mentioned not long ago.  There were two that caught my eye, and mentioned here:  seeing double.   I really like the Saltaire/Andes one in camel . . . but the Jewelspun/Pirouette one looked like it might be fun, and an excellent excuse to try my hand at cables.  So this is the pattern I’m knitting (I downloaded the DMC version in French because it was free).

However, I had seen a non DMC or Sirdar yarn I thought might look good for this . . . and it was on special offer.  It’s an acryllic yarn by Woll Butt, in 300g balls . . . I’m knitting in a colourway called “Sunset” on 5mm needles.

It’s plain sailing and plain stitching so far because I’m knitting the back and cable is only on the front.  Very brainless but I’m enjoying the bright colours.  I’m also looking forward to knitting the front and cables, but that will be another day.

To give me something else to get my teeth into, I’ve also just started a new crochet project.

This is a design by Sweet Oddity Art and published in “Dinosaurs, mammouths and more prehistoric amigurumi”.  The pattern is a joy to follow and shaping is very cleverly done.

And, before I sign off . . . I surprised a French blogging friend with an unbirthday in August.

A fabric tote bag and an Isabelle Vautier xstitch kit, posted to Virginie.

more knitting and my unbirthday in August.

I’ve been on a roll with my knitting needles. Funny really, because I never thought I’d be knitting so much in the hot summer months . . . but with the fan on full blast, it’s what I’m enjoying the most at the moment.  After the top I knitted for Daisy doll, following a King Cole pattern, I cast on and have begun knitting the cardigan version.

The back is done and I’ve started on the left front.  It looks skinnier than it is, in the photo, because the rib pattern pulls it in.  Am loving how the pink yarn is working up.  It’s going to be very girly.

I also had a very quick knit, using some sock yarn.  I did buy the sock yarn with a view to knitting more socks, but when hunting in my stash for the following project, it seemed the best option.

This is a pattern available for free on line.  Written specifically for 20cm Corolline Corolle dolls.  The sock yarn was perfect, when knit on 2.75mm needles and the colour changing means I didn’t bother following the striped version of original pattern.

I also had an unbirthday in August – yay!  A surprise parcel arrived from my friend, Avis.

Avis knows I love binge-watching DVDs when I knit, so I’ll be chuckling  with “Car Share”.  Avis also sent the more adorable coaster because she knows I’m an endless coffee drinker too!

And some surprise mail from Stéphanie as well!

Thank you ladies !

SAL “poppies trio” #9

Above is the photo of 3 weeks ago.  And below is where I am now.

I had hoped to make a little more headway, but with the heatwave and sweaty hands, I kept myself busy with other crafts.

I hope other SAL members were more productive than me. Below are the links to their blogs.



happy dancing with Daisy doll

Last month, I started a knitting project to finally use up a yarn cake I’d had in my stash for a while.

It’s a cotton/acrylic mix which knits up a bit hairy . . . and label had tension at something between DK and 4-ply . . . so I figured I’d take a chance anyway and try out this King Cole DK pattern I bought a while back.  It has 2 designs: this pretty top, and a more simple short-sleeved cardigan.   With my 150g of yarn cake, I reckoned I should be able to knit the top in size 3-4 years.  And I did.  Although it turned out more a size 3 years than 4.

Daisy doll is approx 90cm tall, so she’s an average 3-year old in size.

Almost had a massive fail on this knitting project because of my yarn not being DK and because I was too lazy to knit a tension swatch. I just cast on and hoped for the best.  Width was looking good.  Length from armhole cast off appeared good.  I knitted along merrily, and soon had a back & front.  It was after sewing shoulders and finishing off the neckline that I realised what had gone wrong.  The neckband didn’t have enough stretch for me to get the thing over Daisy’s head. Arggghhh!

I almost binned the project there and then but after a good night’s sleep . . . I found a solution. I unpicked one shoulder seam, and fudged a button hole.  So . . . one shoulder unbuttons, to allow the top to go over Daisy’s head . . . and it’s not neat enough for me to show you lol. But at least the top fits and looks pretty from a distance.  If any of you have a doll phobia, it’s time to look away now, because photos of Daisy modelling in the garden follow. (Note: if anyone is interested, Daisy is, in fact, a “Chantal” model by the doll artist Monika Levenig).

I think I will be tempted to knit this pattern again, but using 100% cotton DK.  In the meantime, I have plans to start the cardigan version from the same pattern.